A young teenage girl visits a family, consisting of a father and mother, a 10-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. She introduces them to the joys of incest. Fulfill your fantasies in "Sex is Fun".

Sex Is Fun

What if it was possible to experience sex from both the male and female point of view? That is exactly what happens, when a 60-year-old man meets a 12-year-old virgin girl. Let your imagination flow, and enjoy "Merging Minds".

Merging Minds – First Meeting

Merging Minds – Chapter 2 Lost Virginity

Merging Minds – Chapter 3 The Swap

Merging Minds – Chapter 4 Little Girl Jess

Merging Minds – Chapter 5 Making Love With Katie

Merging Minds – Chapter 6 The Merge Begins

Merging Minds – Chapter 7 The Merge That Binds

Merging Minds – Chapter 8 We Seduce a Boy

Merging Minds – Chapter 9 Merge and Beyond

I Lisa

I Lisa2

Jack was a 65-year-old man, who met up with his soul mate, purely by accident one day. The problem was, she was only 12 years old. With the approval of her mother, Jack and Jackie had many sexual encounters.

Kismet Part I

Kismet Part II

Kismet Part III

Kismet Part IV

Kismet Part V

Kismet Part VI

Kismet the Final Chapter

Suppose the world were to be invaded by benevolent beings, who couldn't be seen or perceived by most. What if the beings entered individuals and manipulated them? What would they discover about humanity? What would they find the most pleasing attributes of mankind? Would they discover sex is the best feeling one can have, and take advantage of that? I hope you enjoy "Erotic Invaders".

Erotic Invaders

Erotic Invaders2

Erotic Invaders3

Erotic Invaders4

Erotic Invaders5

Erotic Invaders6

Erotic Invaders7 Interlude

Erotic Invaders8 The Untouchables

Erotic Invaders9 The Untouchables2

Immerse yourself in the fantasy of going invisible and the possibilities that entails. I hope you enjoy Invisible encounters.
Invisible Encounters

Invisible Encounters2

Invisible Encounters3

Invisible Encounters4

Invisible Encounters5

Invisible Encounters6

Invisible Encounters7

Invisible Encounters8

Invisible Encounters9

Invisible Encounters10

Invisible Encounters11

Invisible Encounters12

Invisible Encounters13

Invisible Encounters14

The next story is about a 12-year-old boy who loves to masturbate and fantasize a lot about girls. He loves doing it outside in the woods, where he might get caught. Fortunately for him, a woman catches him and teaches him all about sex.

Boy Meets Woman

Boy Meets Woman2

A nine-year-old girl is taught the joys of sex and pain by her pediatrician.


Possible real life experience about a little girl who enjoys the attention she gets from her Grandfather. It is taken to extreme though, I admit.

My Grandpa

My Grandkids

Boy-Toy Greg

The Tranny

The Tranny2

Earth has finally achieved interstellar travel. One of the first expeditions discovers an earth-like planet with human-type residents. But are they ready for the moral shock that awaits them.

Planet Pedophilia Meeting the Neelons

Planet Pedophilia2 Neelon Origins

Planet Pedophilia3 Captain Bridger Succumbs to Sexual Influence

Planet Pedophilia4 The Marauders Arrive

Planet Pedophilia5 They Rescue the Females

Planet Pedophilia6 The Nature of the Warriors

Planet Pedophilia7 The Search for Female Warriors

Planet Pedophilia8 Male and Female Warriors' Reconciliation

Planet Pedophilia9 Neelons Develop Technology

Planet Pedophilia10 Second Spaceship Arrives

What if children finally got tired of the mess the adults have made of the world and took matters into their own hands. Would the world be a better place to live with children running it? Role Reversal is my fantasy of how it could work out

Role Reversal

Role Reversal-2

Role Reversal-3

Role Reversal-4

Role Reversal-5

There have been many reports of people being abducted by extra-terrestrials They have had some bizarre, if not unbelievable experiences. This is my fantasy about being taken by aliens from outer space.







Abduction7 Another Point of View


This is a continuation of the Abduction series. After thousands of years we learned that humans on earth had destroyed themselves through greed and hate. We went back in time in order to save the human species.

Saving Humanity

Saving Humanity2

Everyone knows the story of the Wizard of Oz. Innocent little Dorothy was torn from her family in Kansas and went to a strange land and tried to get home to her Aunt Em. Was Dorothy such an innocent child? What if she wasn't. Perhaps her real story was something like this.

Dorothy of Oz

Dorothy of Oz2

Dorothy of Oz3

Dorothy of Oz4

Suppose there was a way for you to feel sexual gratification whenever a woman, or girl used a dildo that was a virtual copy of your penis. Would that be a dream come true or would it be a curse? Enjoy The Magical Dildo.

The Magical Dildo

The Magical Dildo2




Love Hurts













The Sex Tree






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