(Mg, 1st, Mbg, bg, inc, pedo, oral, anal, cons)

by Art Martin

Jerry Polinsky's precocious daughter is driving him nuts, or rather driving him to bust a nut...

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Jerry Polinsky was watching Tina, his young shapely daughter. She was preparing to wash the supper dishes, while her younger brother, David, cleared the table. The tight fitting jeans she wore strained against the flesh of her rounded ass and the short midriff top barely concealed her amazing tits.  Over the past few months, Jerry had noticed that she had really developed an incredible body.  She’d had tits for nearly two years, but recently her hips widened and waistline had shrunk.  It wasn’t just her hips either, her lips seemed fuller and her eyes sparkled with mischief.  Rising on her tiptoes, she reached to put something away in a high cabinet.

A low groan rose in Jerry’s throat as the bottom of her short revealing shirt exposed the underside curve of her braless full young breasts almost to her nipples.  Almost unconsciously, he leaned forward, so as to look up her shirt and catch a glimpse of her dusky dark nipples.

"Shit," he muttered under his breath at the lascivious sight of her jiggling mounds of flesh.

As his hand went to his crotch to adjust his growing hard‑on, a pang of guilt tugged at his conscience.  It just wasn't right leering at her like this, becoming aroused, but he couldn’t help himself.  He knew he should simply turn away and look at something else, anything to distract him, but he was certain that she was deliberately flaunting her burgeoning femininity, and it was driving him crazy.

To deflect his attention from his precocious pre‑teen daughter, Jerry reflected that it had been a good day at work. Sales were up and for a family owned business such as Polinsky & Sons Plumbing Supplies, that was always good news.

Things had also gotten much better recently around the house too.  Rita, his soon to be ex‑wife, apparently was out of the picture for good.  She was a pathetic excuse for a mother or wife.  Six months ago he had filed for a divorce.  A few weeks later she was arrested on yet another DWI charge, her third. This time she managed to hurt a carload of kids when she ran a stoplight at high speed with her blood alcohol at a near toxic level.  It was a miracle that she didn't kill anyone.  The District Attorneys Office added multiple counts of "assault with a deadly weapon" plus a single count of "failure to stop and render aid".  It looked like the wretched bitch would be going to be in jail for a long time, which was fine by Jerry.  The past few years had been a living hell, at least she wouldn't be causing him or his kids any additional harm.  He was especially glad he had served her divorce papers when he did, as he was now in no way responsible for Rita's irresponsible actions. No longer could she jeopardize the family business that he, his two brothers and all their families depended upon.

After the dishes were done, Jerry sent the kids off to do their homework while he settled in to watch the Monday night game.   The game was a great distraction.  Even though his team was down by ten points, after a few beers he was feeling pretty good.  As was their routine, once homework was completed, the kids bathed and got ready for bed.

Wearing only a pair of too tight cartoon-print kiddie briefs, David came out and plopped down on the floor to watch the game.  The hopelessly stretched out briefs were at least too sizes too small for him.  Riding low and stretched taut as he sat cross-legged, they showed almost half his butt crack.  He was a big kid, and like his sister, he was very mature physically for his age.  Jerry snorted at the incongruous sight of the hefty boy sprouting armpit hair still wearing cartoon-print briefs, but they were David’s favorite, and more than anything else demonstrated the disconnect between his physical maturity verses his emotional immaturity.

The boy was barely eleven, but looked to be fifteen, and in more ways than just one.  This caused him some problems with his peers.  Even though his grades were always good, the kids at school were convinced he was stupid and had been held back in school several times.  Trying to fit in, he often played the part of the big dummy, which really didn’t help matters.

Being only in fifth grade, David sometimes forgot to wear deodorant and the other kids taunted him by calling him “Smelly Polinsky.”  Again trying to fit in, he became the ultimate punishment for someone losing some childish bet; the loser, held in a headlock being forced to smell his armpits while loser’s pants were yanked down to ankles.

At the games of the youth sports teams that David played on, parents of the opposing team would invariably challenge his age at every game and taunt him to go play with kids his own age.  These were problems that Jerry could relate to, as he himself was an early bloomer and in his youth had experienced similar problems.

Like her younger brother, Tina was sexually precocious too.  She started menstruating after her tenth birthday, years ahead her peers.  She had started her first period while she was in class and didn't know what was happening.  All she knew was that when she rushed to get into line for recess, she was a wet, bloody mess. A girl behind her, thinking she was dying screamed, drawing everyone’s attention to her soiled dress.  Even now years later, her classmates talked about it, causing Tina a great deal of distress.

Now twelve and in the sixth grade, she had the well-developed breasts and womanly hips of a much older girl than she was.  She didn't look anything like her flat‑chested preadolescent peers.  All the kids talked about her like she was some sort of freak.  The other girl’s mothers wouldn’t even allow her to come for sleepovers because she was so much “older”.  As a consequence she didn't have many friends, even though her peers regarded her as the expert on menstruation.

Fresh from her bath, Tina preened before the mirror, running her hands over her full tits and watching in fascination when her nipples stiffened.  She didn’t know why they did that, but it sure felt nice, but not as nice as when her two older cousins, Jake and Jason, felt her up.  Her cousins were nothing like the nerdy boys at Southside Elementary, they were both big boys who played football in high school.

The first time they did it, they were all playing in the pool.  The two older boys began horsing around, tossing her in the air and then back and forth between them.  Somewhere along the line, the hands that were supposed to be gripping her sides where cupping and squeezing her tits.  She could have sworn her daddy saw what they were doing, but he seemed not to notice.   Her dad and Uncle Leo went inside.  The boys got bolder.  She protested, but they ignored her.  Not that she minded.  What they were doing to her made her feel so funny and good inside.  To her disappointment, her dad and Uncle Leo came back outside several minutes later and the boys stopped groping her.

The next time, they were at Uncle Leo’s.  Again they had been swimming, but Aunt Janet made them take a break after lunch, and they were down in the basement game room.  This time, Jake pulled her bikini top up while Jason held her with her arms behind her back.  It was so exciting and it felt so good, especially when the boys took turns sucking and tormenting her nipples until they almost hurt.  But her nips hurt so good… especially when they were rubbing her between the legs.  It created an intense feeling unlike any that she’d experienced before.  All too soon, just before her pleasure peaked for the third time and just as Jason had started to pull her bottoms down, Aunt Janet started to come downstairs.   The boys scattered and Tina had to scramble to pull up her bottoms and get her top back in place.  That time it took nearly an hour before her breathing returned to normal.

That was three weeks ago, and the tawdry incident had been constantly on her mind ever since.  At night, she rubbed herself to recreate her first orgasm, but it was never as good as when Jake and Jason had done it to her.  Her sexuality thus woken, her raging hormones made her desperately yearn to experience once again the sexual attention of a determined boy, but there were no suitable boys about.  Unfortunately, her cousins lived several miles away and she hadn’t seen them in weeks.

However, Tina did begin to take notice of the way her dad looked at her sometimes.  She also noticed the bulge in his pants whenever she was wearing something revealing, but especially when she sat his lap.   Then if she moved just right, she could feel it harden under her, and it was big, very big.  She knew exactly what that big lump was, because they had just talked about male anatomy in Sex Ed.  Even so, she didn’t understand how it got hard, only that she had made it get hard like that and that excited her.  Thinking of giving her daddy a hard-on like that made her pussy tingle and made her short of breath.


Just before half time, Tina walked through the den fresh from her bath.  She was wearing a nightshirt, actually a one of Jerry's old printed t‑shirts.  The threadbare shirt came down to mid‑thighs on her and clung tightly across her firm bouncing tits. Jerry watched her intently when she stopped and stretched like a cat.

This time he didn't feel guilty at all for ogling her; she was definitely showing off and it wasn't just his imagination.   Since her mother was gone she had become something of a prick tease and Jerry was the object of her attention.  Jerry loved it, though he did have transient feelings of guilt for not putting a stop to it.

The half was over and Jerry got up and showered himself.  As was his custom, Jerry dressed in a pair of boxer shorts and returned to watch the rest of the game.  He wasn't surprised when Tina came and sat in his lap.

"I love you Daddy," she said affectionately.  "You're the best daddy in the world."

“I love you too, Kitten,” he replied stroking her curly, shoulder length, light brown hair.  Studying her pouting full lips, an unfatherly image formed in his mind of those succulent lips wrapped around his cock.

With their eyes locked, he waited to see if she would do it again like she had been doing for several weeks now.  He certainly wasn't positive if she would do it again, but the thought of it made his cock stir.  Earlier he wasn't really sure if he wanted her to do it again, as it was so dangerously inappropriate, but now, with her on his lap with her fresh scent filling his nostrils, he decided that he wouldn't discourage her either. If she wanted to play games, fine with him, he just wasn’t going to make the first move.

Like she had done since she was little, Tina ran her fingers through the thick forest of her daddy’s dark chest hair, lightly tracing circles across his muscular chest and down his abdomen to spiral into his navel.  Tracing upwards she stopped to toy with a man nipple, massaging it with the pad of her delicate fingers.  That was something she hadn’t done in many years, playing with his nipple.  Was this an invitation for him to do the same to her?

Then she did it.  She squirmed in his lap.   Subtly at first, but jiggling and moving around, she 'accidentally' rubbed against his hardening penis.

Jerry knew that in a moment he would soon be fully erect.  ‘Accident, hell!’ he thought.  "Careful girl, better stop," came the whispered warning.

Feeling his big cock growing larger and firmer, her soft brown eyes met her father's and she gave him a practiced innocent look.  Continuing her restrained rubbing of her butt into his crotch, she waited for him to say or do something while she studied her father’s facial expression.  Yes, she was definitely arousing him and that excited her even more.  She smiled inwardly, but the slight upward curve at the corners of her mouth gave her away.  Jerry remained motionless, afraid to even take a breath.

Turning in his lap, she ground hard against his ever-engorging cock until she was facing the television.  As she turned, the snaps on Jerry's boxers gave way, allowing his growing cock to press directly against her. This hadn't happened before.  Usually she just rubbed into his hard‑on, neither of them openly acknowledging it and neither of them pushing it any further.  With his cock now hanging out, Jerry was unsure what her reaction would be.

He whispered into her ear, "Jesus Christ, Tina, you're a real prick tease.  Aren’t ya?  Watch out, girl, you're on dangerous ground.  Your old man may not be able to control himself."

She didn't answer him directly, but reached down and tugged at the helm of her nightshirt.  Jerry felt the cotton fabric drag across his turgid dick and then felt the bare skin of her backside on the bare skin of his now throbbing organ.  Only then did he realize that she wasn't wearing panties.

"Oh, shit girl," he hoarsely whispered, "we shouldn't be doing this."

In reply, she rolled her hips around, all subtly abandoned, rubbing her bare ass across his engorged oozing prick.  Over and over he felt her ass crack with his dick.

"J‑e‑s‑u‑sssssss girl," he softly hissed, "you’d better stop."

In silent reply, she adjusted her legs so that she was now sitting on her heels as she straddled him, spreading her legs apart a little wider as she repositioned herself.  Accidentally or perhaps on purpose, she caught the tip of his dick with her mons.  As she settled back down in his lap, Jerry felt the soft wooly hair of her cunt as his cock was bent forward.  A low groan rumbled from his throat as the thick vein covered shaft of his throbbing manhood nestled into his nubile daughter’s crotch, bathed in the heat and dampness of her vulva.

David looked back at his sister and his dad to ask Jerry about a questionable officiating call.  Tina had sat in their dad's lap quite often through the years and David didn't really think anything of it, but this time his dad and Tina both had funny expressions.  Intuitively knowing not to ask his father anything at the moment, David turned back to watch the game.

She wiggled about until Jerry felt his eight-inch log slip lengthwise between the slippery wet lips her outer labia, surrounded like a hotdog in a moist hot bun.

"Fuck baby, you're really wet… Jesus… You’d better stop now..."

Instead, she began imperceptivity rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing the length of his swollen cock in her juicy gash.  The spongy flared tip of his dick rubbed her clit while the length of his vein-covered shaft rubbed between her swelling labia, ass cheeks and across her anus. To Tina, nothing ever felt this good before, not even when her cousins were rubbing her crotch and playing with her tits.

A few minutes later David looked back again.  He could see the dark patch of pubic hair poking out under her nightshirt.  Fascinated, David watched Tina rotating her hips lewdly back and forth. What had began as imperceptive rocking was now anything but imperceptive.  Over and over again he saw the angry glistening knob of his dad's fat purple prickhead emerge briefly from between her legs and then disappear.  Instinctively, the boy's hand went to his own hardening dick.

With rapidly dwindling willpower, Jerry tired to remain motionless.  He did not want to push her into another escalation, knowing full well where that escalation would take them.  "Damn it, girl," he whispered, "do you know what the fuck you're doing?...  Shit!  You keep this up and I promise you, I'll fuck you, Tina.  I'll fuck you right here in front of your brother.  I'll fuck the hell out of you.  You hear me, Tina?" he raggedly gasped.  "Stop now or I swear, I'm gonna fuck you."

The undeniable ache of wanton desire had taken hold of her and she was only vaguely aware of what her father had said, except that he was using some very dirty words; dirty words that she found strangely exiciting.  Softly moaning, she continued to rock her hips forward and in doing so, sliding her increasingly aroused pussy across her daddy's stiff dick. It just felt so good.  Driven by her rising passion, she was quite beyond any reason. Her passionate moans became louder until they attracted the attention of her younger brother.  The level of her lust increased exponentially until an orgasm erupted from her clit like a rolling avalanche. Her body convulsed as the explosive jolts of climactic sexual energy surged through her nubile body.

David watched in amazement.  His sister's face contorted with her eyes screwed shut and then she seemed to choke while jerking about like she was being electrocuted.  She gradually stopped thrashing, her expression strange.  He saw his father's hands under her shirt, gripping her hips, pushing her back and forth.  To David, it seemed that his father lifted her up off his lap, but in truth his powerful hands merely followed his daughter’s rising hips.  The boy watched in wonderment as his sister reached between her legs and grasped her daddy's big dick, raking the fat tip between her legs.  She positioned the swollen head of her father's cock in the maw of her virgin vagina.  Beyond reason himself, Jerry felt her lowering herself onto his long, blood‑swollen cock.

As his extra thick dick stretched her tight virgin pussy, Tina gasped, "Oh, Daddy!  You're so big!"

She tried to pull off momentarily, but her daddy, no longer able to remain passive, growled, “Oh, no, you don’t!  I warned you... By god I’m gonna fuck ya, baby!” and kept pushing her hips downward, driving his broad cock deeper into her virgin tunnel until he felt the barrier of her maidenhead.

He paused, but not long enough to come to his senses.  It had had been too long, too damned long since his throbbing cock was wrapped in the warm embrace of a tight pussy for him to pull out now.  Holding her firmly on his rampant cock, Jerry punched his hips upward, ripping away her cherry.  With her hymen suddenly torn apart, she cried out, "Owwwww!  That hurts!"

"Just a little more," her passion-driven father hissed as he continued pulling his little girl onto his engorged cock.  To Tina, her father’s substantial cock seemed to be splitting her two.

“Oh gawd, Daddy!  It’s too big!  It’s too big!”

“You wanted this,” he hissed, “now take it!”

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!  Ahhh!” she cried as her father’s wide cock penetrated ever deeper into her virgin pussy.

Having fully impaled her on his cock until his cockhead mashed tightly against her cervix, Jerry croaked, "Goddamn girl, but you're so tight."

She couldn't speak, she could only whimper.  Her father couldn’t speak either, lost in the sensation of her tight vaginal walls gripping his long neglected prong.

Jerry's hand slid up from her hips under her shirt to fondle her firm tits.  Her pliant flesh yielded to his powerful hands.  Mauling her, he looked up across her shoulder and realized that David was watching them.  Crazed with wantonness, Jerry cursed, "Oh, fuck!"   Then he mused, 'Well, it's too damn late now! I wonder if he knows what's going on?'   Feeling her up, Jerry’s hips remained motionless to allow Tina’s cunt to adjust to his fatherly prong.  On her own volition, she started to move up and down, fucking her daddy with short deep strokes as he stroked and pinched her nipples.

Jerry saw that David hadn't taken his eyes off of them.  A sudden urge for exhibitionism seized Jerry.  David watched his father's hands drop from her tits and emerge from under her shirt.  The boy gaped in awe as his father pulled the nightshirt up over his sister's head in one swift motion.

David was suddenly confronted with the sight of his sister completely naked.  He'd never seen her completely naked before.  His eyes darted back and forth between her 38C tits with her dark brown aureoles and her splayed hairy crotch, where she rode their father's thick cock with increasing vigor.

Disregarding the presence of their audience, Jerry rolled Tina over face down on the sofa to fuck her from behind.  She was so tight that it was almost painful, but feel of his cock crown sliding through her ribbed fuck-hole was exquisite.  Lost in the swirling vortex of passion, he pumped into his daughter’s tight cunt faster and faster, harder and harder until the urge to ejaculate overpowered him.   Just as his semen uncontrollably rushed up from his balls and through his cock tube to explode from his cock head, he pulled out of her.  Bellowing like a wounded bear, he spewed copious quantities of milky white cum across his bucking daughter's back and her ass.

His passion spent, Jerry stood up, his deflating member still hanging out of the open fly of his boxers, a long thin strand of cum connecting him with his daughter.  He looked down at his freshly deflowered daughter and the ropes of his cum across her back.

Coming to his senses, Jerry looked at his boy.  David was staring at his father's crotch.  Jerry looked down.  His boxers, now down around his thighs, were stained with blood.  He looked back towards his astonished son. As his boxers fell to pool around his feet, the enormity of what had just happened began to sink into his fevered brain.

After what seemed to be several minutes Jerry pulled up and fastened his bloodied boxer shorts.  Only then did he speak to his son.  "David, there are no secrets in this house between the three of us.  But whatever happens in this house is nobody else's business.  Do you understand me, Son? Just like when your mother lived here, we don't talk about what happens here with anyone outside our immediate family, that’s you, me and Tina, no one else!

“I just fucked your sister, and no one should ever know that.  You understand?  Not ever!  If you want to grow up in a foster home without any parents at all, you just tell somebody what you just saw.   In the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter that your sister started all this.  In the eyes of the law, I just raped your sister, and that’s a criminal offense.  The fact that she sat on my dick won’t get me anything other than twenty years of hard time.  Now, you saw what happened… so if you want our family to stay together, keep your mouth shut.  Do you understand me, boy?"

"Yes, sir!  I won't tell anyone, Dad.  I promise... I won't!"

"Good, it's important that you do understand, buddy… because if you don't, you and Tina will be taken away and put in separate foster homes.  You'll never see her again.  You'll never see me again!  You'll never see your uncles, your cousins or your grandfather again.  You'll live with strangers until you're eighteen and then you'll be thrown out into the street.  You'll change schools every time they move you to another place and you'll never have any real friends.  There'll be no vacations to the beach or to the mountains, and no tickets to a baseball or football game.  You'll have nothing but a toothbrush and a single change of clothes, if that."

David was a smart kid.  He knew how his so‑called friends always blabbed when entrusted with a secret.  He knew that if he told anyone, within a day or two everybody would know. He wasn't quite sure what he'd just witnessed, but he took his father's admonition at face value as to gravity of the consequences of talking about it, to anyone.  He didn't want to be taken away from his dad and sister.

"I, I won't tell anyone, Dad.  I promise.  You can trust me!"

"I do trust you, David.  You're a great kid.  Now, why don't you go on and go to bed."

"Can't I finish the game?"

Jerry laughed.  David was a hardcore sports fan just like himself.  Looking at the strapping kid, Jerry wondered how long would it be before the kid fucked his big sister.  'Soon I suppose, very soon,' he said to himself.  Turning, Jerry lifted Tina from the sofa and carried her off to his bed.


Next morning David woke up when his alarm went off.  Last night, thinking of what he witnessed, he’d beat off so many times that his dick was sore.  Pulling on his briefs, he sauntered into the kitchen, surprised that his dad wasn't already up with breakfast cooked and lunches ready.  Looking into his dad's bedroom, he gawked at the sight of his father and his sister sprawled naked on top of the covers.  On the carpet, by the bed, he saw his dad’s soiled boxer shorts and three carelessly discarded condoms.  He studied the two nude figures for several minutes, particularly feasting his eyes on his sister's naked body.

It was getting late, so he shook his dad's shoulder. "Dad! Dad!  Wake up, Dad!  It's late.  Tina and I have to catch the bus in twenty minutes."

Jerry was groggy from having not gotten much sleep during the night.  "Uh, get yourself some cereal and take some money for lunch.  Tina's not going to school today, so you better run along."  Jerry rolled over and dozed off.  He didn't hear David as he left the house.  Nor was he aware that the kid had skipped breakfast, having instead used his time to whack off yet again.  Only this time, he boldly masturbated at his father’s bedside while gazing at his naked sister.

The telephone rang.  Jerry cursed as he picked up the receiver.  "Uh, hello."

"Jer, Otis!  You running late today?"

Jerry looked at his alarm clock; it was 9:30 AM.  "Uh, look Otis.  I don't feel very well, I think I need to go and see a doctor."

"You okay?"

"Yeah, it's no big deal, but I'm not coming in today.  I'll see you tomorrow."

"You want me to have Brenda bring you something to eat?"

His sister‑in‑law Brenda was the last person he wanted over.  "No! No, Otis.  I'm okay, I just need to lay low and get over this."

"What's the problem?"

'Fuck,' thought Jerry, 'leave me alone, will ya?'  "It's probably just something I ate."

"Okay Lil'bro.  If you need anything, just us know."

"Thanks, Otis, but I'll be okay.  I'll see you tomorrow."

Jerry hung up the telephone.  Lying back on the bed, he stared up at the ceiling.  His conscious bothered him.  What had he done?  He'd fucked Tina, thoroughly fucked her several times.  As he pondered the situation, he decided what was done was done and come what may, he’d have to live with it.  Rather than beating himself up, he admitted to himself that he honestly enjoyed every minute of it.  It's not like he raped her; she started it.

As he thought about it, he realized that even though Tina initiated their incestuous tryst, she might feel otherwise once she woke up.  He didn't think she would tell anyone about what had happen, but if she felt remorse, then there would be a problem.  On the other hand, now that the taboo was broken, she just might be a convenient and enthusiastic fuck, spreading her legs for him whenever he wanted her.

He thought back to last night and what David had witnessed.  He rationalized that if she were fucking him, she'd soon be fucking David too.  She would be their slut.  Hell, if he weren’t careful, she might be fucking anyone and everyone like her mother did when she was on a manic high.  In the future, no matter what happened between him and his daughter, she had tasted the fruit.  Having done so, he knew that she’d be fucking somebody.  That somebody might as well be him he decided, but he sure as hell didn’t want to get her knocked up.

He knew he couldn't rely on condoms to protect her from pregnancy.  First of all he liked his pussy raw.  Secondly... he paused as he muttered, "shit," realizing that there wasn't any second reason. He hated using a condom, but was sure glad that he had a few handy last night.  He had started using them with his wife, Rita, after he got a case of gonorrhea from her.  She'd go nuts, get drunk and fuck everyone in a bar, and she wasn't careful about it at all.

Regardless what happened later between them, Jerry decided that he would take his precoccious daughter to see a gynecologist and put her on birth control.  Having come to his decision, he ran his hand across her body and sucked on a nipple.  His dick responded and began to fill with blood.  Gazing down at his nubile daughter, he reflected that this might be the last time and fished out yet another rubber from the nightstand.  Taking up a missionary position, he positioned his engorged dick to penetrate her.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she murmured as she opened her eyes.  "Oh, yes, fuck me."  All doubt vaporized, she was to be his slut.  Lustfully, her daddy pushed into her for the fifth time.


"Thanks for seeing her on such short order, Doctor Tubbs," said Jerry.  He began the story that he and Tina had practiced on the way over to the doctor's office, "As you know Doctor, Tina is twelve years old.  She may not look twelve, but she is.  Yesterday, I came home from work… She was, uh,  having sex with a boy.  Apparently it was her first time and the kid had the sense to use a condom.  Bottom line, she needs to be on birth control.  Now, as you know her mother had a lot of problems with the pill.  Considering that and the fact that as a kid, she'll have a lot of trouble remembering taking a pill everyday, is there some other option?"

"Well, there're several options," began the good doctor.  "A Norplant implant would be good for seven years, however, if she reacted to the hormones like her mother did, then that may not be the best option.  I could insert a vaginal ring or an IUD."

"How does the vaginal ring work?"

"Basically the ring induces a mucus plug to form on the cervix, blocking sperm from entering the uterus.  Ovulation and menstruation continues normally. It's very effective, on the order of 99.9%."

"The IUD worked pretty well for Rita."

"Yes, an IUD is a good option.  The copper in the device causes a chemical change in the lining of the uterus so that a fertilized egg cannot attach to it.  It too is very effective, but sometimes there is heavy bleeding associated with it."

"What do you recommend, Doctor?"

"I can do a vaginal ring today.  It'll take me only fifteen minutes or so after I examine her.  She'll need to use a spermicide for a few days until the mucus plug forms."

"Okay, let's do it."

The doctor told Jerry to go wait in the waiting room.  Thirty or forty minutes later a nurse came out and said the doctor was finished and that the doctor wanted to speak to him.  The nurse showed Jerry into Dr. Tubb’s office.

"Well, it's done.  Her hymen was indeed freshly torn.  You say she was having intercourse with a boy?"


"How old was this boy?"

"I don't know.  He was a kid.  Why?"

"Well, the amount of vaginal stretching was abnormal, and her cervix was very tender.  If I didn't know better, I'd say she was having intercourse with a grown man, a very well endowed grown man and not just once, but repeatedly over the past twenty four hours."

The doctor's eyes bore into him.  Jerry felt sick to the stomach.

"I questioned your daughter, Mr. Polinsky.  She admitted to me that you were the 'boy'.  She said that she initiated it, and that it was consensual."  Jerry wanted to throw up.

The doctor watched the color drain from Jerry’s face.  Smugly, the doctor watched as Jerry began to show signs of panic, allowing Jerry to twist in the wind few moments. "Your secret is safe with me, Mr. Polinsky," continued the doctor, "provided..."

"Provided what?"

"Provided I have your permission to prove my silence."

Jerry thought for a moment. Like a drowning man he seized the opportunity without reservation.  "Prove your silence?  Of course. Whatever it takes."

The doctor led Jerry back into the examination room.  Tina was still on the examination table, completely nude, her feet were still in the stirrups, her legs spread apart.  She stopped squeezing her nipples when they walked in.  Dr. Tubbs lowered her legs and told her sit up on the table.

"I just had a discussion with your father.  What happened between you two last night is rape in the eyes of the law.  You are a minor.  Legally, the fact that you initiated it and consented to have sex with him is immaterial. Your father could go to jail for a long time.  Do you want to help him?"

Suddenly she was very self‑conscious of her nudity and instinctively covered her tits and erect nipples in an attempt at modesty.  "Yes, sir," she said softly.

"Then drop your hands, Sweetheart, so that I can look at you."

Tina lowered her hands.  She noticed that the doctor was looking at her strangely.  The doctor then looked to her father as he unzipped his pants.

"Okay Honey, come here and give me some loving."  The doctor lowered his pants and shorts.  Lewdly he stroked his jutting uncut penis.  She looked to her father.  He nodded for her to comply.  She stood before Tubbs.  The doctor pushed her down to her knees. Pulling his foreskin back, the doctor raked the tip of his erect dick across her lips.  Her primary thought was just how much smaller he was than her dad.

"You ever suck a dick before, Sweetheart?"

She blushed red and shook her head 'no'.

"You didn't suck your daddy’s cock last night?"

"No," she croaked.

"Well, you're in for another first," the doctor told her with a unctuous smile.

Dr. Tubbs turned to Jerry.  "Her cervix will be very tender for a day or two. So, for the next few days, when you fuck her, don't penetrate her too deep."

He turned back to Tina, "Now, go ahead, Sweetheart, suck my dick.  C'mon, girl, open up."  She opened her mouth and took his seven‑inch prick into her mouth. She was surprised at how large it seemed in her mouth.

"Watch those teeth, Cupcake.  Slide it in and out while you suck.  Ooooo, that's it.  Good girl.  Keep it up...  Use your tongue...  Yeah, that's the idea."

Jerry knew he should feel outraged, but instead, he felt aroused watching as his pretty daughter gave her doctor a blowjob. He expected that Tubbs would want to fuck her too. As he contempated Tubbs fucking her, Jerry realized that he wanted to see that too. Quickly he rationalized that it would be for Tina's protection.

After five minutes or so, Tubbs grabbed the back of her head and held her tightly in place, as his ass checks contracted.  Tina's eyes went wide with surprise as she felt his load shoot into her virgin mouth.  Taken by complete surprise, she was at first repulsed by the thought of him cumming in her mouth, but as her mouth flooded with jiz, she realized that the tangy tasting screw juice had a very pleasant taste.  She swallowed as much as she could, but most had already dribbled from her mouth and down her chin.

The doctor pulled away from her and pulled up his pants.  "You're next, Dad. I want to see her give you a blowjob," explained the doctor. He quickly added unconvincingly, "For medical reasons of course."

As much as Jerry couldn't believe what was happening, he realized he was hard as a rock.   Jerry unzipped his fly and struggled to get his stiff cock out of his pants.  He failed and had to drop his pants to free his cudgel-like cock.

The doctor stared in disbelief.  "No wonder she was stretched out!” he exclaimed in wonder.  “Go ahead, Honey, suck off your daddy.  That's it, open wide for his big prick."

She struggled to get her father's massive glans into her mouth.  She mouthed his broad cock head and tongued his slit, tasting the oozing precum. She tongued the sensitive underside of his dick just below the rim of his cock crown.

The lewdness of performing the act with his daughter for the doctor’s amusement at first struck Jerry as utterly immoral, but his ambivalence quickly dissolved into an explosion of obscene and depraved pleasure as he quickly built to an orgasm.  Jerry gripped her brown hair and brutally jammed his dick deep into her mouth.  For the next few minutes, the leering dissolute doctor was all but forgotten, as he roughly face fucked his his totally naked nubile daughter before shooting his own load of cum into her mouth.

Tina managed to slurp it all down, leaving the last thick gout to linger in her mouth, savoring the taste of her father's seed.  Jerry pulled back and Tina licked and lapped at his dickhead, slurping up the last dregs of cum that trickled out.  When the last drops were consumed, Jerry milked his cock tube and more juice oozed from the tip. Tina needed no invitation or encouragement, and gingerly mouthed the tip of his glans.  Tina rocked back and gazed up lovingly at her father, a slender strand of cum trailing from his dick to her lips. Jerry looked over at Dr. Tubbs and wondered what was next.

"Nice.  She definitely likes it," said Tubbs leering wickedly in a most lecherous way.  "Soon she'll be giving head as good as her mother."

Jerry seethed at the revelation.  Struggling to maintain his composure Jerry said evenly,  "I guess you will want to fuck her now?"

"Yes, yes indeed, I do.  I'd love to fuck her.  But considering you and your wife's history of STD, I'll pass for today.  Of course if you want to fuck her, go ahead, but I do recommend that you wait for a day or two."

The good doctor continued, "I'll have all the STD test results back by the first of next week."  Tubbs looked through a folder and then added, "Call me Wednesday.   I have a medical society meeting Wednesday night.  There's going to be a lecture on geriatrics and I'm not particularly interested. I don't plan to go, but my wife doesn't know that.  I'll let you know where I want you to drop her off for a few hours, so that I can "test" her new vaginal ring."

Jerry knew exactly what the doctor had in mind for a "test" and he wanted to punch him, but Dr. Tubbs had him over a barrel.  No doubt the results of the vaginal exam and the interview with Tina were in her medical record.  The fact that the doctor had essentially blackmailed him and forced her into oral sex with both him and her father would not be in the record.  Jerry felt powerless. He was trapped and felt compelled to go along with Tubbs' demands for an evening of carnal indulgence to fornicate with his young daughter. He also suspected that it wouldn't be the only night Tubbs woiuld want to spend with her, but what could he do?

"Is that all, Doctor?" he managed evenly.

"Yes, yes of course.  Now if you will excuse me, I have other patients."

The doctor left the examination room leaving father and daughter to get dressed.

"I'm sorry this happened, Tina."

"Oh, that's okay, Daddy.  At first I wasn't so sure, but... I kind of liked it. You know, that Dr. Tubbs is a dirty old man."

"Yes, he is."

"But he's also kind of cute," she giggled.  "You know, after he inserted the ring he played with me down there.  Said he needed to check my reflexes. He played with me for five minutes until I felt really, really good.  He said my reflexes were good, but I don't think that was really part of the exam."

"Shit!  Let's get out of here," said her father leading her out into the waiting room.

"Oh, Mr. Polinsky!" called the receptionist. "You forgot to pay your bill."

On the way home Jerry seethed.  'Six hundred seventy two dollars!  Fucking pervert quack!'  His insurance would cover all but the co-pay of twenty‑five dollars, but all things considered, it was outrageous.


Returning home from school, David found his father and his sister out by the pool.  It was an Indian summer day, quite warm for late October.   He was stopped dead in tracks and stared as his dick grew hard.  Tina was topless and wore only a tiny bikini bottom.  For an adolescent boy, bare tits were objects not to be ignored.  He was keenly aware of his aching hard‑on as he approached silently, trying to get a better view.  He was practically next to her when she noticed him staring at her.  She grabbed a shirt lying next to her chase lounge and covered her breasts.  Jerry saw her move, and wanted to tell her to let David look as much as he liked, but he decided that he shouldn't force anything.

"Hi, David," said Jerry as if everything were normal.  "How was school today?"

"Uh, okay, I guess.  Uh, can you help me with some homework tonight?  I have a science project, and I don't know how to get started."

"Sure, Son, I'll be glad to.  You have football practice this afternoon?"


"You need a ride?"

"No, sir. I'll ride my bike."

Jerry wanted to talk with him about what was going on with the boy’s sister.  "Tina, go get David a snack of some sort."  Tina cut a look toward her father.  "Go on girl, do as I ask.  I need to talk to your brother for a minute."

Tina slipped on the obscenely short, cut‑off tank top and headed for the kitchen.  David's eyes bugged out as he realized it wasn't a bikini bottom she was wearing after all, she was only wearing a thong panty, not that he knew what thong panties were.  The motion of her swaying bare buttocks held his rapt attention all the way to the kitchen.

Jerry broke the silence, "She's pretty fine, eh, Davy?"

"Shit!" was all David could say.

"That’s what’s called a ‘hot piece of ass.’ You didn't talk to anybody about Tina and me today did you?"

"No, sir!  It was on my mind all day, but I didn't say nothing to nobody.  Honest!"

"Good.  It's nobody's business, but ours…  I took your sister to the doctor today.  In a few days she'll be safe from an unwanted pregnancy."

"Oh, okay," replied David, not sure what his father was getting at.  Jerry didn’t expand upon the subject either and for the next few minutes they chatted about football.

When Tina emerged from the house with his snack, David's eyes were on her immediately.  He was disappointed to see that she had slipped on a pair of cut‑off shorts.  Still the jiggle of her tits straining against the cut‑off tank top shirt, her narrow waist and deep navel, wide hips and low slung shorts, coupled with the graceful curves of her long, shapely legs, made quite a sight.  After last night and today, he looked at her in a totally different light than he ever had before.  He was hard as a rock again.

David mumbled, “Thanks,” to Tina for the cheese and crackers and then announced that he was going in to change.  Fifteen minutes later, after he had whacked off to a lewd mental image of his sister, he was on his bike heading to the practice fields a mile away from the house.

With her brother gone, Tina was topless again.  Pulling her shorts off she asked, "Daddy, would you put some lotion on my back?"

"Sure, Honey."

Jerry sat on the edge of her lounger. He rubbed his hands together to warm the lotion in his hands and applied it to the smooth skin of her back and shoulders.  He added more lotion and worked lower on her back.  He studied her body, her strong upper back tapered to a narrow waist before flaring into her hips.  Her hips!  He slid his hands down over her firm rump.  "Did you know you that you have a beautiful butt?"

"Oh, Daddy!  You're being bad!"

"No, I mean it. You have a very sexy butt, little girl.  You know, your brother certainly liked what he saw."

"He shouldn't see me naked. It's embarrassing.  When you made me get up and go to the kitchen, I almost died."

"Why?  He watched us screwing last night on the sofa.  You were nude then."


"Look, baby, this is the way it is.  The genie is out of the bottle and there is no way on earth that we can put it back in the bottle.  Now, be a good girl.  Next time, give your brother a good look."

"Dad!!!!  He's such a dork!"

"Hey, you're right.  Just forget I ever said anything.  You really shouldn't be flaunting your body to your brother."

"Just to my daddy?" she giggled.

"I don't mind.  Do you?"  He ran his greasy hand up her butt crack and under the G‑string, pausing to finger her anus.

"That feels good, Daddy," she whispered.  He pushed his middle finger into her butt up to the first knuckle.  "Oooooo!"   He tried to push in deeper, but her sphincter was tight and there was too much friction.  "Owwww!  That hurts!"  He pulled his finger out of her butt.

"Sorry baby.  I didn't mean to hurt you."

"That's okay, just don't do that again.  Okay?"

He said 'okay' even though he knew he would stick it and something much larger up her yummy butt in the near future.  He continued to apply lotion to the back of her legs down to her feet.

Then she added, “I mean you can do it, but… you know?”

With a knowing grin, Jerry answered, “I know what you mean, baby.  I’ve been thinking about what Dr. Tubb said, about not screwing for a few days. You know, there other ways for a man and a woman to fuck.”

Her father was headed back up her leg when the telephone rang.  Jerry cursed as he got up to answer it.  "Hello?"

It was Leo, his oldest brother.  "How do you feel?"

"Fine, Leo. I'm fine."

"Well, me and my boys are on our way to your house.  Janet fixed a casserole for you and the kids.  Be there in two minutes."

Jerry sat down the receiver. "Tina!  Put on some clothes! Your Uncle Leo will be here in two minutes."

Tina moaned in disappointment.  The brief anal play had stirred her up and she wanted to fool around.  "Do I have to?"

"What do you think?"

"Uncle Leo is almost as cute as you are!"

"Don't start, Tina.  Now get dressed!"  She reluctantly pulled back on her shorts.  Leo, surprising Jerry, walked out onto the patio just as she pulled the cut‑off top on.

Two minutes? "That was a quick two minutes, Leo."

"Yeah, well, uh, ummmm, I see you're better.  In fact, you don't look sick at all.  You've been goofing off all day?"

"Uh, no, but I do feel a lot better."

"I should say."

Tina felt her uncle's eyes crawl all over her.  The cut‑off t‑shirt didn't quite cover the bottom curve of her breasts.  Leo could plainly see her nipples outlined in the thin cotton fabric, and her bare pelvic mound where her shorts were still unfastened.  Leo whispered to Jerry, "You're a dirty old man.  She was out here topless with you, wasn't she?  In fact I think she was completely nude until thirty seconds ago."

Jerry tried to hide his guilt and act indignant.  "Leo, what in the hell are you saying?"

"I saw her pull on that flimsy top, and I can plainly see that she doesn't have on anything underneath it or under her shorts."

"What do..."

"Don't give me a load of crap, lil' brother.  See her nipples, Jer?  Nothing underneath.

"Naughty, naughty, what have you two been up to?"

Jerry was saved from answering his brother by the boisterous sound of his two nephews, Jake and Jason.  They were older than Jerry's two kids, at sixteen and fifteen respectively.  They were tall, tanned and muscular, both built like walking refrigerators.  Tina was delighted to see her two beefy cousins.

Over the past year, they had started to take notice of her, and she enjoyed their flirtatious antics. As usual their eyes went right to her tits and the tantalizing display offered by their nubile cousin.  Jason whistled when he saw her nips poking out.  Jake noticed that her shorts were unzipped and unbuttoned, displaying a enticing glimpse at the top of her pelvic mound.  It appeared that she wasn't wearing anything at all underneath.

"Hey, let me help you, Cuz," offered Jake as he took the liberty to button her shorts.

"That's enough, Jake," said the boy's father without conviction.

"I'm just helping," he innocently pleaded while moving his hand into her open fly.

Jerry blushed.  Despite the transparency of the situation, he tried to salvage the moment.  "Tina, zip up your shorts so no one will have a heart attack."  The two boys snickered.

Leo saved himself and his youngest brother from any further embarrassment.  "You got a beer, Jer?"

"Uh, yeah, sure.  There should be plenty in the fridge."

The two brothers went inside.  "You really must be feeling better," observed Leo.  "You sucked that beer down like a champ."

"Uh, yeah.  I was thirsty."

"Now tell me.  What's the deal with Tina and you?"

"Leo!  I ought to deck you!  There's nothing there."

"Under her shirt or under her shorts, or both," chortled Leo.

"For Christ's sake!  Cut it out!  Drop it!"

"Okay, okay.  I just never figured you to be the type who..."

Jerry flushed red with anger. "Type?  What type?"

"Okay, okay.  I'm apparently way out of line.  Sorry, I ever said anything."

Leo started talking about a potential contract to supply all the plumbing supplies for a new subdivision.  There was to be over three hundred new homes to be built.  The contract would worth several hundred thousand dollars during the first phase alone.  They heard a scream and looked out to see Jake toss Tina into the pool.  The two male cousins discarded their shirts and dove in after her.  Leo went on to tell Jerry a few more details of the contract.

With fresh brews, the two brothers returned to the patio and sat, chatted and watched the kids play in the pool.  They were now in the shallow end.  Tina's wet shirt clung to her breasts like a new skin. Nearly transparent now, her dark nipples were plainly visible to all.  The boys started a dunking game and the second time she came up, her shirt was high up around her shoulders, her tits completely exposed.  Jake and Jason hooted and she sank back into the water to adjust her top.  Leo and Jerry looked at each other saying nothing.

Leo finished his beer and announced, "Well, we got to go.  Wish I could stay and watch a little more of the show, but before things get out of hand...."

Then he shouted, "Jake!  Jason! Let's go!  We'll be late."  The two boys scrambled out of the pool and dried off as best they could.  As Tina emerged from the water, all four men stared at her tits plastered against her thin short shirt that was riding a bit too high and sprouted hard-ons.   The wet t-shirt stuck to her skin like a condom and hid just about as much.

Leo sucked in his breath and hissed, "Fuck me!"

Turning to his younger brother, Leo leered, "Have fun... Dad!  Don't do anything I wouldn't do."  Grinning, the boys grabbed their shirts and followed Leo around to the side gate leading to the driveway.

Tina dried her hair with a towel and then peeled off her wet shirt and wet shorts.  She also peeled off her wet thong.  Only Jerry was now ogling her.  She sat on the chase lounge and coyly said, "Now where were we?  Oh, yes, you were putting some lotion on me."


By the time David got home from practice it was dark.  Jerry heated up the casserole his sister‑in‑law had made for them, whipped up a salad and served supper.  The kids cleaned up the kitchen.  David was sorely disappointed to find that Tina was fully dressed and apparently had already showered.

David expected his dad to put off working with him on the science project, expecting him to give all of his attention to Tina.  Jerry did no such thing.  He sat down with David and for the next two hours discussed ideas for the science project.  Before they were finished, Tina came in to say goodnight.  She was tired and needed to recuperate from her introduction to human sexual delights over the past twenty‑four hours.

The next couple of days were fairly normal.  Jerry went to work and the kids went to school.  Jerry expected Leo to make innuendos, but his older brother acted as if nothing unseemly had happened Tuesday.  On Wednesday night there was an open house at their school.  By the time they got home, and did their homework, it was time for bed.  The next night, David had a football game and again they got home late.  It was all very normal except for the fact that Tina was now sleeping with her daddy.

Both nights David sneaked into her room to find her bed empty.  Both nights he heard the moans, groans and rhythmic tapping coming from the master bedroom.  Both nights he whacked off thinking about Tina's tits gleaming in the sunlight, thinking about her bare ass swaying as she walked to get him a snack, thinking about the fucking he had witnessed, thinking about the incestuous fucking that was so obviously happening in the very next room.


Friday rolled around.  The weather had changed to more seasonal temperatures.  As usual Jerry and his kids joined Uncle Leo and Uncle Otis to watch Jake and Jason play football.  Tonight the Southside Polecats were taking on their cross-town rival, the Northside Thunderbolts.  Three minutes into the game and it was apparent that it was going to be a blowout, with the Polecats leading the inept Thunderbolts twenty-one to nothing.  By the end of the first quarter, the Southside coach had benched his entire first string.  By the middle of the second quarter, it was more of an even match with Southside’s third string getting some playing time.  Still the score mounted.

With his nephews benched and the outcome certain, Jerry excused himself.  Back home, Jerry had rented several movies.  Before they watched the first movie, Jerry told the kids to get their showers and get dressed for bed.  While the kids were showering, Jerry fast forwarded the movie through the trailers and then stopped the tape.  David was finished first and plopped down in his too small briefs and watched some hokey WWF action.  Tina came out ten minutes later, dressed in a pink nightshirt with a fluffy white kitten on the front.

Jerry showered, came out and sprawled out on the sofa.  To the flickering light of the gas‑log fireplace, he hit the remote and the movie began on the 72‑inch plasma TV. The piece was entitled, "Fuck Mania", and a new family-night tradition was established.  Neither of his children had ever seen anything like it before.

In disbelief, David turned to look at his father, who the boy now noticed was lying on the sofa totally naked.  David quickly looked over at his sister standing near the kitchen.  She was instantly engrossed in the plot‑less salacious action unfolding on the screen. David then turned to the big screen TV in time to see a close up of a fat prick penetrating a well‑rehearsed pussy.

Tina's hand soon found it's way up her nightshirt and she twiddled her twat while watching the pussy pounding playing on the TV.  Jerry waited patiently, knowing that she would soon come to him to fill her aching burning cunt with his fat prick.  He’d been banging the hell out of her all week, yet she seemed to be increasingly insatiable.  David tore his eyes away from the pornographic flick long enough to glance again at his sister.  She had her nightshirt pulled up with one hand, her other hand was furiously working between her legs.   David was now more interested in what his sister was doing than what was happening at the moment on the screen.

He wasn't sure how, but David realized that she was masturbating, right in front of him. His own dick now ached for relief.  Pulling his briefs down to his knees, he freed his six‑inch boy cock from its cloth prison and began jacking off.  Tina looked at David looking at her.  She'd seen his cock once before, but had never seen him or any male actually jack off before.

David brought himself off quickly; his first shot of cum arched high and splattered high on his chest.  His second and third shots were nearly as powerful.  His fourth landed above his navel and the fifth landed just short.   The spectacle of her brother's prick, spewing cum like a fountain took her over the edge and she was seized with a powerful orgasm, her knees nearly buckling under weight of her jerking body.

David watched his sister until she turned away and leaned against the wall.  He looked back at his dad, who was calmly watching his children, his long, thick cock jutting like a drooling telephone pole from his crotch, a glittering river of precum running down the long stalk.  David turned back to the movie.  The girl was sucking off the man.  David kicked his briefs down to his ankles and away, then glanced back to his dad to make sure it was okay.

Tina turned towards her father.  One thing she had learned this week was that she loved cock.  She loved it sliding in and out of her vagina and she loved it in her mouth.  She also loved orgasms and craved to be swept away with the soaring sensational feeling.  She glanced at her brother, naked on the floor, splattered with globs of cum, playing with his limp penis.  She glanced back at her father.  His enormous vein covered, throbbing prong beckoned her to join with it.  As if in a trance she walked to the sofa.

"Hey, girlie," her father quipped, "you wanna fuck?"  She sank to her knees and began feverishly kissing his cock.

He stopped her momentarily hissing, "Take it off."


"Take off the god damned shirt.  You won't need it tonight."  She stripped off the shirt and went back to his cock.

David rolled to his stomach to watch Tina strip off her nightshirt.  He had an unobstructed and close up view of her back.  His eyes were drawn down her spine to her ripe full moons of her buttocks.  As she was squatting nude next to her father, her hips seem wider than normal.  The bobbing motion of her head over Jerry's cock intrigued David, and he moved in for a closer look.

"Cool!" he exclaimed when he clearly saw his dad's cock head stuffed in her mouth.  He was torn between watching the fuck movie or watching his dad and sister.  He positioned himself off to the side, so that he could watch both.  On the tube, an entirely new couple was getting after it.

Jerry pushed Tina's head from his prick.  He wanted the evening to last and he needed a short break.   Tina looked lovingly into his eyes and crawled up on the sofa with him. He had her lie by his side with her back to him in a spooning position.  Tina could once again see the movie while her father stroked her boobs.  The movie man was slowly penetrating the woman fully and then pulling out completely; after five or six strokes, her pussy lips remained apart and gaping.

"Put your leg up over the back of the sofa," her father softly instructed.  Jerry shifted his position and nestled the spongy hot head of his cock between her now parted labia, the swollen head oozing tiny drops of excited lubricant, mixing with her own secretions.  Her softly yielding lips parted to accommodate his broad girth as he slipped through the two sets of sensitive cuntal lips.  She moved her leg higher and wider, so as to lessen the massive presence slowly driving into her accommodating cunt.

"Oh, D‑a‑d‑d‑y, yyyyeeeessssssssss," she hissed through her teeth as her young pussy was filled once again by her father's massive cock.  She soon moaned, "Ohhhh!" as his cock head deformed against her still tender cervix.

Grasping his own hard cock, David looked back at them.  Jerry began a slow withdrawal and then began a slow fuck, with short, shallow thrusts, repeatedly dragging his cock crown across her G‑spot.  Every tenth shallow stroke or so, he would fully penetrate her, but not so deep as to cause her discomfort.  Jerry had discovered days before that once aroused, her G was abnormally pronounced and he could easily feel it as he thrust across it. Now he deliberately worked it to give her maximum pleasure. In less than five minutes he had her where he wanted her, as the contractions began with a vaginal orgasm.

Meanwhile, David turned to watch them again, squeezing his swollen glans, smearing cum across it.

She shuddered and shook as she lustfully cried out, "Unngh, Uunnnhhh!   UUUUUUNNNNNHHHHH!"  while her clasping vagina squeezed and milked at her daddy's cock.    Jerry drove in deep, and then paused until the vaginal contractions stopped.  He then began anew the slow steady fuck.   Once the vaginal orgasms began, Jerry had found that she was capable of having an infinite number of them, one every two or three minutes, until she hyperventilated and passed out. He also knew he could last for hours like this. provided that he could maintain his own self control.

David heard her cry out again and again and again.  Each time he turned and watched his father bury his cock deep into his sister's cunt, pause for a minute and then reappear, glistening with slick juices, only to fuck into her again and again.  Tina was slack jawed and her face seemed different, like she was some other person.  Her tits heaved and her belly repeatedly contracted with each orgasmic pulse.  Surrounded by the sexual energy in which he was immersed, David was hard again and jacking off.   His father signaled him to come nearer. The boy stopped beating his meat and scooted up next to his father and sister.

"Beautiful, isn't she?  Do you like your sister's tits?"  David nodded 'yes'.

"Look at those nipples, boy.  Those are sucking nipples. Touch them." David reached out and put his hand on his sister's tit, handing her stiff nips through his fingers.  "Feels like nothing else in the world, doesn't it?"

David nodded 'yes'.  "Do you like the way they feel, David?"

Again David nodded 'yes', unable to speak due to his excitement.

"She likes it too, she loves to be felt up.  Squeeze'em, but be gentle."

David settled in on mauling his sister's tits, experiencing for the first time the feel of ample womanly flesh.

A helpless ecstatic moan rose deep within her throat as she was seized with the next orgasm.  Jerry paused, her cunt was continuously contracting now, but when the hardest contractions passed, he began fucking her anew.

David began rolling her nipples between his fingers. Tina softly whimpered, "Ohhhhhh, g‑a‑w‑d," followed by a fluttering, "Ohhhhhhhhhh."

Jerry nodded to his son, affirmation that it was David who had provoked the response.  David grinned with delight and continued his manual play. She cried out, "Oh fuck!" as she came hard, twisting wildly in a vain attempt to elude her wonderful tormentors. She managed to yank her nips free of David's fingers, but Jerry drove deep into her quivering quim, hopelessly impaling her on the hard bulk of his extra thick cock.  Once the peak of her climax had passed, Jerry began his slow, loving fuck again.

David was about to start tweaking her nipples again, but Jerry stopped him.  "Son, don't do that right now.  Her nipples are too sensitive.  Soothe her nipples with a gentle kiss, suck on them lightly and play with them with your tongue."

With a gleam in his eye, David bent forward and gingerly slathered on a hard, tortured teat causing his sister to whimper again.  The oral caress of his warm wet mouth was the additional stimulation that again plunged her over the edge. Her breathing became shallow and rapid.  David struggled to maintain oral contact with her briskly heaving breasts.  She let out one last fevered, animalistic cry and then went completely limp.

David thought something terrible had happened.  Maybe she had a heart attack or just simply died. His dad reassured him that she was okay.

Jerry withdrew from his daughter’s tormented cock socket, and extracted himself from behind her.  He lifted her limp nude body from the sofa and gently lay her on the carpeted floor.  David caught the final video scene of cum spewing into the open mouth of a slut as the guy jacked himself to completion, but he really wasn't all that interested anymore; the real, live, naked female, sprawled helpless on the floor before him was substantially more interesting. Kneeling, Jerry straddled her chest, facing her feet, careful not to put too much weight on her.  He directed David to spread her legs out.

"This is what a girl's pussy looks like," his father began matter of factly.

Obscured by dark curly hair covering her outer lips, David could hardly see the mound of her vulva. The hair and the insides of her legs were drenched and slick with pussy juice.

"Hand me that Dob kit," his dad directed.

David got up, retrieved the kit from the coffee table and again took up position between his sister's outstretched legs.  Jerry opened the kit and took out a small pair of scissors.  He began trimming the hair on her vulva, carefully trimming it close to the skin, while his son watched intently.  As her dark hair fell away, David began to see clearly what the exterior of a girl’s pussy looked like.  The glistening crevasse between the dark puffy lips of her labia majoria became obvious.  He also saw the bright red flesh of her swollen and distended labia minoria pushing out from between her outer lips like an inverted cock's comb.

Jerry reached into the kit for a can of shaving cream.  Next he took out a wide-mouthed coffee mug and filled it from a small bottle of water.  After dipping his fingers in the water, he put a small amount of the green gel in his hand and applied it to her mons and vulva, working it into a white foam.  Finally he retrieved a safety razor, dipped it in the water and began carefully shaving her, rinsing the razor frequently as he worked.  He wiped her pussy clean with a dry cloth and then trimmed up the stray hairs that he missed.  Satisfied, he took the remainder of the water in the bottle and rinsed her off, letting the excess water run down onto the carpet.  Finally he patted her dry with the dry cloth.

"That's better, don't you think?"

David glanced up grinning, nodded, 'yes' and returned his eyes to the glory of his sister's freshly shaved pussy.  He could now see all the curves and crevices, and how the skin of her vulva was darker colored than the skin of her thighs.

"This is her vulva," his father began again, running his fingers across the exterior of her sex.  Eschewing the Latin term, he identified her labia majoria as her 'pussy lips', something the boy could relate to immediately.  Jerry then spread her outer lips apart and pointed out her labia minoria and identified them as her 'inner pussy lips'.

"She has two pairs of pussy lips?" asked David.

"Yes, all girls do.  Most girls' inner lips don't protrude like your sister's do.  Hers are unusually large and they're swollen and engorged with blood.  Later on they'll shrink up some, if she doesn't get fucked again."

Jerry then gingerly parted her fleshy inner lips and gave David the grand tour.  David gazed into the dark hole of her still yawning cunt.  "This is her vagina.  That's were your dick goes when you're fucking her.  That's also the birth canal and were babies pass through from the womb when born."

"It's so narrow.  How can a baby..."

"It stretches enough for the baby to pass through, then it tightens back up.  Kind of like when you shit a big turd, your asshole stretches until you pass it and then it tightens back up."

Jerry moved up her slit.  "This is her pee hole, and up here is one of her sexual jewels."  He pulled back the hood and revealed her clit.  "This is her clitoris, or clit.  It is very sensitive and usually hides, protected by a foreskin called the clitoral hood.  When it is aroused, it swells with blood just like your dick does.  And just like your dick, if you rub on it just right, she'll have an orgasm.  Unlike guys though, she can have several orgasms, one right after the other with only a few minutes rest between."

Tina squirmed around as she gradually came back to planet earth.  She didn't have any idea how she had gotten on the floor.  All she could see was her dad's broad hairy back.

Jerry looked at his son.  There was the unmistakable look of lust in his eyes.  The boy was obviously so horny he could have exploded.

"I think she's ready for some more fun.  This time, instead of playing with her tits, you're going to play with her pussy.  Now run a finger up and down her slit and learn how a pussy feels."

David was surprised at how slippery and wet his sister was as he ran his fingers up and down, diddling her lips and exploring the rim of her vagina.  Tina moaned loudly as her brother explored her. Jerry moved up her torso until his ass was directly over her face.  He spread his butt cheeks and ground his hairy ass into her face.  She caught on quick to this new game and licked her father's anus as unseen fingers clumsily probed her cunt.  Jerry leaned forward to give Tina better access to his butt hole, as much as to better instruct her younger brother.  David roughly flicked her clit and her entire body spasmodically jumped.

"Not so rough!  And not directly over the tip. Rub it along the sides and all along the base.  That's it.  You'll have her cumming in no time."

A few minutes later she was mumbling between Jerry's buttocks and punching her hips into David's hand.  The orgasm receded and Jerry instructed David to give her clit a rest.  "Now stick your fingers up her vagina and feel around."

David was intrigued at the variations in texture of her vaginal walls.  He had supposed that it would feel a lot like his rectum, with a uniform texture.  After letting the kid finger fuck his sister for several minutes, Jerry indicated to David to stop.

"Now taste her," his father instructed.

David hesitated.  Remembering his own ambivalence the first time he went down on a girl, Jerry grinned.  He wasn't any older than David and his two older brothers and their buddies had first included him on gangbanging a neighborhood girl. 'Well, at least Tina isn't oozing some other guy's spunk,' he thought.  "Go on, Son, taste her.  I promise you'll like it."

While Jerry lewdly spread his daughter's pussy lips, David slowly descended on his sister.  Catching a whiff of her heady aroma, he tentatively licked her.  Then he licked her again and again, licking up more and more girl juice from her succulent cunt, until he buried his entire face with gusto between her splayed lips. Jerry pointed out her clit and David knew what to do.  He licked and sucked along the base of her clit and flick at the sides with his tongue, studiously avoiding the tip.  Tina thrust her hips back into her little brother’s face as another orgasm began to build.  She had stopped licking her father's butt and Jerry knew she was near.  He sat upright.  Reaching down under his legs he pinched and pulled hard on both nipples. Her pelvis jerked and revolved as her orgasming body thrashed beneath her daddy.  As her orgasm began to recede, Jerry dismounted her face.

David was wild eyed.  Almost shouting Jerry ordered, "Now fuck her boy!  Fuck her!"  Dave scrambled into the missionary position.  Automatically Tina wrapped her legs around her brother's waist and tried to pull him into her.  He fumbled around a moment trying to find her fuck hole and then suddenly surged forward with the undisciplined urgency of youth.  Jerry stood back to watch David incestuously take his slut sister and lose his virginity.

Furiously the boy humped away, lasting only a minute before his cum surged through his young cock and into the young vagina of his sister.  As he completely unloaded into her, David cried out, "Oh, fuck!  Fuck! Fuuuucccckkkk!"  It was the best feeling he ever had, much better than beating off and he had considered that the ultimate pleasure.  Spent, David collapsed on top of her like a dead weight.

Despite the aching in his undrained balls, Jerry suddenly realized that he was very thirsty.  He had planned to fuck her several times tonight, getting close, but putting off finalizing the incestuous act so as to enhance his own orgasm.  He had all night to fuck her, so he ambled into the kitchen for a beer and two cokes.

From the den he heard Tina protesting.  "Get off of me! Get off!  I can't breathe!"  Returning to the den, the two kids were sitting on the floor.  David had a sheepish grin on his face.  Tina looked positively fucked out.  It was time for a break.

"I bet you two are thirsty," he said as he handed them each a soft drink. "Anybody hungry?"

Not surprisingly David answered, "Yeah, I'm starved!"

"How about a frozen pizza?"

"Yeah, that'll be fine, Dad."


Jerry went back to the kitchen and heated the oven.  A nice thirty or forty minute break was just what Jerry thought they all needed. Jerry heard the preview trailers for several other porn flicks play and then the grunts, groans, and curses of the main feature coupled with the laughter and giggles of his two kids.   A few minutes later, Jerry noticed that the childish gibberish had stopped.  He looked out into the den.  Apparently the movie had had an effect on them.

David was sprawled out on the floor.  Tina was on her hands and knees giving him a blowjob.  Live, wet, sucking sounds drifted to Jerry's ears as his daughter effortlessly slid the entire length of his son's cock in and out of her mouth.  David subtly writhed about in obvious pleasure. Tina's smoothly rounded buttocks gyrated seductively.  Break time was evidently over and blood rushed back into Jerry's semi‑flaccid prick. He found his Dob kit and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.  He moved in behind his little girl, straddled her back and in a partial squat, ran his dick up her pussy.  She was already loosened up and her brother's spunk had her slicked up, so he buried it on the first thrust until he bottomed out on her cervix.

"Oommpphh! Oommpphh! Oommpphh!  Oommpphh!" she mumbled as her daddy repeatedly thrust his meaty cock in deep into her cock‑stretched snatch.

Jerry opened the bottle of lube and poured some over his fingers and her down her ass crack.  Tina felt his thick middle finger worm its way into her rectum.  Her cries changed to "Mmmrrrffff!  Mmmrrrffff!  Mmmrrrffff!  Mmmrrrffff!  Mmmm. Mmmm.  Mmmmmmmmmmm."

As he worked her ass over, sweat beaded along her back.  Racked by yet another orgasmic surge, she suddenly bellowed,  "M‑m‑m‑m‑m‑m‑m‑m‑h.  A‑a‑a‑a‑a‑a‑a‑h, y‑e‑a‑a‑a‑a‑a‑h‑s‑s‑s‑s‑s."  She arched upwards again and again crying out, pulling her mouth off of her brother's cock as she babbled in her sexual frenzy.

David was agitated that his blowjob was prematurely ended, and he glared at his father for spoiling his fun.  Jerry pulled his cock from her wildly clasping pussy and motioned for David to take over.  As David moved in behind his sister's upturned ass, his father lubed and guided his boy's cock to her virgin asshole.  All agitation had passed and the boy's eyes glassily gleamed with lust.

"Fuck her ass, boy," his father hissed.  "Push, push, puuuussshhhh!!!"

Tinagasped and cried out as her brother's cock was roughly rammed up her butt.

"Now hold it right there for a minute or two," instructed his dad.  "That's it.  Now, let the pain pass before you begin humping her. Nice and tight, eh?

"How're ya doing baby?"

Tina grunted incoherently.  The slight burning discomfort eased immediately, replaced by a soft glowing heat.  Her head sank to the carpet and she wiggled her butt, endeavoring to get more of her brother's cock up her ass. Then following his dad's instructions, David vigorously sodomized his sister.  Tina rotated her hips as her brother's cock slid in and out of her virgin rectum.  "Don't cum in her ass, boy.  When you get close, pull out," counseled his father.

David wildly pumped her with a novice's skill.  With each obscene stroke of his adolescent cock, Tina's pleasure increased until she wantonly wallowed in the depravity of incestuous sodomy.  "Mmmm... God... this feels sooooo fucking good...Oh, my fucking gawd... Fuck me, you bastards!  Fuck my ass!  Oh, shit!  Sooo goooooood.   Oh, oh, yes, yes, yyyeeessssss!"

Jerry was proud of his boy, as he lasted for a good fifteen minutes before extracting his cock.  David looked pleadingly at his father for permission to finish the act, but Jerry shoved him aside.

"Hold her down," Jerry ordered.

David moved around and placed his hands on his sister's shoulders.   Spreading her firm cheeks, her father put the bulbous head of his fat cock to her newly deflowered bunghole and pressed into her flesh.  Her sphincter opened a little and the tip of his glans nestled into her.  Like a wedge splitting a log, he forced his way into the rectal passage with short, controlled jabs of his thick, swollen member.  Every millimeter he gained opened her a little wider.  As her sphincter impossibly stretched ever wider, she let out a scream.  Tina struggled to get up and protect herself from being torn apart, but as she struggled, her brother applied more of his weight to hold her down.

"Oh, please, Daddy, stop!  That hurts!  Please stop!"  Her ass was on fire again as Jerry bore into her more.  "No, no, please, Daddy, please!  Stop!  You're hurting me!"  The rim of his cock crown popped behind her sphincter and he remained still.  Soon the searing pain began to ease and her cries turned to pathetic whimpers.

"There, there, baby girl.  I know it hurts, but that will soon pass.  Just try and relax.  I'll take it slow and easy.  Trust me girl, I won't hurt you."

"But it hurts already!" she whined.

"Only for a few more moments, Baby."

He felt around her hopelessly stretched anus and checked his hand for any sign of blood, and finding none pushed in a little deeper and paused. Little by little he penetrated her deeper and deeper, the smooth walls of her gut, stretching and stretching to accommodate his mammoth cock.  With each half‑inch jab, Tina grunted; her field of vision would shrink and then expand again.  It took awhile, but eventually she felt her daddy's fat testicles brushing against her swollen pussy.  Jerry thrust gently for several minutes, before starting to withdraw, only to gently thrust his way back deep into her gut.  The pain eased to the point that she pushed her butt back into him.  Still he took it slow.  He didn't want to explain to any emergency room doctor why and how his twelve‑year‑old daughter's ass was ripped and torn.

At his father's instruction, David released his sister and moved around back to get a close up view of the lewd anal act. After five minutes of gentle trusting, Jerry found it easier and easier to take ever‑longer strokes as her sphincter's grip loosened.  Suddenly her sphincter surrendered and fully relaxed. He slid in and out with long slow strokes, penetrating her easily and fully with each stroke.  No longer did she whimper or protest, but instead Tina gave voice to her growing pleasure with the corruption of her soul at the hands of her loving father.

"David, reach 'round and frig her clit," Jerry ordered.  His boy, eager to learn, reached under his sister and did as his dad told him.  Tina gasped as her little brother manipulated her clit while her old man continued to sodomized her.

Jerry pounded her ass until he felt his orgasm rising within his genitals once again.  He had shot off in his daughter's pussy or mouth nearly two dozen times since he started fucking her five days ago, and it had been his goal to cum in her ass tonight. Still, he wasn't ready to complete his lecherous trilogy with his young daughter.  She was his slut and he would take his time.  He withdrew from her ass and ordered David to fuck her again.

David eagerly obeyed his father and once again rammed his dick up his sister's now gaping ass.  He was somewhat surprised at the ease of penetration but soon forgot about it as he wildly flailed away.

Jerry continued to coach his son, "This time you can shoot off inside her or pull out again, whatever you want, but if you pull out before you shoot off, you can fuck her again right away."   David wasn't too concerned about fucking her again; he only wanted to relieve the pressure in his groin.  Soon his butt clinched and he grunted several times as he spewed his youthful seed into his sister's gut.

David continued humping her ass until his softening dick slid out for good.  Jerry didn't give her a minute's rest. He pushed her over onto the floor and rolled her on her back.  He pushed her legs up over her head and ordered David to hold them wide apart.  He placed his hands on her thighs and mounted her.  This time she watched as her father's enormous cock disappeared into her bowels.  It slipped in easily, greased by his son's cum.

His thumb bore down on her clit as he fucked her hard.  Impaled by the savagely fucking prong, her head flopping side to side she begged, "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! God I love your dick inside me!  Fuck me, yes, fuck me!"  until the nerves in her groin area began to short circut again.  The electric jolts of an intense climax flowed through her ravished body, as she begged her father to fuck her harder, harder, harder. Jerry let himself go this time. Like the flash from a nuclear explosion, a blinding white light struck him temporarily blind when his potent seed boiled up from his balls and his long delayed and suppressed orgasm erupted with an incredible force.

He cried out in ecstatic agony, "Uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh," as his mighty prick forcefully pumped an ocean of milky sperm-sauce into her abused rectum.

Gradually his eyesight returned to normal.  His lust‑fogged brain began to detect an annoying sound, a loud blaring horn.  He couldn't imagine what it was, nor did he care.  Then his nostrils filled with a sharp, acrid odor.

"What the fuck?" he asked out loud. White smoke billowed out from the kitchen.  "Holy shit! The pizza!"

Jerry jumped up ripping his semi‑soft cock from his daughter's gaping ass and rushed into the kitchen.  The room was filled with the sharp stench of burning food.  Holding his breath, Jerry grabbed a potholder, threw open the oven and extracted the forgotten and now charred, smoking pepperoni pizza.  He threw the smoldering mess into the sink and wet it down before retreating for fresh air.

"Open the windows!" he shouted.  David had already opened the patio door to let out the smoke.

Tina lay lifeless on the floor fucked out.  Cold air rushed into the house chilling her so that her smooth skin was covered in goose bumps.  The sudden chill began to revive her while David helped her sit up.  By and by, the fog cleared from her lust‑fevered brain.  Looking around the smoky room and over the back of the sofa, she saw several firemen in their yellow raincoats rush into the house.  The home security system had done its job and alerted the fire department when the smoke was first detected.  Tina jumped up and with David close behind, retreated to their bedrooms buck‑naked.

Jerry was mortified with the firemen milling about. He had seen that David and Tina had made a dash for it and prayed that no one else had seen them.  Especially Mrs. Smith, the neighborhood snoop and gossip who, hand to her mouth in shock, was looking in through the open patio door. Anxiously he tired to explain it was just a pizza and that everything was under control.  The firemen openly sniggered at him.  Naked, he wandered into the den where he saw on the floor by the sofa Tina's pink nightshirt with the white kitten, next to his own stripped‑boxers and David's discarded Spiderman briefs near the TV.  Kicking Tina's nightshirt under the sofa he was simultaneously confronted by a Fire Lieutenant and the closing video scene of cum spewing into the open mouth of a slut.

"Having a party?" the Lieutenant sarcastically began.

"Uh, uh..."

"You need to be more careful or else you and your friends might find yourselves outside, standing around naked while everything you own burns to the ground."

"Uh, yeah, we forgot about the damned pizza."

"Who was that who ran into the back?  Your wife?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Pretty! And the other guy?  A friend?"

"Uh, yeah."

The Lieutenant looked around to be sure his men didn't overhear him.  "It's okay by me what you were up to Mister..."


 "Polinsky?"  The Lieutenant leaned closer, "My wife and I also like to party. Maybe we can all get together sometime and get to know each other."

"Uh, yeah."

"Name's McCurty, Lt. Ron McCurty."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Call me sometime at Station 7."

The Lieutenant was interrupted by one of his men declaring that the kitchen was thoroughly checked and that there were no additional problems.  The Lieutenant acknowledged his fireman and gave the order to secure the equipment.

"Sorry your party was ruined, Polinsky, but I'm glad that no serious problems were found.  You were lucky."

With a knowing smirk he added, "Tell your wife hello for me.  I look forward to seeing her again."

The firemen cleared the house.  Looking out a front window, Jerry watched as the fire trucks pulled away.  Several neighbors milled about around Mrs. Smith, who was gesturing towards the house.  "Nosy bitch," he muttered as he turned away. The house, still smoky, was freezing cold and he made his way to his closet and retrieved a bathrobe. Then he checked in on the kids.  Tina was in her bed sound asleep.  David was in his room, dressed and excited.

"Party's over, Sport.  Go to bed," directed Jerry.

Jerry went and sat in the den wrapped in a blanket until the smoke completely cleared.  He sat and thought about the fire incident.  He cursed himself, "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"  If they got wind of the details, he knew that the authorities would take a very dim view of his party.  The close call with the firemen was one thing, but they didn't know that Tina wasn't his wife. Mrs. Smith, she knew better and she could cause him some real problems. He fretted for an hour before closing the windows and doors and then fretted in bed for an additional hour until sleep overcame him.


Next morning after a restless night, Jerry padded to the kitchen to fix a pot of coffee.  As usual for a Saturday morning, the kids were sprawled out in front of the TV.  But unlike most Saturday mornings, they weren't watching cartoon shows; they were naked watching the 'Fuck Mania' video and Tina was blowing her brother.

"Morning kids," he cheerily announced as he passed through the den.  He was taking his first sips of hot brew, when the telephone rang.


"Jer, Leo. Our tee time got moved up an hour.  I'll pick you around ten."

"You know it’s supposed to rain."

"Otis and I don't give shit.  We've got to get away from our wives for a while.  You know how it is.  If it rains, we'll just get smashed in the club house."

"Yeah, okay, see you."  Jerry hung up the phone and glanced at the clock.  It was just before nine.

He took his coffee and returned to the den, sitting on the sofa, watching and listening to the wet, sucking sounds of Tina giving head.  She was sucking her brother to the root and nosily sucking back up to the head while massaging his balls.  After nearly ten minutes of non‑stop sucking, David's semi‑flaccid dick slipped from her lips, a thin, glistening strand of his sperm following it away from her lips.  She looked towards her father and licked her lips. She crawled on the floor to her dad and stroked his hard dick.

"You want your good morning fuck, Daddy?"

"You know I do, Baby.  Your Uncle Leo and Uncle Otis are picking me up at ten to play golf, so we better get to it."

"My pussy and my butt are a little sore from last night.  Is it alright if I suck you?"

"Sure.  You can suck me anytime, but the best salve for a sore bottom is a fresh dick."

She grasped his dick and pulled him off the sofa, onto the floor.  She worked him slowly at first, sucking softly on his head and rubbing his balls.  Her lips slid along the glistening stalk down to his balls and back again to his broad purplish head lapping at the precum as it oozed from the slit.

"Your dick juice tastes so good, Daddy.  David’s too."

"Glad you like it, Sweetheart."

"Oh, yes... I really do.  Thank you, Daddy," she cooed as she licked his dick, looking straight into his eyes like a porn star.

"For what?"

"For teaching me about sex, for teaching me to love dicks so much, for teaching me to how to relax and just cum and cum. I just can't get enough." She engulfed him in a manner that demonstrated that she had learned her lessons well.

Every nerve of his body was alive.    "Mmmmm, it's been a pleasure,” her daddy moaned.  “That’s it, baby, suck my cock," he whispered as he stroked the hair of her bobbing head.  Dreamily he watched as her brother took up position behind her. To the noisy slurping on his pulsing manhood, Jerry closed his eyes with her head rocking back and forth with the steady rhythm of her bother’s thrusting cock.

The consummate pleasure of his incestuous blowjob was rudely interrupted by the sound of his oldest brother’s booming voice.  "See!   I told you he was fucking her!" exclaimed Leo. “God damn!  They’ve both been fucking her!”

Startled, Jerry looked up and saw his two older brothers and his two beefy nephews standing behind the sofa, watching Tina suck her daddy while her little brother fucked her from behind.  Jerry’s stomach knotted and his throat became suddenly dry.  ‘Fuck!  Oh, fuck!  They’re early!  Goddamn it, goddamn it, they’re early!  Holy fuck, fuck, fuck,’ he thought in a panic as Tina bolted upright.  Gripped with the crippling fear of being caught, he didn’t notice the four hands at the four crotches or the eight eyes blazing with unconcealed lust.

"You've been holding out on us, lil' bro," said the middle brother Otis with a leering smile. "Remember when we were kids?”

Unzipping his pants, Leo added with a grin, “Pop always taught us to share.  Remember?"

The fear and dread of being caught eased as Jerry realized that no matter what, the three brothers had always stuck together.  Nothing had changed that; nothing ever would.  They’d never turn him in.

“First dibs,” claimed Leo.  “I’m the oldest.”

Watching Leo and Otis drop their pants, Jerry now knew for certain that it was all going to be all right.  The fear gone, he found his voice. "I suppose we're not going golfing today," he quipped.  His two brothers shook their heads as they dropped their shorts while Jerry’s two gawking nephews struggled with their belts.

Caught in the compromising situation with nowhere to hide, Tina futilely tried to cover herself with her hands.  Jerry turned to his blushing naked daughter, “Tina, you ever heard the term 'gangbang'?"

His daughter shook her head.

"No matter, Baby. Looks to me like you're gonna soon learn exactly what that means."



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