MAKING PARTNER - a slut wife story
(MF, creampie, exhib, voy, cheat, reluc)

by Art Martin

Property of the Firm
Jason Larson has worked hard and has been offered to be a partner of his firm. There's a catch... if he accepts, his comely bride-to-be will be community property... of the firm.

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“Let me tell you how it is,” began Dave Tellman.  “You’re talented, Jason.  It goes without saying that the firm values you highly.  We want to keep you, and keep you happy.”

Jason Larson wondered just where this all headed.  He had excelled in his performance and knew that the partners of the firm valued him highly.  Things had been going so well, that Jason had asked his live-in girlfriend to marry him.  In anticipation of the upcoming nuptials, he and Jenny had found a house in an upscale neighborhood.  They had stumbled upon a real jewel at a bargain price and were scheduled to close on it later that afternoon.

“From here, there are two ways you can go with the firm,” continued Dave, his friend, his boss and his mentor. “First, you can continue as a highly paid and valued associate, just as you are now, or second, you can become a partner and make some real money.  I bring this up because of your recent announcement that you are getting married.  Jenny’s a lovely girl, a knockout, and you’re a lucky man to have landed such a beauty.  In fact, she can be a real asset to you.  If she weren’t, well… we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  But in order to make partner, there’s something you must know.”

‘What in the hell is this all about?’ wondered Jason.

“Now what I’m about to tell you is of the strictest of confidence.  If this gets out, Jason, you will be history.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Christ, Dave, just what is the big deal? I’m getting married next week. Is that a problem?”

“No, no, no!  Not at all!  As you well know, all the partners are married.  There are no partners that are single.”

“Yes, I know.  A month ago you made it perfectly clear that if I wanted to make partner, I’d have to marry.  I’m doing that… and not just to make partner.  So, what’s the big deal?”

“Associates, like yourself, have it pretty easy around here.  You do your job, do it well, get paid well and then go home to whoever is waiting for you.  You don’t have to appease our clients.  The partners do that.”

“I’m not following you, Dave.”

“Our clients… they are powerful men; powerful men with unlimited egos. They enjoy and expect certain privileges.”

“Yeah, I know,” replied Jason, “they’re rich and do whatever they want.”

“They demand certain things of us, Jason.  As an associate, you are sheltered from these demands.  But, if you become a partner, you will be subjected to the same demands all the partners are subjected to.  It goes without saying that without the clients, there would be no firm.  Without the clients, both you and I would be working somewhere else for a lot less money.”

“Dave, I understand that,” replied Jason barely hiding his annoyance with such an obvious statement.

“No, I don’t think you do.”

Dave paused and considered how to continue this.  This was always the hardest part about recruiting a new partner in the firm.  “Our clients have appetites, enormous appetites; appetites that as a partner, you will be expected to satisfy.  Let me be blunt…  Jenny…”

“What about Jenny?”

“Jenny is an exquisite girl.  She’s perfect to help you with your career.  But, you must understand, as a partner, you will be expected to provide her…”

“With what?”

“No, no, no.  You’re not expected to provide her with anything,” chuckled Dave.  “You’ll be expected to provide her.”

“Provide her?  For what?”



“Yes, sex.  You will be expected to provide her for sex with the clients… sex with the other partners, too.”

Jason sat stunned for a minute, and then broke out laughing.  “Oh, Christ, Dave!  You really had me going for a minute!”

“You asked me exactly what it would take to make partner, and now I’ve told you.  Think it over, Jason, and we’ll discuss this again if you want.  If you don’t want to discuss it further, then this conversation never happened.”

The smile faded from Jason’s face as he realized that Dave wasn’t joking around.  ‘He can’t be serious,’ thought the younger associate. “Wait a minute.  Let me get this straight.  To make partner, I will need to… offer up Jenny?”

“Let me be clear… As a partner, your Jenny will be community property.  To be blunt, she will be the property of the firm. In exchange, you will both enjoy enormous wealth.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Jason, I’ve never been more serious in my life.  You see, basically it’s all part of a power play by the clients.  They bask in the power that comes from taking our wives at will.  They enjoy the power that comes from having us watch as they take them.  They also like to watch as we have sex with another partner’s wife.  It’s the price we pay, we all pay.”

“I, I don’t know about this, Dave.  I never imagined…”

“Of course you haven’t, but that’s what it will take.  Take your time, Jason, and think about it.  Discuss it with Jenny if you want, but I’ll be expecting an answer after you return from your honeymoon.  Let me assure you that if you decline becoming a partner, that your job will not be jeopardized.   However, I also must warn you, that I can honestly think of no one who stayed very long after being offered a partnership and then declined. ”

The remainder of the morning was agonizingly slow for Jason.  What Dave had told him bothered him greatly.  To become partner, he would have to offer up his new bride to the firm as a whore.  Jenny would be “community property” as Dave put it, a sex slave.  His options were limited.  He could leave the firm, but he knew that no one else would pay him as nearly as well as he was getting paid now.  His heart sank as everything he’d worked so hard for was suddenly out of reach.

As the appointed time neared for the closing on the house, he fretted whether he should delay the closing.  Trouble was, he also knew that there was another contract waiting if he backed out.  Indeed, the other contract was for more than Jason had offered, and now the seller was motivated to kill the deal at any misstep on his part.  He had to go through with it now, or the deal would be off.  In addition, he stood to lose a considerable amount of earnest money.  But, the worst part was the certain knowledge that if he left the firm, great deal or not, he would not be able to make the payments.  Even at that, if push came to shove, he was fairly confident that he could sell it and at least break even. 

When he met Jenny at the title company as planned, Jenny noted that Jason’s normally self-assured countenance seemed to be lacking.  Clearly, he was uncomfortable and nervous.  She attributed his apprehension to the jitters of committing to the house and to marriage. 

Everything was in order and he was presented the stack of papers to sign and/or initial.  Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and made the plunge.  When the dust settled several minutes later, Jason was presented with the keys to their new home.

“Let’s go home,” she told him with unbounded excitement.  Once in the car, and out ofed habit, Jason headed back towards the apartment they shared.  “Where are you going?”

“Home,” he replied. 

“That’s not our home.  Take me home.”

“Oh, yeah!” he replied with a nervous laugh.  “What was I thinking?”

Upon entering the empty house, Jenny attacked Jason.  Soon they were on the living room floor, buck naked and rutting like horny teenagers. Had anyone walked up to the house and bothered to look into the expansive uncovered window, they would have been treated to quite a show.  The intense fucking and sucking did wonders for distracting Jason from his worries, worries that came back to gnaw at him as he lay exhausted and recovering from the great sex.

Tracing his fingers across her firm full breasts, he lovingly gazed into the sparkling blue eyes of his future bride.  Leaning into her, he kissed her fat nipple surrounded by a generous areola and admired the color contrast against her deeply tanned breast.  Kissing his way down past her navel to her now semen-seeping pussy, he made a decision.  He would forgo the offer of making partner and continue to do what he did now as an associate until a better offer came his way.

Hmmmm, you’re a bad, bad boy,” Jenny giggled as she felt the kisses across her damp engorged vulva and the gentle nibbling at her wet protruding inner lips.  “God, I love it when you eat me after we fuck.  Hmmmm, that feels so good, baby.  So, so good.”

Lashing her swollen clit with his tongue, he had her punching her hips in no time.  Soon she was gasping incoherently,  "Yeahhhhh... Sooo goooooood! Oh, Jeeesusss!!  Mmmm... God, this feels so fucking good... A little harder… Oh, right there, right there... Eat my pussy, baby... Suck my juices, you randy fucker!!!! Mmmmm…”

Her thighs suddendly clamped down on his head as she twisted and bucked in ecstasy.“Ungh,  ughgh!  Uuuunnngghh!  Ughgh….. ughg... ughghUnngh, Uunnnhhh! Unnggggggg... GGGGAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH !!!" 

Jason continued to orally attack her semen sodden spasmodic pussy while her climax peaked in a prolonged moment of carnal bliss.  They had already fucked twice, but in the heat of the moment, Jason was rock hard again.  Tearing his head from between her crushing thighs, he roughly flipped her onto her stomach and lifted her hips.  Without a moment’s hesitation, he had rammed his full eight inches into her. 

Yessss!” she shrieked.  “God, yessss!  Fuck me!  Yes, give it to me, baby.  God, that feels so good… come on, shove that big cock deep into my cunt!  Yes!  Fuck me, baby!  Fuck me hard!” 

By the time the copulating came to an end, it was dark outside.  Jason led his bride-to-be out onto the patio and into the pool to rinse away the sweat and grime of their love making.  Then he took her to dinner to continue their celebration.

Next morning, Jason was at the office, early as usual.  He looked over the accumulation of papers that had grown during his absence yesterday afternoon and got down to business.

Jenny rose mid-morning and headed to her new home.  There was so much to do and so little time to accomplish it all.  Come Friday, the movers would pick up their belongings and take them to the new house.  Jenny wasn’t sure where to begin or what she needed to do first.  One thing she was certain of, the apartment furnishings were totally inadequate for this house.  They could get away with using the bedroom suite, the breakfast table would work for the moment in the kitchen and the sofa they had could be used downstairs in the basement game room, but the rest of the house would need new furniture.

She was mulling over what to do when the doorbell rang.  At the door was a stunning redhead dressed in tight denim short-shorts and a green halter top.  “Hi!” the redhead gushed, “I’m Rita Williams.  I’m your next door neighbor.”

“Pleased to meet you, Rita.  I’m Jenny Jackson… next week I’ll be Jenny Larson.”  There was a puzzled look on Rita’s face.  “Jason, that’s my fiancé, we’re getting married a week from Saturday.”

“Oh!  I get it! That’s wonderful, darling!  You know, I kind of figured you two were newlyweds yesterday afternoon.  Jumped the gun, huh? Can’t say I blame you, he’s a hunk!  You two were really going at it!  I didn’t want to disturb…”

“Oh, my gawd!” Jenny exclaimed while turning a deep shade of red. “You saw us?”

“You were hard to miss,” replied Rita with a laugh.  “Good thing it was me and not nosey old Mrs. Cane.  She’s an awful old gossip!...  Hey, don’t be embarrassed, it was really hot watching you two.  I had to go home and pull out my collection of vibrators!”

Rita then offered, “Oh, don’t worry about it, Jenny.  I wasn’t offended, not in the least.  I only wished it was me getting fucked like that.  Tell you what… I know you don’t have a thing to eat here, so why don’t you come over to my house?  We’ll have lunch and get to know each other.”

“I don’t want to impose,” replied Jenny, the heat in her face fading.

“You’re not imposing, Jenny.  C’mon, I’ve got a big salad made.  Mike’s out of town and I can’t eat the whole thing all by myself.”

Over lunch Jenny and Rita hit it off.  Rita, it turned out, was a decorator and made several suggestions that Jenny thought were fabulous.  That afternoon, the two young women discussed several ideas that thrilled Jenny. 

That night, Jenny told Jason that she’d met their next door neighbor, Rita Williams, and that she had offered to help Jenny decorate and furnish the new house. 

“Look, I know you’re anxious to get the house furnished,” he said reasonably, “but I’m tapped out for the moment.  We just need to make do for a while with what we have.”

Jenny was disappointed, but she accepted what Jason said.


“Oh, poo!” remarked Rita the next day.  “Mike owns Accent Interiors.  He’s out of town on a buying trip, but I’m sure he’ll go along with what I have in mind.  Accent is having a big sale right now.  Tomorrow it will be over.  Let’s go pick out some things.  When Mike gets back, I’ll have him give you a no-interest finance deal.  You won’t have to start paying on anything until next year.  Meanwhile, you’ll get not only the sales price, but my discount as well...  Oh, don’t you worry, Honey, you can’t lose!  Jason will be thrilled that you made such a good deal.”

Jenny, always eager to save big during a sale, jumped at the offer.  By the end of the afternoon she had bought thousands of dollars worth of new furnishings.  Bubbling over with excitement, Jenny could hardly wait to tell Jason the good news.

“You did what?” Jason asked incredulously as he threw down his fork into the paper plate of takeout Chinese.  “Oh, for Christ’s sake, Jenny! I told you to hold off on decorating!”

Jenny’s ebullience faded in the face of Jason’s anger with her.  Crying, she ran from the house to seek comfort in her new friend and neighbor.


“Men!  They can be so stupid sometimes,” remarked Rita with distain.  “Well, I think I can sooth the beast, Honey.  What do you say if I slip into a bikini, grab a bottle of cold wine, and go introduce myself?  Bet that will take his mind off his stupid old money!  Yeah, let’s go for a swim in that fabulous pool of yours!”

“All of our stuff is still at the apartment.  Neither Jason nor I have a swim suit here.”

“No problem, you can wear one of mine. He’s a man and I’ve got several bikinis that’ll get his attention.  As for Jason, he can borrow one of Mike’s.”

Rita took Jenny upstairs and laid out several outfits.  All were unbelievably skimpy.  Jenny declined the suits with thong bottoms and settled on a yellow string bikini that barely contained her boobs, but at least covered most of her ass.  Rita picked out something similar in green, but somewhat briefer in the bottoms.

Jason was still stewing over Jenny’s spendthrift ways when the two women walked into the house from the patio.

“Jason, honey, this is our next door neighbor, Rita Williams.”

The financial blunder was instantly forgotten.  “Whoa!  Pleased to meet you, Rita,” he replied while ogling the redhead’s generous jiggling orbs spilling from the too small top.

“Jenny says that you’re angry with her.  Well, don’t be!” Rita said impishly. “I’m to blame, so if you must, you can be angry with me.”

“I’m over it,” he rejoined. “Totally over it!”

“Good, I’m glad,” she replied with a huge smile.  Tossing him the swim suit Rita added, “Why don’t you slip into this?  Then we’ll crack open this bottle and get to know each other.”

“Be right back.”

He stepped into the bath off the kitchen to change.  Examining the tiny black bikini trunks, he shook his head and muttered, “This will never fit!”  It did, barely, stretching tightly across his waist and barely containing his flaccid organ.

“This is an accident waiting to happen,” he whispered as he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  “But if it does,” he chuckled, “it won’t be my fault.”

He tugged at the back, trying to get the fabric from bunching up and riding up into his ass crack, but it did no good.  It was just too damned small.  “What the fuck!” he cursed as he examined his backside in the mirror.  With a shrug he abandoned his attempts at modesty.

Stepping from the bath clad only in the minimalist suit, he held his shoulders back more than usual.

“My, my, my!” exclaimed the neighbor woman, “You are some gorgeous hunk!”

Basking in the glowing praise, Jason noticed that Rita’s bottoms had ridden up into her slit, revealing a coral colored camel toe.  Instantly his cock began to swell.  Not ready to be completely exposed, he hurried past the two women grabbing the bottle of wine on his way to the patio.  From behind he heard Jenny gasp, “Oh, my god, Jason!” 

Knowing the comment was in reference to his exposed buns, he spun about to rejoin, “I’m not showing any more than you two are!”

“You look so uncomfortable, Honey,” his fiancé giggled.

“I am uncomfortable!  This damned thing is way too small!”

“It is a bit too little,” agreed Rita.  Hmmmm.  That can’t be Mike’s!  I must have grabbed the wrong one.  Oh, my gosh! Those are mine!”

With the realization that he on a pair of women’s bottoms, Jason felt his face flush as the two women howled in laughter.  “Hell, no wonder they don’t fit!” he snorted.

“Oh, darling!  I’m so sorry!” Rita laughed.  “Why don’t you just take those off before you hurt yourself.  Jason hesitated.  “Go on, I’ve seen lots of naked men before.”

Jason was really beginning to like this new neighbor.  Glancing over at Jenny, he put his thumbs in the waistband and pushed the bottoms down.  Pulling them over his ankles he stood and handed the garment to Rita.  “Sorry, I think I might have stretched them out.”

Making eye to eye contact she took them from his hand saying, “My mistake.”

‘You saucy wench,’ Jason thought to himself. 

“You know, I think I’m going to enjoy having you as a neighbor,” she said with laughter in her eyes.

“Jason, don’t you think you should go put something on?” commented Jenny from the sidelines.

“No, she got me naked and I think I’m going to stay naked,” replied Jason while holding Rita’s gaze.

Hmmmm,” mused Rita, “perhaps you should at least pretend that you’re modest and get into the pool.”

“For god’s sake, Jason,” whined Jenny, “go and put something on!”

“I think I’ll just get in the pool, Honey.

“How about it girls?” he quickly added.  “Care to join me?”

Jason dove into the cool clear water and was soon joined by both Rita and Jenny, both of whom were careful not to get their hair wet.  Soon the three were lounging about the side, amicably chatting and sipping wine from plastic cups.  Jason wondered if things would get more playful, but Rita didn’t show any additional signs that she might like to seriously play.

“Mike will be home late tomorrow night,” Rita offered.  “I’m sure he’s gonna be thrilled that you guys are a lot like us.”

“How’s that, Rita?” asked Jason.

“You know.  Same age, same interests.”

“And what interests would those be?”

“Let’s just say that you guys are really cool,” Rita offered. Her radiant smile faded to a frown.  “The Johnson’s, they lived here before you guys.  They were nasty, genuine prudes and a total pain in the neck.  They were always calling the cops whenever we had a party.  The only time we ever got along with them was when they were out of town.  But, you guys… We’re gonna have some fun!”

After consuming another bottle of wine, Rita excused herself.  Jason made a final attempt to get something going.  “Seeing that Mike’s out of town, how about if we have a little sleepover?” 

“That sounds so sweet, but I don’t cheat,” she retorted.  “Maybe we can get together this weekend.”

Once Rita had left for the night, Jenny scolded Jason, “Boy, you wasted no time coming on to her!”

“She’s a prick tease,” replied Jason. “She was coming on to me.”

“Couldn’t you have at least waited an hour? In less than five minutes from the time you met her, you were naked!”

“Hey, she gave me the girlie bottoms, remember.  You think that was an accident?”

“No, I suppose not…  Still, you just met her.”

“Did you see the way she was looking at you?” asked Jason.  “I sure did, and I saw they way you were looking at her.  She makes you wet your panties, doesn’t she, doll?”

“Really, Jason, I…”

“Cut the crap, babe.  I read your diary and know all about you and your college roommate.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did and frankly, it’s a turn on to think of you and Rita getting it on.”  He hadn’t read her diary, it was just a wild guess based on his observed interaction between the two women.  He paused and studied her expression, concluding that he had indeed gotten it right. “But, I want to be there, and we play together.”

Hmph!” she huffed.  “Forget it, Honey.  I like cock now, your cock to be precise.  Now take me stud, take me here and take me now!”


The physical move the next day went smoothly, as there wasn’t much to move from the apartment into the big house.  By the time Jason got home from the office, she had everything unpacked and more or less put away;  only the packing trash remained.  It took Jason just a half hour to break down the boxes, stuff the packing paper into trash bags and haul the trash out to the street for the Saturday morning pickup.  He had just finished up when the truck from Accent Interiors pulled up to the curb.

“You Jason Larson?” asked the truck driver.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Jason replied.

“Have a delivery for you, Mr. Larson.”  For the next two hours, Jason with increasing dismay, watched as the large van was unloaded and the seemingly endless stream of furniture was disgorged and hauled into the house, a house he could barely afford.

Inside, Rita directed the precise placement of each and every item.  When the men departed, Jenny proudly asked him, “How do you like it?”

“It’s nice, Jenny, really nice.  I just don’t know how we can afford it, Honey.”

“You’re going to be partner in a few weeks, and we don’t have to make a payment until next year!” she proudly boasted.

‘Next year, we might be living in a cardboard box,’ he glumly thought to himself.

“Don’t be mad, Honey.  Look, I promise, I’ll make it up to you.  You’ll see; everything will be fine.”

“Oh, look!  Mike’s home!” exclaimed Rita as she looked out the expansive windows.  “C’mon, guys!  Let me introduce you!”  Jenny and Jason followed Rita next door.

Inside, Rita called out to her husband.  Moments later, with his shirt stripped off, Mike appeared from the bedroom wing.  Jenny stifled a gasp as she recognized her new neighbor. 

“Mike!” gushed Rita.  “This is Jason and Jenny Larson, our new neighbors.  They’re getting married next weekend!”

Mike regarded the couple, pretending that he didn’t know Jenny.  “Howdy!” he greeted as he thrust out his meaty hand to Jason.  “Nice to meet you folks!

“Jason, is it?  How about a beer, Jason?  I’m sure you could use one and I sure as hell need one!

“And you, Jenny?  White wine?”

“How did you know?” Jenny coyly replied.

“Just lucky, I guess.  Yeah, lucky… very lucky,” Mike said with a knowing smile.  Without missing a beat, Mike turned to disappear into the kitchen to play the perfect host to his new neighbors.

Playing it cool, Mike paid most of his attention to Jason, finding out what he did for living, how long he had known Jenny and pressing him for his take on the upcoming football season. 

Jenny was in a quandary.  She did her best to avoid Mike, pretending that she didn’t know him, all the while worried about what she might have written about Mike in the diary that Jason claimed to have read.  Gawd,’ she moaned to herself. ‘Mike Manson!  Williams… I’m sure Rita said her name was Williams, not Manson!’

As one beer became three, Jason was enjoying himself, getting to know his neighbor and talking sports, State U sports in particular with a fellow alumnus!  And they knew so many of the same people!  It’s a wonder that their paths didn’t cross at State U, but then again, State U was a big university.

Mike spied Jenny heading to the kitchen to refresh her wine.  Smoothly he passed off Jason to Rita. 

Jenny heard someone behind her and turned to see.  Instantly Mike pushed her up against the kitchen counter, his strong hands rubbing her ass.  “It’s great to see you again, slut,” he whispered while pushing his groin into hers. 

“Mike, please,” protested Jenny.

“Be a pleasure, babe.”

“I don’t mean that!”

“I do,” he growled.  “I’m going to fuck you.”

“But your wife…”

“Rita?  She’s not my wife.  She’s my slut… just as you are.”

“Please, Mike.  I’m engaged.  We’re getting married next Saturday.”

“I love fucking married pussy.”


“No?” he laughed.  “Remember, I own your ass, sweetheart.  I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I like. Having you living next door is going to be very convenient, don’t you think?” 

Jenny thought that he was going to take her right there, just to prove that he could.  It would be just like him.  Deep down, she wished he would, just to get everything out in open before the wedding.  If Jason ever found out about her... Mike was nibbling on her ear, getting her hot, when Rita walked in.  Rita cleared her throat to make her presence known. 

Mike looked back over his shoulder and disengaged, giving Jenny a knowing wink.  He would indeed fuck her, Jenny knew, and it would be soon.  Maybe not now, at this very minute, but he would and soon.  He would fuck her, as often as he liked, until he tired of her again, then, like the last time, he would give her to a friend or rather friends for their use.  Just the thought of it made her pussy gush.

Mike casually grabbed two beers from the fridge and rejoined Jason, leaving the two women alone in the kitchen.  Rita regarded the flustered Jenny.  “Don’t get upset, sweetie.  I know Mike, I know him very well.  His libido is always in overdrive.  I learned long ago that Mike gets what Mike wants.  But, here’s the corollary; Rita gets what Rita wants too.”

“I think we’d better go home,” Jenny whispered.

“What?  And miss the party?”

“I don’t think you understand,” came the quiet plea.

“Oh, I understand.  You and Mike have a history.  He told me… about a half hour ago.  He also told me that he was going to take you. Take you and make you squeal. Take you and make you beg for for more.   Well, you might have been his number one slut back in college, but that honor now belongs to me.  You’ll just be number two, Honey, which is good because you are going to be married to that hunk out there. So, here’s the deal…  You want to go home?  Okay, in a few minutes we’re all going over to your house to go swimming.  From there, we’ll just have to see what happens next.”

Rita poured two glasses of wine. Handing one to Jenny, she said, “Relax, Jenny and have fun.  There’s really nothing either you nor I can do.  Mike’s going to get what he wants and what he wants is you.  You might as well enjoy it.  I’ll take care of Jason.”

Alone again in the kitchen, Jenny took a gulp of cold wine with a trembling hand.  ‘How could this be?’ she asked herself.  ‘I’m not like that anymore.  Gawd, what will Jason think of me?’  Tears began to well up when she heard the rest of the party coming into the kitchen.

“C’mon, Honey,” called out her husband-to-be with a slight slur, “We’re going to our place to swim.  Rita’s going to lend you another bikini.  Something sexy! Really sexy!” 

A few minutes later, the party had moved next door.  Jenny regarded the small strips of material that she was supposed to wear while Jason changed into a pair of his trunks.  Like the bikini Rita lent her the other night, this one barely contained her boobs, but the top was generous compared to the thong bottoms that covered none of her ass.  “Try it on,” urged her fiancée with a slur.

“I can’t wear this,” she protested.

“You’ll look great in it!” Jason said while steadying himself.  “Put it on!”

Jenny slipped into the minimalist bikini.  “Turn around,” he ordered.

“Damn, what an ass!  You look great!”  Jenny wrapped the diaphanous sarong wrap around her shapely hips, grateful for the little cover that it provided.

She seemed to be in a daze as Jason led her out to the pool area.  Gawd, does he know what he’s doing?’ she asked herself.  She was about to bolt and run inside to put on something more conservative when Mike and Rita strolled out.  Mike looked magnificent in his skin-tight tiny bikini that outlined every bulge and curve.  She shuddered remembering what that bulge was and where it would soon be.

Rita looked magnificent too, thought Jason.  ‘The sarong will have to go,’ he wistfully thought.  A moment later, Rita was next to him, her manicured finger nails trailing gently across his broad shoulders and back. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mike sit a boom box down on the pavement.  As the slow music filled the air, Rita flirted shamelessly with him, rubbing into him and purring that she wanted to dance. With her arms wrapped around his neck, they began to move about to the music, eyes locked to eyes, crotch rubbing crotch. 

With his hands filled with Rita’s ass, Jenny was momentarily forgotten until they tread over the discarded sarong.  At first it didn’t register with him what it was, it was just something soft and thin that had gotten momentarily tangled in his feet.  It wasn’t until he looked over Rita shoulder and saw Jenny and Mike submerged neck deep in the water, that he made the connection.   ‘Two can play that game,’ he thought feeling bold.  His left hand departed the comfort of Rita’s ass and found the loose knot that kept her sarong in place.  As he fumbled with it, he noted that Rita was not resisting in the least.  Suddenly it was free, drifting down to the floor, his hands now gliding over the bare skin of her shapely firm buttocks. 

“I love the feel of your big hard prick pressing into my belly,” she murmured after five minutes of having her ass kneaded. 

“I’d love to have it in your belly,” he countered.

“Sounds good to me, Baby,” she replied.

“What about them?”

“They’re not paying any attention to us,” she answered smoothly.  A moment later they had moved near the doorway.  Jason checked again. Mike and Jenny had not even glanced towards them while they danced and he was openly feeling Rita’s ass.  Deftly he pulled her through the doorway and into the house.

They made it only into the darkened living room before Rita stopped him.  Quick as flash, she stripped his swim trunks down to his ankles and in doing so, knelt before his turgid cock.  Jason groaned in appreciation as he felt the wet warmth of her mouth, caressing his glans with her lips and teasing tongue while she fondled his bloated balls.  While Rita’s lips slid over and down the stalk of his cock, Jason noted that he could still see Mike and Jenny out in the pool.  He also noted that they couldn’t see him or what Rita was doing to him.

It was pretty wild, watching Rita’s husband flirting with his fiancée in the pool just a few yards away while Mike’s wife lustily sucked his cock.  It was apparent that Mike and Jenny were not aware of their absence.  His hands moved from her head to untie her halter stings holding her top up.  With great satisfaction he watched as Rita’s big tits spilled from the top to hang free.  He glanced back up and satisfied that everything was cool, pulled his cock from her mouth. 

Kneeling, he placed his neighbor on her back and devoured her erect nipples while stripping off her thong bottoms with one hand.  Pulling the thong over her ankles, Jason ordered, “Spread ‘em, Honey.”  Rita spread out a like the slut whore she was, ready to be taken.

“Fuck me,” she hissed as she mauled her tits and humped her hips in the air.  Thinking that they didn’t have much time, Jason dispensed with any further preliminaries and mounted her.

“Ugh!” she grunted as his thick cock thudded into her deep. “Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!  That’s it, baby! Fuck me with that wonderful cock.  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”  The illict fornication was fast paced.  It wasn’t loving, it was a fucking, a primal fucking, with Rita giving as well as receiving.

Jason growled, “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!”

“Cum inside me,” she answered.  “Fill me with your sperm.  Knock me up, stud! Yessss!  Yessss!  Yessss!”

Having completed the act, Jason rolled off, surprised at how exhausted he felt.  It was a quickie, intense, but quick; still, he was fatigued.  Regardless, he stood to assess the situation outside.  There was no apparent change, so he sank down to his lover again. 

Gawd, that was good,” Rita murmured while rubbing her dripping sex.  “Do you always shoot such big loads?  Jeez, I’m leaking all over the place.”

Jason didn’t hesitate.  His mouth engulfed her leaking vulva to suck the evidence of their coupling from her. 

“You randy bastard,” she moaned as his lips spilt her nether lips to suck and lave over her pink interior.  Attacking her clit, he quickly had her squirming around, bringing her off in record time.  Disregarding the danger of discovery and with his cock revived, he mounted her again.  With his swinging nut sack slapping against her ass, Jason savaged her hungry ravine with his renewed erection, her pelvis tilted upward to receive him.  Thrusting into her with powerful strokes, slapping sounds filled the darkend room, giving audible evidence of their clandestine mating.  Again it wasn’t love making, but rather a carnal animalistic fucking, pure fornication, a primal fucking that both enjoyed.

Fifteen minutes later, Jason was escorting Rita back outside.  Mike signaled for them to join them.  Fearing that they had been discovered, Jason acted as nonchalant as possible.  His fears were quickly allayed as Mike joked about something inane.  Jason didn’t notice the dazed satisfied look on his fiancée’s pretty face.  Thinking that he had gotten away with fucking Mike’s wife right under his nose, he struggled to keep the smirk off his face.

An hour or so later, the neighbors left, leaving Jason and Jenny alone for the first night in their new home.  Hitting the sack, they both dozed off quickly. 


In the morning Jason was awakened in the manner he enjoyed the most, with Jenny orally teasing his cock.  Once she knew he was awake, she sought to give him the best blowjob he ever had.

Jason was blissfully squirming about as his fiancée did magical things to his aching and throbbing cock with her loving mouth.  Skillfully she kept him right on the very precipice, but not pushing him over the edge, that is, not until she was ready for him to ejaculate.  He never knew how or where she had learned this trick, nor did he really care… it was incredible and that’s all that mattered. His dick tingled and tingled, inducing a euphoric state that was like a protracted orgasm, but not quite, the exquisite sensations leaving him nearly delirious and panting for breath.  The spell was broken by the intrusion of his cell phone ringing. 

On the second ring, Jason cried out as his cock erupted, the pent up climax exploding upon him, and like a tire blowing out at high speed, the ride was uncontrollable, the intensity of the shattering moment draining him completely of all energy. 

The phone had long since stopped ringing before he could begin to resume normal brain function.  Finally he breathlessly exclaimed, “Fuck!” before becoming silent once again.  He felt weak and dozed off for a quick nap.  When he awoke, Jenny was already up and in the kitchen fixing breakfast with the limited supplies they had on hand.

Lounging about, he vaguely remembered the cell phone ringing.  Still lethargic, he fumbled with the phone on the bed stand, knocking it to the floor.  “Fuck,” he muttered again, saying it in annoyance this time rather than celebration.  Rolling to the side of the bed, he reached down and fished the wayward phone from the floor.  There was a voice mail for him.  Retrieving the message, he heard the familiar voice of Dave Tellman, his boss.

“Sorry to call you on a Saturday morning, Jason, but we have a situation.  The Hammond Group has a burr up their butt to get that deal closed by mid-week.  I know, yesterday they said it would wait until after your honeymoon, but John Hammond called me personally just a minute ago.  He wants it done yesterday.  You need to get your ass to New York, pronto, today if not sooner.  Get the paper work done and get the deal closed.  You should be back for your wedding. If not, delay the wedding.

“Again, sorry to have to call you about this.

“Did you get moved in, okay? If not, then I’m sorry about that too.

“Call me when you get this message.”

“Aw, fuck!” exclaimed Jason in frustration.  John Hammond was a monumental pain in the ass some days, always changing his mind at the last minute and expecting everyone to jump to it at that very instant.  But, being one of his firm’s largest clients, everyone did just that, jump to it at that very instant.

Rising, he trudged off to the kitchen naked in the hopes that they had coffee this morning before hitting the shower.  As he got closer, the aroma of coffee filled the air.  Finding Jenny at the counter doing something, he slid up behind her to cup and maul her large breasts, running at least one hand inside her robe to stroke her bare flesh.  “Morning,” he murmured as he nuzzled into her neck.  “Thanks for the great wakeup call.”

“You’re welcome,” she said cheerfully, hoping that he wouldn’t tear away the robe to play with her tits like he usually did.  Gawd, how will I ever explain those hickies on my tits,’ she lamented to herself.  ‘There’s no way I can hide them until they fade.  Damn, that Mike!’

“Got some bad news, baby.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“That phone call.  It was Dave.  I’ve got to go to New York... today.”

“Today?  We’ve so much to do!”

“Sorry, I’m under orders. I should be back Wednesday at the latest.” Tactfully, he concealed that it might be even later.

“Wednesday!  You can’t go off this week!”

“I don’t have a choice.  Hammond is demanding that we get his deal done, right away.”

“They better make you a partner after this,” she pouted, secretly grateful that she had a few days to heal before he saw anything incriminating. By mid week, the blood blisters should have faded enough that a little makeup should effectively hide them, and if not, should have faded enough to claim that he had somehow bruised her last night.

‘Why did she have to bring up making Partner?’ groused Jason to himself. ‘Should I just tell her?’  Once again, to the forefront of his mind, the whole looming financial nightmare of the consequences of declining Partner was brought forth, and with it, the wondrous cock job Jenny had performed on him this morning was pushed into the recesses of his mind.

“I need to catch the first flight out that I can.  Sorry, babe, but I’ve got to go.”  With everything good pushed out of his mind, he trudged off to the shower, without getting a cup of coffee.


Minutes after Jason departed for the airport, Jenny heard the doorbell ring.  Not expecting anyone, she answered the door.  “Hi, ya, slut,” greeted Mike with a smirk.  “Saw your boyfriend leaving and decided that now is as good a time as any to catch another fuck.  Your choice, your place or mine?”

“Jason had to go to New York.”  Instantly she regretted revealing that information.

“That’s so good of him!” declared Mike with an evil grin.  “There won’t be any interference in breaking you in again.”

“Mike, I really can’t… Oh!” she yelped as Mike tore her blouse open.

“I want your ass naked,” he growled.  “Now!”


After pulling yet another all-nighter, it was Thursday morning before Jason had every minute detail of the deal accepted, finalized, signed, sealed and delivered.  He was exhausted, but it was done, much to Jason’s relief.  Understandably, Jenny had sounded distraught when he talked to her last night after he honestly told her that the deal still wasn’t done yet.

He arrived home Thursday, in the early evening.  Upon entering his new home, he was met with silence.  He looked about and called out, but no one was home.  It was odd, he thought; he had left Jenny a message on her cell phone as to his estimated time of arrival, and miracle of miracles, the flight was actually on time. Her car was in the garage, so he dialed her cell phone, only to hear it ringing in the kitchen. 

“Maybe she’s next door,” he said out loud to the empty house.  He really didn’t have a clue what the telephone number next door was, so he walked over and rang the doorbell.  Rita answered.

“You’re back!” she exclaimed with enthusiasm.  “Jenny’s inside.  She’ll be so happy to see you.”  Surreptitiously stroking his cock and eliciting memories of last Friday night, she added, “And I’m happy to see you as well.”

Jason followed Rita into the den, where Mike and Jenny were sitting on a sofa, drinking wine.  Jenny popped up as soon as he entered the room and embraced her husband-to-be.  It struck Jason odd that she would be wearing a robe, but then again maybe they had all been swimming.  But, why hadn’t she changed into street clothes before coming next door?

Mike stood and shook Jason's hand, offering the weary traveler a glass of wine.  Jason gladly accepted the offer.

Rita gushed about how everything was ready for the wedding, now that the groom was here.  Indeed, Jason had missed the bachelor party his firm had planned to throw him last night.  At least he was here for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, scheduled for tomorrow evening.  The wedding itself was for early Saturday afternoon and then it was off for two weeks in Tahiti.  Yes, two weeks of fucking the hottest piece of ass around, that’s just what he needed.  In fact, he was ready for some pussy right now.  Finishing his wine, he suggested that he and Jenny go home. 

Mike interjected, “I think we need a little talk, Jason.”

“Sure, but can’t it wait?”

“No, it can’t.  Last Friday… when we all went over to your house… you fucked Rita.”

Jason was stunned that Mike knew, and stunned that Jenny now knew as well.  He glanced over at Rita, who winked at him.  His eyes darted from Rita to Jenny to Mike and then back to Jenny, trying read into their expressions as his mind raced searching for a way out of his dilemma.

“Relax, pal,” said Mike.  “It’s no big deal.  I fucked Jenny." Jason's mouth opened, but no words formed.  "While you were dancing with Rita and feeling her up, I was fucking Jenny in the pool.  In fact, since the moment you left, I’ve been fucking her three, four times a day.  She’s a great fuck, don’t you think?  Gives great head as well, and her ass… smooth as silk and a nice tight fit.

“Now, I know you’re about to marry this slut, and that’s fine by me, but just so that you know, Jenny and I have a long history.  She was my fuck toy at State U, a real crowd pleaser, if you get my drift.  Well, she's still my fuck toy and I’m going to be fucking her on regular basis, whenever I get the urge.  Now, don’t think for a moment that she loves me or any of that crap.  She doesn’t.  She loves you.  Me, she hates, but that’s okay by me, I just want to use her.”

Jason was speechless as he watched Mike reach over and open the robe, revealing that she was nude underneath.  “This slut’s been naked almost every moment since you left,” Mike commented. “Naked and begging for cock.”  Tracing her fat nipple with his finger until it was stiff, he added, “Gorgeous, tits!  Just can’t get enough of these babies!” 

Hefting a bare tit, Mike turned back to the stunned fiancée.  “Now, fair’s fair.  You can fuck Rita whenever, wherever and however you like.  You can fuck her right here on the coffee table at this very moment if you want.  She’d love it.”

Finding his voice, Jason muttered, “Uh, Jenny, we better go.”

“No, no, no!” said Mike waving his hand. “I’ve got a couple of buddies that liked her so much last night that they're coming over again tonight for a second go at her.   They should be here any minute.

“You remember, Rod Coleman and Tinker Jones?  Yeah, they played on the championship squad at State U a few years ago.  As you know, they’re on the defensive squad of the Rockford Rockets.  Great guys.  Wait until you get to know them!  They both love fine slut meat, and they love our Jenny here.”

At that moment the doorbell rang.  “Hey, I think they’re here!” exclaimed Mike.  “Rita, go get the door, will you?”  Moments later two huge guys came strolling into the room, the white one hugging Rita tight against him. 

“Hey, guys!  I’d like you to meet my new neighbor, Jason Larson.  Jason’s an alumnus of State U too!”

“Hey, bro!” greeted Rod Coleman enthusiastically with a show of his gleaming white teeth against his coal-black face.  “You gonna party with us tonight?”

“Not tonight, guys," answered Mike.  “Jason here just got back from New York.  He needs to rest up as he’s getting married Saturday.”

“Congratulations, dude,” exclaimed the big linebacker sincerely.

Mike turned to Rita.  “Rita, Honey, why don’t you take Jason home and help him to relax.”

“She ain’t staying?” asked Thinker with a frown.

“Not tonight, Tink.  Jason and I have an arrangement.  The cute whore here… she’s his bride-to-be.  We can’t be greedy, now can we?” 

Mike turned back to Jason.  “Go on.  Take Rita.  She loves your cock.  And don’t worry, we won’t hurt your girl, we’re just going to fuck her.”  Seemingly paralyzed, Jason didn’t move.  “You better go, Jason.  Rita will take good care of you.  Now, go home, unless you want to watch these dudes fucking the brains out of your fiancée.” 

Jason turned to Rita.  “C’mon, babe.  I really need a good fuck in the worst way.”  To Jenny’s dismay, she watched as her husband-to-be walked out, leaving her to be gang fucked.  It’s not that she minded a good gang fucking, but she was genuinely distraught at the thought that it was all over for her and Jason.


Friday morning, Jason woke in his bed in his new house.  He needed to get to the office, but he wasn’t in a big hurry.  Rita was up and gone, so he laid in bed, alone, thinking about things and how life always had its surprises.  Eventually, he rose and took his shower.  He was dressed and ready to go when Jenny showed up.  Not surprisingly, she looked a mess.

“Jason, baby.  Can we talk?” she asked.

“Not now, Jenny,” he said coldly. “I need to get to the office and take care of a few things.

“But we do need to talk, that’s for certain,” he added.  “I want you at the office at 10:30.  Don’t keep me waiting... not today. When you come to the office, I want you looking good.  Right now you look like a used up whore, so get your ass cleaned up.”

Handing her a sealed envelope he added, “I don’t have time to get into it with you now, but for the moment, here are your instructions.” 


Jason met with Dave Tellman, filling in his boss on the details of the completed Hammond deal.  At 10:30, he returned to his office.  Jenny was there, waiting for him.  It was the first time he could remember that she was on time for anything.  Looking her over, he marveled at the transformation from earlier in the morning, her hair and her makeup were perfect.  He was pleased to see that she had followed his written instructions precisely.   The slinky, form-fitting backless little blue dress accentuated every delectable curve of her sumptuous body. In that dress, with her magnificent tits nearly falling out, the fishnet stockings and 4-inch heels, the slut looked good, damned good and sexy.

Without explanation, he escorted Jenny out his office and down to the Partner’s wing.  “I need to see, Dave, again, Tilly,” he said to Dave Tellman’s secretary. 

“Is this the bride?” Tilly inquired.

Tilly, herself exquisite, turned to Jenny smiling. “You’re absolutely stunning, my dear.

“My, my, Jason, you do have a catch here, don’t you.”

“I think so,” he replied.  Hearing that, Jenny’s hopes soared on the chance that maybe they weren’t finished after all.

Tilly pressed the intercom.  “Mr. Tellman, Jason Larson wants to see you again, and he has his bride with him.”

“Send them in!” squawked the reply.

Upon their entering Tellman’s office, three well dressed men rose from the two leather sofas. Jenny recognized two of the men as Partners of the firm, the third, an obese fellow, she’d never seen before.   “Gentlemen, may I introduce you to my fiancée, Jenny.  Jenny, you know Dave Tellman and Robert Baxter.”

Baxter, with his eyes glued to her outstanding display of cleavage greeted, “Of course I remember Jenny, from the Christmas Party.  It’s a pleasure to see you again, my dear.”

Baxter looked up to add, “Your husband, or should I say your groom, is quite the exceptional man. 

“Now, this other gentleman is John Hammond,” said Baxter as a way of introduction.  “John is an important client of ours.  He took it upon himself to fly down from New York this morning just to tell us personally what a suburb job Jason did for him this week.  Of course, we’ve all known Jason was exceptional for quite some time.”

Baxter turned to Jason.  “Steadman and Jacobs will be here shortly.  But, there’s no need to wait.  John needs to get back to New York shortly. Why don’t you tell your bride the good news, Jason?” 

“Yes, of course,” replied Jason. 

“Jenny, last week I was offered to become a full partner with Baxter and Associates.  I didn’t tell you about it at the time, partly because of the move and all, but more specifically, I had some decisions to make.  Well, I made my decision and this morning I accepted their offer.”

Baxter interjected, “Partners in this firm are required to be married.  With it only being two days until the wedding, we made an exception for Jason.”

A wave of relief filled Jenny.  She nearly burst into tears, as she was now sure that the wedding wasn’t going to be called off.  Then Baxter added, “Show us your tits, dear.”

Jenny was taken aback.  She didn’t think that she heard him correctly.  “Pardon?”

From behind her she heard Jason growl, “You heard him; he said, ‘Show us your tits.’”  Jenny’s mind was reeling.   She felt the halter straps holding her bodice in place slipping as Jason untied them and then felt the back zipper of her dress unzipping.  She was speechless as Jason pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. 

“Oh, god damn!” exclaimed John Hammonds as her jiggling full bosoms were barred.

Jason’s hands hefted her bare tits from behind. “The wives of the partners,” she heard Jason say as he tweaked her big nipples to a peak, “they’re expected to put out.  Put out for the firm’s clients and put out for the other partners.  It’s part of the deal.”

Still mauling her for the entertainment of the three other men, he kissed the nape of her neck. “Now, you can do that, can’t you, darling?  Put out that is.  Be a whore…  So... lose the dress, Jenny.” 

Just as Jenny pushed the dress off her hips and stepped out of it, Steadman and Jacobs came into the office.  Whereas the other five men happily soaked up the erotic sight before them, Jason was displeased.  It wasn’t that she didn’t look absolutely stunning in the thigh-high fishnets and slut slippers, it was that she hadn’t absolutely followed the written instructions he had left her this morning. 

Retrieving a pair of scissors from Tellman’s desk, Jason snipped the sides of her thong.  Having ridden up her slit, it didn’t fall away immediately, instead Jason extracted it from her and in doing so, his hand became soaked.  “This excites you, doesn’t it?” he said in a low tone.  “Good.  I’m glad, sweetheart.  Now, you have fun and take care of these gentlemen, especially the fat one, he’s the client.  You do whatever he wants, slut.  Understand? Whatever he wants.”

He kissed her adding, “After Hammond is finished with you, Tellman will fill you in on what will be expected of you from now on as my wife.  He’ll also give you a prenuptial agreement.  Sign it.”

Giving his bride-to-be another kiss he said in parting, “Enjoy yourself, sweetheart. I’ll see you this evening at the rehearsal.”

Jason turned to his new partners and the client.  Hammond was already half nude and an unbelievable spectacle of flab.  “Gentlemen, I’d like to stay and watch the fun, but I have some errands I must attend to. Our wedding is tomorrow and I need to pick up my tux.

“I also need to pick up a case of twelve-year-old scotch as a thank you for my neighbor. Unknowingly, the bastard has kept me from making a really bad decision.”




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