(MF, MMF, MMFF, oral, anal, prost)

by Art Martin

There were definately some advantages to Steve's new job

When Steve quit his job and went to work for a long time friend, the perks his new job provided were nothing short of fabulous...

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Steve Quitman sucked in his breath and unconsciously licked his lips as the young, brunette girl unfastened her bikini top and slowly let it slide down to reveal her young taut tits. 

“Jesus,” he muttered under his breath soaking up the vision of the youthful beauty before him while his cock surged in his slacks. ‘This has got to be the best fucking perk in the world,’ he said to himself.  ‘I should have teamed up with Rittenhouse long ago.’

Indeed for years Raymond Rittenhouse had been after Steve to join his firm, and not as some hired gun, but as his senior vice-president and a partner.  They’d known each other since college as best friends and fraternity brothers.  Steve’s wife however, despised Rittenhouse.  Michelle Quitman held a deep antipathy towards Ray Rittenhouse.  Steve knew the reason too.

Before Steve had met either one of them, Ray and Michelle went to the same high school.  Steve was a senior and Michelle was a sophomore.  They dated casually, yet screwed often.  At that time Michelle wasn’t particularly promiscuous, but she did enjoy sex.  Then as Ray tired of her, he took her to a party, got her drunk and orchestrated a gangbang, with Michelle as the center of attention.  As bad as that was, everyone in school heard about it and she was treated thereafter as the school slut.  On every date she was expected to put out, and if she didn’t, she was fucked anyway, and often by more than one guy.

In her senior year, she was expelled for lewd and lascivious behavior.  A half dozen football players cornered her under the stadium and had their way with her.  The gang fucking was disrupted by the women’s coach.  Because of her reputation, Michelle was expelled.  The boys, for their punishment they were sentenced to run up and down the stadium steps everyday for a week until they all puked and collapsed from exhaustion. Needless to say, her parents were both livid and deeply shamed by it all.

Michelle had to forgo her senior year and settle for a General Education Development (GED) Certificate rather than a high school diploma so she could attend college.  At State U she eventually met Steve.  To her horror she learned that Steve and Ray Rittenhouse were fraternity brothers.  Steve was mystified when Michelle told him that she didn’t want to see him again.  Steve, who was smitten by Michelle’s considerable charms, wasn’t content to be rejected. 

Love struck, he proposed to her.  Michelle accepted on the condition that they marry right away and that Ray Rittenhouse was never to step foot in her home.  Steve didn’t know the details of Michelle’s animosity towards Ray, but accepted it.  They were married that weekend at her parent’s home. 

It was only afterwards that the young husband heard the stories about his bride.  What role Ray Rittenhouse played in her history was still a mystery.  Ray for his part deferred telling Steve anything about his new wife, other than saying they had dated in high school.  Ray told him that he should talk to Michelle about it first.  Steve in turn pressed his new bride until she broke down and told him the entire sordid story of her high school days.

Steve didn’t know what to think.  What Michelle told him about Ray, just didn’t jive with the Ray that he knew.  Indeed, Ray and Steve had been very close ever since they met at Rush Week as freshmen.  Steve continually prodded Ray to reveal what he knew, and Ray steadfastly refused.  Steve was left with only Michelle’s side of the story.  Through other sources, he learned of her apparent promiscuity in high school.

Upon graduating, Steve and Ray went their separate ways and started their careers. Every few years they would contact one another, catch up on the latest and then not hear from the other for several more years.  Steve was a successful young Turk climbing the corporate ladder and settled down in Dallas, Texas.  He and Michelle had a daughter and led a typical middle class life style, eventually acquiring a large home in a prestigious area of North Dallas.

In the meantime, Rittenhouse was perfecting his entrepreneurial skills.  His skills at finding and acquiring sick companies and then turning them around got the attention of Forbes magazine.  Suddenly he was hailed as a golden boy and his access to large sums of capital was only a phone call away.  But Raymond knew something that never was reported, his first real deal was actually conceived of by his friend, Steve Quitman, over beers in a titty bar.

Ray tired to cut Steve in on the deal, but Steve steadfastly refused any part of the deal, as it would have been a conflict of interest with the firm he was employed by.  Without Steve’s knowledge, Ray set up a blind trust for the day that Steve saw fit to become his partner.  Over the years, Ray bounced ideas off Steve and acted upon the advice Steve gave him, enriching Raymond tremendously.  Ray in turn, socked away a portion of the profits in the blind trust for Steve’s use at sometime in the future.  Over the years, the blind trust grew into a sizeable amount.

Steve for his part worked diligently for his firm and was according rewarded.  However, this did require that Steve spend many a night on the road in a hotel room some distance from home. Sometimes he was accompanied on the trip with Mary, his comely and married executive assistant.  Sometimes they would share a bed.   

Michelle grew increasingly dissatisfied with her comfortable, yet mundane, life as a stay-at-home housewife and mother.  She took a job with a temp agency as it gave her a great deal of flexibility.  If the temp agency called, she could refuse the job or sign on for a day, for week or longer, if she wished.  If she preferred, she could spend the time at the country club or shopping at Neiman-Marcus with Angie, her precocious daughter.

Usually she took the jobs, as it gave her contact with professional adults.  Of course some of these professionals didn’t act particularly professional when it came to hitting on the attractive MILF manning the reception desk.  Michelle was flattered by the fawning attention she got from the many men she came in contact with.  At first, she refused all offers for after hour drinks and the like.  Then she began accepting the offers.  By and by, she was having brief affairs and word began to get around that she was an easy mark.

Neither Steve nor Michelle was aware of the other’s infidelity until Michelle was named in a divorce suit.  A suspicious wife had her philandering husband watched and compromising photographs of the wayward husband with Michelle became part of the divorce suit. 

Steve took the news well; after all he’d been banging Mary for years and knew full well the temptations.  Michelle took Steve’s acceptance of her dalliance as a sign of his indifference towards her, as she always suspected that deep down Steve never really trusted her. Knowing Michelle to be a jealous woman, Steve concealed his own indiscretions.  The fact that Steve wasn’t at all upset that she was caught screwing another man only increased her insecurities.  

Figuring that deep down, her husband regarded her as a slut, Michelle began to actively play the part, sleeping with strange men and acquaintances on a regular basis. She wasn’t secretive about it either. She’d get drunk and then in an attempt to make her husband jealous, tell him all the details. Rather than getting angry about it, Steve found her exploits to be arousing.  He knew he shouldn’t feel that way, but he did.  As strange and unacceptable as his developing kink was to polite society, he embraced it.

Steve began taking his slutty wife to certain night clubs where he would hook her up and then watch as she was fucked.  The one-on-ones soon graduated to trips to the back rooms where she could be fucked by all comers.  From there they made friends with similar interests and began attending swinger parties.  If that wasn’t enough, she began sleeping with his business associates, neighbors and even a few of the fathers of their daughter’s friends. 


Steve had just closed a deal that made a tremendous profit for his firm when he was called into the president’s office.  Thinking he was about to be praised and offered yet another lucrative bonus, he was shocked when he was called on the carpet. 

“Steve, it goes without saying that you are a highly valued associate.  You know that, but something has come to my attention that cannot be ignored.  Nor will it be tolerated!  It has become common knowledge that your wife is a whore.  You may not mind that, but I do.  It reflects poorly on this firm and I won’t tolerate it.  I will not tolerate it from you nor from any other employee.”

Steve seethed at the reproach.  Not for having his wife called a whore… she was a whore and he enjoyed that.  He’d just never regarded himself as an employee; he was a rainmaker. In a moment of clarity, he realized that he really didn’t have a stake in this firm.  True, he had been richly rewarded over the years for his financial prowess, but he was never offered a real stake in the firm. The steady stream of offers from his pal, Raymond Rittenhouse, came to the forefront.  Before he knew he was saying it, the words rang out, “Fuck you!”

“Now, Steve, don’t get so defensive.  I’m just thinking about… Steve!  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Steve didn’t hear the rest of the apology as he walked out on his career and the firm he’d served so well for so many years.  He didn’t even bother to return to his opulent office, only pausing long enough to tell Mary, his executive assistant to come with him.  He took her to a hotel and fucked her the remainder of the work day.  Only then did he tell her that he had quit.

“You quit? What about us?”

“That’s up to you, Mary.  I’m going to call a good friend of mine this evening and accept a standing offer from him.  I’d like for you to come with me.”

“But… I’d lose my retirement and… John wouldn’t allow me to do that.  He’s suspicious enough as is.”

“Well, that’s up to you, baby. I really can’t offer you anything concrete yet, but think about it.”

“I really can’t, Steve,” she said plaintively before bursting into tears. 

It was something he hadn’t considered… not having Mary at his side.  She was a part of him professionally, as well as emotionally.  All of his wife’s dalliances (never mind his own part in it) were made tolerable, knowing that Mary would be at his side and in his bed whenever he asked her. 

Steve was thankful that Mary only sobbed for minute or two before regaining her emotional control.  Trying not to smear her makeup, she dabbed the fears from her eyes and said, “Look, it’s getting late.  John is expecting me to be home reasonably on time tonight.  There’s this big deal at his parent’s home… and I can’t be late.  Call me tomorrow?”

“Sure, Mary.  Have fun tonight.”

As soon as Mary was dressed and had her makeup on straight, she was out the door.  Steve picked up his cell phone and called his old buddy.

“Steve!  Whatcha up to buddy?”

“That offer you have…”

“What offer?”

“The offer you’ve been hounding me with for the past fifteen years or more…”

“Oh?  That offer… What about it?”

“Is it still good?”

“Are you shitting me?   Look, don’t fuck around with me like that, Steve.”

“I’m not fucking around with you.  Is the offer still good?”

“Only if you say, ‘yes’.”


“You want to say that again? I must be hearing things.”

“Yes, Ray.  The answer is yes.  I will be your partner.”

“Holy fuck!  That’s great!  Great!   God damn!  What changed your mind?  No, don’t answer that and don’t even think about it.  I can’t have you changing your mind!... Look, I’m in La Jolla.  I want you to grab a flight and get your ass out here.  We’ll talk about this when you get here.  Let me know what flight you’re coming in on and I’ll have a car pick you up.”

“Be there tomorrow.”

“Make it tonight.”

“Tomorrow.  I have tell Michelle what’s up.”

“She’s not going to like it, Steve.”

“She doesn’t have to like it, but she does need to know about it.”

Once home, Steve made his way to the master bedroom.  Michelle, his wife, was in shower.  He stopped to survey the bed, it was a mess and the sheets were stained with numerous pecker tracks.  Idly Steve wondered how many men had been there this afternoon.  He too needed a shower after his own rutting with Mary all afternoon and he decided to join his wife in the large walk-in shower. Stripping down, he strode into the master bath and eased into the shower.

“Hi, honey!” Michelle giggled.  “Have a good day?”

“Matter of fact, I had a very good day.  How about you?”


“That’s what I thought.  Here, let me wash you.”  Steve’s soapy hands glided all across his wife’s wet nude body.  In return she washed his hairy chest and his prick, bring him to a full erection. 

“Hmmm, you gonna do something with this?” she giggled as she squeezed his hardness.

“Yeah, turn around, bitch,” he growled. 

His wife spun around and bracing herself with her hands against the wall, offered her ass to her husband.  Soon she felt the familiar prodding of a cock seeking entrance to her anus.  As her husband pressed into her, she opened up effortlessly allowing his cock to slide deep into her sperm greased rectum.

“How many, slut?” he grunted as he began pumping into her ass.

“Three,” she answered.

“Anybody I know?”

“Ronaldo the pool boy, and two of his friends. Why?”

“Because I got canned today.”

“What?  What for?”

“Because you’re a whore, that’s why.”

“They fired you for that?”

“Jacobson called me in his office and told me that he wouldn’t tolerate your open promiscuity.”

“Why, that old hypocrite!  I’ll cut him off!”

“No, you won’t.”

“And he didn’t fire you either.”

“No, but I quit.”


“Shut up a minute, will you?  I’m getting close, baby.  Yeah, squeeze my dick with your ass.  Hmmm… Ahhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!   Oh, yes, baby!  Yes!!!”

“Doesn’t your whore secretary let you up her ass?”

“Matter of fact, no, she doesn’t,” he answered as his last orgasmic spasms began to fade.  “And she’s not a whore nor is she a secretary.”

“Who do you think you’re kidding?” Michelle asked in irritation as she spun about, ripping her husband’s cock from her ass.

“Look, let’s not get into a row about Mary.  She’s my right hand.”

“And paid cock socket,” snapped his wife. “That makes her a whore.”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“I do it for fun.  She does it for money.  Yet I’m the whore and she’s Miss Purity?”

“I didn’t say that,” Steve defended.

“That’s what you think though, isn’t it?”

“No, but I do think you’d better get on your knees and suck my dick.”

“My jaws are a little sore, honey.  Mind if you take a rain check?”

“Yeah, I mind.”

“Tough,” Michelle snapped.  She flung the shower door open and stepped out. “I think I need a drink.”

While soaping his cock clean Steve observed, “Haven’t you had enough to drink this afternoon?”

“No!  Have you?”

“No.  Fix me a scotch and water, will you?”

“Anything you want, sweetheart.”

“What I want is a blow job.”

“Watch it, buster, or you might not even get a drink!”

“I’ll bet Ronaldo got a blow job.”

“Yes, he did.  His friends too.”

“I figured that, so why not me?”

“Later, dear, later.  One of Ronaldo’s friends… Pepe, I think… that Mexican had the biggest dick I’ve seen in weeks.  He kept shoving it down my throat.  Too bad you missed it.  You would’ve enjoyed the show.”

“I’m sure I would have,” laughed Steve. “Maybe you can get them back over this evening for an encore.”

 “I’m not up for it.  Really, I’m not.”

“That’s a first.”

“Oh, fuck you, darling.”

Steve stepped from the shower and began toweling off.  “So, the three of them wore you out that much?”

“Well, I had some other visitors this morning.”

“Figured as much,” he replied with a snort as he stepped into the bedroom suite.  Michelle turned from the wet bar and offered Steve his drink.

“So… are we poor, now?” asked Michelle as she sipped her martini. 

“No, not really.  I called Ray.”

“Ray… Ray Rittenhouse?”

“Yes.  I accepted his offer.”

“Really,” replied Michelle icily.  “You know how I feel about him.”

“That was long ago. You really ought to get over it.  Besides you are a whore.”

“I wasn’t until he made me one.”

“Okay, he did you a favor.”

“Is that what you think?  That passing me around was doing me a favor?”

“Look, what you did in the past with Ray or anyone else is no different from what you’re doing now, Michelle. So, get over it.  I love that fact that you’re an insatiable slut, and a damned good looking slut at that.”

“Why thank you, dear,” his wife said with coy smile while thrusting her large, but still firm tits out at him, “I’m glad I make you happy.”

“So, make me happy and cut the crap about Ray.  I’m his partner now and you need to accept that.”

“You want me to fuck him?”

“Not unless you want to.  Who you fuck is your business, I’m just happy to watch every now and then.  Just be cordial and flash him a tit every now and then.  Okay?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You do that. Now, I have to fly out to California to meet with Ray tomorrow.  He wanted me to come out tonight, but I needed to talk to you first.”

“Talk to me?  Why?  You already made your decision.  How I feel about it and what I think doesn’t matter. Does it?”

“Oh, but they do matter.  That’s why you’re going to get over this stupid animas about Raymond Rittenhouse.”

“He’s a pig!”

“Maybe you’ll acquire a taste for sucking pig dick.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I already told you, it’s entirely up to you.  But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ray between your legs.”

“Don’t hold your breath, Steve,” Michelle replied casting her husband a look of disgust.

With their positions on the matter established, the long married couple set about getting dressed for the evening.  It being in the middle of the workweek, nothing had been planned other than staying home, so they both donned swim suits and spent the evening by the lavish pool, having a light dinner, drinking and talking like two people who had been married for twenty years. 

The only topic of real contention was about their daughter, Angie.  Angie was a sophomore at SMU and even though it was less than two miles from their home, Angie lived on campus at her sorority house. 

“What do mean she needs money?” asked Steve irritably.  “She has a new BMW, all her expenses are paid and we give her two thousand dollars a month spending money.  Why the fuck does she need more money?”

“Now, now, Steve, don’t get all riled up.  She’s a very pretty girl and she needs to look her best.”

“Do either of you know the meaning of restraint?”

“You want her wearing a potato sack?”

“She has more clothes than…”

“It’s for a special occasion.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno… some sorority function.”

“Tell her, no and to make do.”

“Don’t be such a stingy old fart!”

Enough, is enough.  If Angie wants more money, tell her to go get a job and earn it!”

“Steve, don’t be…”

“No!  God damn it, no!”

They both went to bed cross.  The profligate ways of Angie and her mother irked him to no end and he’d had enough.  There really wasn’t much hope in reigning in Michelle he knew, but maybe, just maybe, he could instill a sense of proportion on his daughter, not that he really had much hope of doing that either.

Next morning, bright and early, Steve caught a flight out to San Diego to meet up with his old pal and new business partner. Catching a cab, he arrived around 11 AM at an opulent home in La Jolla overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  He also noticed a yellow Corvette convertible with the top down, parked in the driveway.  As was his custom from doing business in Dallas, Steve arrived wearing a three-piece suit and tie.  Ray greeted him at the door barefoot and shirtless, wearing only a brightly colored and very florid pair of board shorts.

“Steve!  You old fagot!  Come on in, come on in!  Damn, I can’t believe that after all these years, you’ve finally come to your senses!  You know, I woke up this morning and thought that maybe I had just dreamed that you were joining me.  But hell, you’re really here!”  Steve was ushered into the house, leaving his overnight bag at the door.

“How was your flight?”

“Fine.  No problems.”

“Great.  You must be hungry.”

“Not really.  Had breakfast on the plane.”  At that moment Steve caught sight of a young very fine girl, blonde and tanned, walk inside from the pool dressed in a very skimpy bikini.  He sucked in his breath at the sight of her tits bugling from all sides of the thin strips of thin material that barely covered her nipples.

Ray called her over to meet “John Draper”.  Steve thought that the introduction was a bit odd, but he let it pass as the smiling California beauty stood close to the two men.  “John, this is Bunny.  She’s a student over at UC San Diego, studying something or the other.”

“Marine biology,” Bunny injected.

“What year are you in?” inquired Steve.

“I’m a junior,” she replied with a smile.  Steve was about to tell her that he a daughter who was a sophomore, but decided against it.

Ray then turned to Bunny and told her, “Why don’t you show John the guest room and make sure he’s comfortable?” Bunny smiled, and turned to lead the way to the guest bedroom.  Steve’s jaw dropped at the sight of bare buns displayed by the thong bottoms. 

Ray leaned in to whisper to Steve, “She’s a perk.  Enjoy her.  We’ll talk business after lunch.”

Steve picked up his bags and joined Bunny who was waiting for him with a come-hither smile at the entrance to the guest bedroom.  Steve set his bag down and felt the girl’s hand slide down his back.  When he turned to face the comely girl, she said with laughing eyes, “Let’s get you out of that stuffy old suit and into something more comfortable.”

 Immediately her hands were at his neck untying his necktie.  Once the tie was removed she draped it around her neck as she began unbuttoning his shirt.  Soon she had the starched white shirt opened, pulled from his dress trousers, and discarded on the floor.  Next she lifted his undershirt and stripped it over his head.  With him now bare chested, she ran her manicured fingernails through his chest hair purring, “I like a man who looks like a man,” then leaned into him to kiss and nibble on a man-nipple. 

Pulling away with a coy giggle, she instructed him to sit on the settee, whereupon she knelt and removed his shoes and socks.  She next instructed him to stand and still kneeling, she unfastened his belt, unzipped him and once unbuttoned, she pulled his suit pants down to his ankles.  She helped him step out of the expensive suit pants and left him standing in his boxers.  Steve watched as she rose, her hands trailing up his tummy before she reached behind her neck to untie the halter straps of her bikini top.

Holding her top in place with her hands, she turned and asked him to untie the back string. With the top now only held in place by her hands, she turned back towards him. Steve sucked in his breath and unconsciously licked his lips as the young, blonde girl slowly revealed her young taut tits. 

“Jesus,” he muttered under his breath soaking up the vision of the youthful beauty before him. ‘This has got to be the best fucking perk in the world,’ he said to himself.  ‘I should have teamed up with Rittenhouse long ago.’

Slowly twisting her torso side to side, she asked, “Do you like?”

“Damned right I like,” he replied breathlessly.  “I like a lot.”

“Good!”  She then snuggled up him, the top of her head coming up to his chin as she stroked her bare tits across his chest.  He leaned his head forward to catch the scent of her blonde hair and caught the faint scent of expensive cologne while her hands were busy unsnapping his boxers.  A moment later his boxers fluttered down his legs to pool at his ankles.  He moaned at the feel of her cool dainty hand encircling his raging hard-on.

“Hmmm, I think you really do like,” she said playfully. “Now, be a good boy and sit on the sofa for me.”

Steve sat and she kneeled between his legs.  A moment later, she cradled his testicles in her hand and his cock was engulfed in the warm wetness of her mouth.  She was slow and deliberate in her oral caress of his cock, licking and sucking gently, her tongue in constant motion as her lips slid up and down his stiff stalk while she ever so lightly stroked his balls. 

From the corner of his eye he caught motion at the open door.  Looking up from the girl blowing him, he saw Rittenhouse standing in the door, a huge grin plastered across his face.  Ray gave Steve a thumbs-up.  Grinning back at his old good buddy, Steve nodded in silent reply. 

Ray was well aware of what a great blowjob Bunny could deliver.  He also knew that she would deliver more, much more.  Ray watched as Steve rotated his head back.  Bunny was watching too and knowing that “John” was about to cum, abruptly pulled off.

“Don’t stop, Honey.  Don’t stop,” Steve gasped, but to no avail. 

The girl rose and pushed him back into the cushions.  Climbing up on the settee and straddling him mid-section she stood looking down the older middle aged man.  Hooking her fingers into her thong, she pulled them slowly off her hips and down her legs.  Deftly she stepped out of one side and then precariously balancing on her free foot, she lifted the thong suspended on her foot and offered it to Steve.

Looking up between her legs at her smooth shaven snatch, he wasted no time removing her final garment.  Then staring up at her delectable snatch, he watched as she slowly lowered it to his face.  Grasping the girl’s shapely hips, he greedily devoured her flavorsome pussy, driving his tongue into her pussy and relishing the sweetness of her youthful nectar.  She began grinding her cunt into his face and he noticed that she was becoming wetter and wetter as he lashed her clit and probed her vaginal opening.

As the minutes passed, her hips moved with increasing urgency grinding her cunt into him. He felt the pressure increasing as he held her by the hips so as to not escape.  Suddenly she managed to break free and pulled her cunt away from his voracious mouth.  Quickly she lowered herself giving Steve an opportunity to suck a delectable nipple into his mouth while she positioned her sweet snatch over his drooling erection.  She seized his bare cock and guided it home into her pussy.

Once again he felt this cock being engulfed, this time in the sublime hot wetness of the 20 year-old’s velvety vagina.  She was well toned and her cunt was tighter than might be expected of a call girl, but then again, she only had a select and limited client base.  She moved with skill and grace, rotating her hips back and forth, undulating and fucking herself on Steve’s steely spike while he cupped her shapely asscheeks with his hands.  His hard-on certainly hadn’t diminished from when she stopped sucking his cock, but his impending orgasm had been quelled for the time being.

Clutching her magnificent all natural boobs, he gently massaged her while she fucked him. Behind her he saw Ray, but paid him no mind, as he was concentrating on the exquisite young girl mounted on his cock.

That changed as Ray pushed her forward, forcing her to lie on top of Steve; this in turn hindered his ability to feel her up. The change in her position also gave him a clear view of what Ray was about to do.  Grasping the girl around her back, Steve held Bunny in place as Ray maneuvered behind her.  A moment later he heard her groan and felt her pussy become incredibly tight as Ray’s cock pushed up her rectum.  Steve loved this sort of thing and had done it many times with Michelle and some other man during one of her frequent trysts, but never before had he done with a girl this young, this vibrant, this delectable.  Hell, she was no older than his own daughter and fleetingly he thought of Bunny’s father and what he might think of all this.

Steve humped into the girl’s pussy in rhythm with Ray’s thrusts into her ass.  What a fucking deal!  As slutty and promiscuous as his wife was, Steve generally limited his sexual partners to Michelle and to Mary his ex-secretary.  Of course he sometimes sampled a little strange at the two swinger’s clubs they frequented in Dallas.  But that was mostly for Michelle and his wife always got screwed by some strange guy or three.   Steve preferred to watch and then ravish her in public.  With Mary, it was always one on one.  This was something familiar, double fucking, but he’d never done it with anyone other than his slut wife.

The intense sexual stimulation got to him rather quickly, but not as quickly as Bunny.  She was already in full blown lust and the position mashed her clit up against Steve’s thrusting organ… that and being ass fucked drove her into a frenzied state of sexual arousal. Wracked with an intense orgasm, she bit into Steve’s shoulder.  Steve wouldn’t even notice it until later when saw the teeth marks in his skin, his focus was strictly on his cock and the spasmodic pussy that was violently contracting around it and the incredible feeling of Ray’s cock thrusting into her ass, less than an inch away from his own cock and separated only by her vaginal sheath and thin colon.  The combination was too much and a blinding orgasm swept over him as he ejaculated his virile sperm into her young pussy. 

It was only after the intense orgasm, the most intense he’d had in years, that was he aware of anything other than his own pleasure.  As his dick softened, it allowed Ray greater ease to plunder the girl anally and soon he was pounding into her ass as he sought his own release.  With his flaccid dick slithering from her pussy, Steve saw the crazed pained expression on his old friend and new business partner’s face as Ray shot his wad up her butt. 

A moment later it was all over.  The sexual storm had passed and in its wake was calm and three satisfied human beings.  Ray had sense not to lie on her back after he’d gotten his rocks off and had opted to sit next to Steve.  Steve was content to hold the girl that had been just ravished and stroke her back and cuddle with her.  Finally when her senses had returned she lifted her head and looked into Steve’s eyes.  “Wow, you older guys really know how to do a girl.  College guys, they don’t have a clue.”

“That was fantastic, baby,” Steve told her as he bobbed forward enough to kiss her on her sweaty forehead.  “That was the best sex I’ve had in years.”

Ray suddenly came to life and jumped onto his feet.  “Steve, you getting hungry yet?”

“Yeah, suddenly I’m famished.”

“Okay, then let’s grab a bite to eat, then we can get down to business.”

Turning to Bunny Ray asked, “You want to go to lunch with us, Bunny?”

“Hmmm, I’d love to, but I can’t miss my afternoon classes.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that, now would we, John?”  Steve remained silent, still not sure what to make of this John Draper business. 

“How about this evening?” Ray asked.

You talking to me?” Steve asked.

“No, I’m talking to Bunny.  How about it, babe?”

“I really can’t, Tom,” the girl answered.  “I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study tonight.”

“We’ll give you an exam tonight,” quipped Ray.

“No, Tom.  Not tonight.  I know it would be fun, but I really can’t.  Can I go now?”

“Sure, Baby. 


The two men cleaned up and with the perk gone, the two men headed off to lunch that lasted the rest of the afternoon, where the two discussed the details of their business arrangement and discussed an opportunity that Steve had been developing.  Ray avoided asking Steve about Mitchell, keeping the topic on the business at hand.

With the important stuff discussed and settled upon, the Steve asked about Bunny and the use of aliases.  “What’s up with the John Drapper stuff?”

“With all the sexual harassment crap going on, do you really want her to know your real name?”

“I suppose not.”

“Do you think she wants you to know her real name?”

“Bunny?  That’s not her real name?”

“Beats me, pal.  I don’t want to know her name.  All I want to know is how to get hold of her and get her ass over for some fun.”

“Isn’t she kind of young?”

“She’s old enough… and willing enough… for a price.  There are dozens of girls like her.  And not just here, in California, but in other cities too.  I have a whole list of them.  They all go by their code name, so they know when I’m calling.  I’ll give you my little black book.  Just call one of them, use my name, Tom Drapper.  Tell them I’m your brother… that’s all.  Never give them cash… could be a setup.  The girls I use all know that the money will be deposited in their checking accounts within hours.  That’s all there is to it.  Call them.  Fuck them. Send the home. Let my accountant know who to pay and he’ll take care of that.”

“Okay by me,” replied Steve.

“Look, I need to go to Dallas tonight.  You can come with me, or you can hang out here for a day or two and make some calls.  You like a threesome tonight?  I recommend Ginger and Angie… those two will wear you out and put on a great show for you.”

Back at the beachfront house just south of La Jolla, Ray gathered his things for his trip.  Before he left, he downloaded his little black book on a thumb drive and gave it to Steve.  “Don’t lose this pal and enjoy yourself.”


Two days later, Steve was admiring the nude girl posed on the pool steps.  ‘That’s one fine honey,’ he muttered while he sat on a chase fondling himself to a renewed erection.

“Hey, honey, come on over here.  I have something for you.”

The girl smiled coyly, rose from the water, and walked towards him ready and willing to do anything he wanted. And what he wanted was to encase his cock in her sweet wet snatch once again.

The phone rang and by the ringtone, he knew it was Ray. “Hold on, honey,” he said as she straddled him, “I have to take this.”

“Enjoying your sign-on bonus?” Ray asked.

“As a matter of fact I am,” Steve answered.  “Have a honey with me now. Oh, fuck, she just sat on my dick.”

“You both naked?”

“What do you think?” Steve replied.  “Can I call you in an hour or so?”

“No.  I want you to put away your dick, get your ass dressed and hop on the 3:30 flight to Dallas.  I’ve already made your reservation, just show up at the airport.  When you get here, come to the Penthouse at 1100 Crestwood.  I’ll have us a couple girls and we can talk about the deal we discussed the other day.”

“3:30 flight?  Shit, it’s almost two already!”

“Then you better get your ass moving, pal.  We need to make a move quick.”

Steve pushed the pretty co-ed off his cock and left her on the chase lounge wondering what was up.  He threw on some casual clothes for traveling and stopped briefly to tell the girl that he had to go.

“But you have another three hours, John.”

“Don’t worry, honey.  You’ll be paid in full.  Now, get dressed and beat it.  By the way, you’ve been a great fuck.”

“Thanks…  I guess,” she replied dryly as she picked up her things that had been discarded on the pool deck.  Then she added, “Will you call me again?”

“You bet, honey!”  That bit of news cheered her up until Steve wanted to know her name again.


He made it just in time to the airport to clear security and make his flight.  Settling down in his spacious first class seat, he breathed a sigh of relief as the cabin door was closed. 

The three hour flight was uneventful with the plane touching down at DFW at 8:30 PM Central Daylight Savings time.  He caught a cab and around 9:45 PM arrived at the swank condo on Crestwood in Dallas.

Stopped by the concierge, he told him who he was.  “Mr. Rittenhouse is expecting you,” the man told Steve.  Handing Steve a plastic card key he added, “Here, you will need a security card to get to the Penthouse level.”


“Yes, sir.  Anything you need, just call me,” replied the condo’s concierge. “Anything at all.”

Steve went up the top floor.  The elevator doors opened and he stepped out into a lavishly decorated room.  He had two directions to choose from and once he selected to go to his left and turned, he heard a girl’s voice from behind.  Turning he was confronted with nude redheaded babe who in many ways, looked like Bunny from San Diego, except this girl had much larger tits, had auburn hair and she was wet.

“You must be Tom’s brother, John,” she said with a smile.

‘Tom?  John?  Oh, yeah!’ thought Steve.  “Yes, I’m John Drapper,” He answered.  “And who are you?”

“I’m Dawn,” the beautiful girl replied.  “I’m your date for tonight.  I hope that’s okay.”

“Okay?  Yes, it is very okay by me.  You are a lovely girl, Dawn.  Very lovely.”


“Tom and Crystal are in the hot tub waiting for us.  You care to join them?”

“Well, I need to change into something more appropriate,” Steve replied.

“Here, let me help you,” Dawn replied.

In short order Dawn had Steve down to his birthday suit, his raging hard-on enjoying the soft gentle strokes from Dawn’s hand.  She was pleased at what she saw, a muscular middle aged man who was reasonably fit and who sported a cock to please any woman.  He was handsome too, with just a touch of grey about his temples and piercing blue eyes. She never knew what to expect on one of these gigs, so she was pleased. She gave him a playful squeeze and said, “Follow me, John.”

Being led through the opulent condo by his prick, they passed through several rooms before stepping out onto a large balcony overlooking the glowing lights of downtown Dallas.  There he saw the large spa and saw Ray, up on the edge riding some girl vigorously, her right leg bouncing about and pointing skyward while her full tits jiggled on her chest.  Unfazed by the lewd spectacle, Dawn stepped into the swirling hot water, still guiding Steve by his prick.

Ray didn’t acknowledge the arrival of his lifelong friend and new business partner, but kept screwing the girl while they hurled verbal abuse at each other.  Steve didn’t pay much attention to the fornicating couple, as his attention was on the luscious Dawn and her big tits.  Pulling the redhead to him, his hands immediately began an unfettered exploration of her nubile body.  After a few minutes of foreplay, he was sitting up on the edge watching as his cock slid between her ever moving lips.

Suddenly Ray was finished for the moment.  Rolling off the girl he had been fucking and into the swirling hot water, Ray greeted Steve and asked him how his flight was.

“Fine, just fine,” Steve replied as Dawn lavishly sucked his dick.

“Good cocksucker, that one,” Ray commented nodding at the girl servicing Steve.  “But just wait until you get your dick in her pussy; almost as good as Crystal here.”

By now Ray’s fuck-date had joined him in the hot tub, her long blonde hair obscuring her facial features.  As she sat up bringing her firm tits out of the water, Steve's eyes focused on her generous tits capped by dark nipples. For several moments Steve studied the young blonde babe who Ray had been balling and saw that she was prime meat too.  Yes, she was indeed a fine piece of ass!  Idly he made a promise to himself to do to her what Ray had just done.  She brushed the hair from her pretty face and Steve could finally see what she looked like.

It took them both a moment to recognize the other; last time he saw her the hair was jet black.

“Angie!” he cried out.

“Daddy!  What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?  What in the hell are you doing here?”

“Don’t be mad at me!  You told Mommy that I had to get a job… and I did.”


Ray looked from Angie, who he knew as Crystal, and looked back at Steve.  “Holy fuck!  This is your daughter?  I didn’t know, Steve!  I promise, I didn’t know!  She said her name was Crystal!”

Dawn, hearing all the commotion, pulled off Steve and looked back at her sorority sister and then to Ray and then to Steve.  Realizing the situation she cried out, “Oh, my gawd!”

For several moments the four startled players just stared at one another in silence.  Ray broke the impasse by once again pleading innocence to the father of the whore he’d bought for them.

“Really, Steve. I didn’t know. I swear, I didn’t know. I called Dawn and asked her if she and a friend wanted to party tonight.”

Steve tore his eyes away from his daughter’s shapely tits long enough to ask her, “How long have you been doing this?  Isn’t the two thousand dollar a month allowance I provide enough for you?”

“Daddy, this is the first time.  I swear… I’ve never done anything like this before.  I needed the extra money.”

“For what?”

“There’s this gorgeous dress I saw that’d be perfect for my sorority’s formal ball next month.”

“You’re prostituting yourself for a fucking dress?”

“Well, you wouldn’t give me the money!” she huffed.

Steve just shook his head in amazement. “You’re just like your mother.”

“You're not going to tell Mommy, are you?”

“No, I’m not going to tell her.  If she finds out that you’re fucking Ray, not to mention fucking him for cash, she’ll go ballistic.  Best we just keep this between ourselves.”

Suddenly Steve thought back to a few days ago when he and Ray were fucking the delectable Bunny and recalled his fleeting thought of what Bunny's father might have thought about their little sex party. He still didn't know what Bunny's daddy might have thought, but he sure knew what he thought about the situation he now found himself in.

Ray suddenly spoke up, “Party’s over girls.  Get your clothes and go home.”

“Now wait a minute, Ray,” interjected Steve. “I just got here.  Hell, were all adults here.  Angie and Dawn made their decisions and... damn it, now they can live with them.”

“I’m fine with my decision,” quipped Dawn as she tugged on Steve’s pecker.

Turning to Ray, the father said, “Heaven’s knows, Ray, she’s certainly not a virgin and I suspect she’s had that status for several years now.  If she’s not fucking you tonight, she’d be off fucking someone else.  As I see it, Raymond, you made a good faith investment.  Now, I don’t know how much you paid her for her ass tonight, but let me be clear, I expect nothing less than you getting every damned nickle’s worth out of her.”

Turning back to his 20 year-old daughter he said, “You know very well that your mother and I have never tried to stop you from having sex... with your boyfriends or girlfriends.  As far as we were concerned, you're an adult and able to make your own decisions.

“I'm not particularly happy that you want whore yourself out, but if you want to be a whore, then you’ll be a whore.  I can’t stop you even if I wanted to.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s your decision, Angie, or should I say, Crystal.  Having said that, I’ll buy you the stupid dress, Pumpkin, but from now on, you’re going to earn your allowance.  When Ray calls, you spread ‘em… Understand, Crystal?  At no charge."

Steve turned his attention to Dawn, squeezed a fat tit and annouced, “Now that that's settled, what do you all say?  Let’s all enjoy the evening.” 



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