(MMMMf, Mf, 1st, oral, anal, reluc, kidnap)

by Art Martin

So hot and so cool

Looking to have some fun, a hot girl "borrows" her daddy's BMW, gets lost and runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere...

ACKNOWLEGEMENT : I wish to thank Bree Prescott aka Little Bree for her thoughtful suggestions that added immeasurably to the story.

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“I’m in so much trouble!” I moaned standing by the road looking at Daddy’s BMW roadster that just up and quit.  I tried to restart it, but the stupid car just wouldn’t start.  I knew that Daddy was going to be sooooo freaking pissed off at me!  Mom too!  To make matters worse, I couldn't charge my cell and it died on the way to the house where the party was going to be. 

Up until then everything had been going so good!  I had gotten the directions from Judy, and I was doing so good driving to the lake.  But once I was at the lake, nothing made sense and I drove around forever trying to find the house.  I never did.  I called Judy.  No one else had arrived yet, so Judy was the only one at the house… she knew where it was, after all it was her parent’s lake house, but she couldn’t explain how to find it worth shit!  We must’ve been on the phone for an hour before my cell phone died.  I didn’t have my charger for the car, as I had left it in Mom’s car.

I was supposed to be going to Ginny’s house for a sleepover.  At least that’s what I told Mom.  No way would she ever let me go to an overnight party with upper classmen, even though Judy was a friend and her parents would be there (NOT!).  Daddy… I didn’t tell him anything, as he was off fishing and wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon.  I never talked to Daddy anyway, unless I needed money for clothes and things. 

Randy, this gorgeous senior, dropped me off at Daddy’s house.  Randy was going to Judy’s party, but he had to wait until he got off work that night.  Randy made no secret that he wanted to get to know me better.  We made plans to hook up at the party, but I didn’t want to wait all night just to get there.  So, I decided to drive myself. 

Like I knew it would be, Daddy’s car was in the garage ‘cause he always took his truck when he went fishing and I knew where he kept an extra set of keys.  I had my learner’s permit, and even though I hadn’t been out driving on a highway yet, I knew how to drive.  It was a little bit daunting trying to figure out the stupid map, but I was certain that I could do it if I had to.  Well, for a blowout weekend party at Judy’s lake house, I just HAD TO!  How else could I get there before the party ended?  I knew that I was in luck when I found that Daddy had left the top down on the BMW.

I was so cool cruising with the top down, my hair blowing in the wind.  I got lots of attention too, from horn-honking truckers who checked me out in my tiny white bikini top.  Yeah, I was cool and so hot at the same time!  Like my friend Sara’s mom said, “If you have it, flaunt it!” Sara’s mom is so cool!

Now look at me!  Here I am, or rather there I was, out in the boondocks, stuck with a broken down car, no clue where I was, no clue where I was supposed to be, no clue as to what to do, and in more trouble than I had ever been in my life… so I decided to cry.  Lot of good that did!  The stupid car still wouldn’t start and my cell phone was still dead too!

I didn’t see another car for what seemed like forever!  Then I was rescued.  Or at least I thought I was being rescued.  Had I had any idea of what would happen next, I would have run like crazy!  But I didn’t know; I do now, but not then.  I just thought they were a couple of nice guys who were willing to help me. Okay, maybe I should have been concerned at the way they looked me over.  I had borrowed the white bikini top from Sara and it was a little too small (okay, it was WAY too small and it was unlined so that the shadow of my dark nipples showed through) and the littlest pair of cut off shorts that I had (the ones Mom didn’t know about).  That and flip flops.  What else was I supposed to wear to the lake?  A dress!  Get real! Of course I knew all the guys would be checking me out and drooling… but that was the whole point!

Anyway, these two guys stopped to help me.  One was kinda cute and I was soooo happy to have someone, anyone, help me.  “Hello, good looking!” said the cute guy who piled out of the passenger seat of the tow truck.  He had a few tattoos and was all musclely, like he worked out all the time. 

Then the driver joined him.  He had tattoos too, all down his arms, but he was just big and not all that cute.  I could tell that his name was Bubba, because that’s what the nametag said on his greasy work shirt.  The cute guy, I wasn’t so sure what his name was, as he wasn’t wearing a shirt!  Not that I minded.  

“You having some troubles, honey pie?” the cute guy asked, but he wasn’t looking at me, at least not in the eyes.  But I’m used to guys looking at my chest ever since I filled out to whatever cup size in 8th grade.

I told them what had happened to the car, that my stupid phone had died and where I was going.  “Lake Moss?  That’s fifty miles that a way,” he said waving his hand off in the general direction.  “This is Lake Mosby.”  No wonder I couldn’t find Judy’s house!

The big guy got in the car and tried to start it.  The two guys talked things over.  I didn’t hear what they were saying, not that I was really interested… maybe I should have been.  Then the cute guy looked under the hood and pronounced that Daddy’s car needed to be towed to the shop.  Well, duh!!!!  Did I really have any choice?  I told them okay, but I really needed to use a phone.   The cute guy just shrugged and said he didn’t have a phone.  The big guy said that his phone was for official company business only… no exceptions.  Sheeesh!  You’d think that I’d burn up all of his stupid minutes!   Then the cute guy said that I could use the phone at the shop.  Well, that was way better than nothing!

They hooked up Daddy’s car and lifted it by the rear wheels.  Then they had me sit between them.  The whole ride to the “shop”, the guys kept looking at me, especially the cute guy who was having fun watching my boobs bounce every time we hit a bump.

We turned this way and that way.  I was already lost before we started, but now I was really turned around.  I could have been anywhere.  Where I was, was No-Where-Land.  We turned off a narrow paved road and onto a dirt road.  The cute guy explained that it was a short cut to the main highway.  But then we turned off the dirt road onto an even narrower dirt road that turned out to be the driveway to a cabin set deep in the woods.  There were several beat up pickup trucks and several cars that had been wrecked.  The shop, it turned out, was a barn.  They put Daddy’s car down, pushed it into the barn and closed the doors. 

“Uh, where’s the phone?” I demanded crossly.

“Inside the house, Cupcake,” the cute guy said with a grin.  “Come on, I’ll show you.”

We went past two mean looking dogs guarding the front porch.  I followed the cute guy into the cabin.  Inside, it looked about as I'd expected… only worse.  The first thing the shirtless guy did was go to the refrigerator and get out two beers. He popped the tops and offered one to me.  Well, I had beer before; I didn’t like it particularly, but I had tried it.  I didn’t want him to think that I was baby or anything, so I took it.

I looked around.  I don’t think anyone had picked up or cleaned up the place in weeks… maybe months… maybe ever.  It was all one room.  The kitchen was in one corner along with a table and four chairs.  Over in another corner was a grungy sofa and TV.  Along the back wall were two unmade beds.  On the walls were posters of naked women and several animal heads.  There was this nasty looking thing with tusks, baring its teeth like a rabid dog.  I asked the guy about it.

“That’s a wild boar hog, darling,” he said.  “Shot that son-of-a-bitch right outside that door.”

“Outside?  You shot it outside the door?  Those things are around here?”

“Woods are full of em!” he declared.  “Mean son-of-a-bitches too!  They’ll eat anything, including you.”

I don’t know if he was trying to scare me or just warn me.  Either way, there was no way I was going to go outside around here alone!

“Ummm, I really need to call my friends so they can come pick me up.”

“Sure, go ahead.  Call them.”

“Uhhhh, where’s the phone?” 

He looked away from my breasts, looked around the room and shrugged.  “I dunno.  Maybe someone stole it.”

Oooooo!  The big liar!  He knew all along that there wasn’t a telephone!  I said something to him and he got all indignant.  “Don’t get upitty with me, girl!  We’re helping ya and ya ought to be thankful.  Now Bubba and me, we’re gonna get your car fixed and then ya can be on your way.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m just upset.”

“Relax Cupcake, you’re in good hands.  By the way, do ya have a name?”

“Kitty. All my friends call me Kitty.”

“Kitty?  As in pussy?”

“No!!!  Kitty, it’s short for Katrina!”  I glared at him for being so crude and rude, but he had this cute mischievous little boy look and I couldn’t stay mad at him.  “I don’t know your name,” I asked civilly. 

“Dick.  All my friends call me Dick.”  Then he rubbed the front of his jeans and said, “You know why they call me Dick?”  I didn’t answer and I didn’t want to know.  Then he says, “Dick and Kitty.  They go well to together, don’t you think?”

I couldn’t help but giggle. He was just teasing me, but I knew I needed to change the subject!  I also needed to tinkle. “Ummm, where is the bathroom?”

“It’s out back.”

“As in outside?”

“Of course it’s outside.  Back behind the house.”

I contemplated going outside with those boar hog things running around.  No way!  He must’ve read my mind because he offered, “If ya like, ya can always piss in that bucket.”  That settled it.  Boar hogs or not, there was no way was I going to pee in that bucket… not unless I had to! 

“There really aren’t any critters outside.  Are there?”

“Kitty, if anything was out there, the friggin’ dogs would go nuts.  Have ya heard the dogs barking?”

He was right.  The dogs weren’t barking.  Even little Snowball, my miniature poodle, goes nuts at every little noise.  So I braved the outdoors and headed to the little building where Dick said the toilet was. 

Once I came around the back of the house, I heard running water.  I turned, and there was Bubba… stark naked and soaping up under a makeshift outdoor shower! It was a sight I’ll never forget.  He stopped and just stared at me with my jaw open.  Then I ran for the little building! 

OMG!  The smell!!   The awful smell!!!  There wasn’t a toilet in there at all, just a hole in the ground filled with…  UGHHHH!!!!  At least there was a wooden seat and having no choice, I quickly pushed my shorts down, sat and did it.  It was sooooo gross!  Thank God, they had a roll of toilet paper!

I finished up as quick as I could.  Once I was outside, I was confronted with the sight of a naked Bubba again.  He’d just finished up his shower and was wiping the water from his face with his big hands.  I ran as fast as I could, back into the cabin.

Dick was over at the stove heating something up in a beat up pot when I came in.  Then Bubba came in, dripping wet and no more dressed than when I last saw him.  He just strolled in, went to the fridge and got himself a can of beer.  Like I said before, Bubba was big… not really fat, but just big… all over.  I’d only seen a few guys’ dicks before, but it was always dark in Sara’s basement playroom during a party.  The lighting wasn’t great, but it wasn’t that dark in the cabin.  I’d never seen one like this.  It was so freaking big!  Even when it was just hanging down between his legs it was big. Not only that, but he showed no interest in getting dressed either. 

He was standing there, drinking his beer and staring at me staring at his thing.  “Ya like my cock, honey?” he asked.  “Wanna taste?”

OMG!  Did he really think that I wanted to blow him?  Dick then turned from the stove and said, “Ya know what her name is, Bubba?  It’s Pussy.”

“My name’s not Pussy!” I protested.  “It’s Kitty!  And I’m not going to… to… Would you PLEASE put some clothes on!

“I ain’t dry yet,” Bubba replied taking another swig of beer while scratching himself between his legs. 

I decided to wait outside, but the suddenly the dogs outside went nuts and began barking.  Was one of those things outside?  I had no choice, I had to stay inside.  But I didn’t have to stand facing and looking at Bubba. 

The dogs stopping barking.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped.  It was Dick and he was just offering me another beer.    I took it and took a big gulp… I needed a big gulp.  “You said you were going to fix my car.  When?”

“It’ll have to be tomorrow,” Dick answered.  “It’s already getting’ dark.  Besides, we don’t have the parts and the parts store is already closed.”

“You mean I have to stay here tonight?”

“Ya can always sleep outside if ya want, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”  As if on cue, the dogs began barking again.  I was stuck; stuck in the woods with two strange guys, one half naked and the other completely naked.  I knew it was going to be a long night and I shuddered. 

Thinking back on it, it’s funny that I was so worried about what the state of my virginity would be Sunday morning, as I had already planned on losing it to Randy at Judy’s party.  But I wasn’t at Judy’s party and I wasn’t with Randy… I was with two redneck strangers!  And one of those rednecks was behind me with his grubby hands on me, gently rubbing my bare shoulders and playing with my hair.  Dick looked over my shoulders and said, “I love your long dark hair and you have a great pair of tits, Pussy.”  His hands crept over my shoulders towards my 90% exposed breasts.

I remember thinking, ‘Gawd, why didn’t I wear a dress?’ I wanted to run, but there was nowhere to run.  I wanted to scream, but I was too panicked.  I gulped down more beer.  With his hands just inches from his goal, the door burst opened!  I screamed! Thank god it wasn’t one of those boar hog things!  It was two more guys.  Maybe I was saved!  Then again… ‘Oh, gawd.  I want my Daddy!’

One guy carried in two 24 packs of beer.  The other had a box with what turned out to be a dinner of fried chicken, biscuits and cookies.  The first thing the guy carrying the beer said was, “God damn, Bubba!  Put some pants on, will ya?”

The next thing he said was, “Who’s the smokin’ hot assed babe?”

“This is Pussy,” Dick said by way of introduction. 

“Is that, ‘This is Pussy?’ Or is that, ‘This is the pussy?’

“Maybe both,” Dick replied.

“Wow, what a rack!” exclaimed the guy with the food.  “Where did you find her, Dick?”

“Out by the side of the road,” he replied.

“No shit?”

The guy set the box down on the table and stepped up to me.  “Hi, Pussy!  I’m Red.”  I could have guessed that from the color of his hair.  “This is my brother, Billy Ray.”  Red then turned and explained to Dick and Bubba (who now at least had boxer shorts on) that his wife had fixed dinner for them. 

Suddenly and thankfully, the guys had lost interest in me as they gathered around and started pulling the food out of the box.  Some paper plates appeared and accompanied by the canned beans Dick had heated up, dinner was served. 

I won’t comment on the lack of table manners these four exhibited.  Let’s just say that their mamas didn’t teach them the finer points of etiquette.  Still, I must admit, I was starved and the chicken and the biscuits were delicious.  Dick and Bubba both complimented Red on his wife’s cooking, telling him how lucky he was to have a sweet woman who really knew how to cook.  I gathered from the banter that by contrast, Billy Ray’s wife was a horrid cook.

With the chicken, beans and biscuits dispatched in short order.  The table was quickly cleared and the guys sat down for a card game.  Once their game began, I surmised that they were playing poker.  I also realized that they were serious, very serious about the game too… they weren’t just playing for match sticks or pennies, there was some serious money at stake. 

As much as it was a relief not to be the center of their attention, it also annoyed me.  They ignored me completely except when one of them wanted me to fetch them another beer.  “Pussy, bring me cold one."  "Pussy, I need a beer!”  If I heard it once, I heard it dozens of times.  I tried to get them to call me Kitty, but they all continued calling me Pussy.   Eventually I gave up.  They also watched me as I served as their waitress, then they’d go back to their game.  

I already had a good buzz from the two beers, but I had a third.  By the time I finished it, I really had to tinkle again.  I tried to hold off as long as possible, but I could hold out only for so long.

“Dick, I need to go tinkle,” I whispered in his ear so as not to be overheard.

“Then go take a piss,” he said loudly to the amusement of the others.

“Can you come outside with me?”

“Can’t ya see I’m busy?”

“But those things… they might be out there.”

“Things?  You mean the hogs?  I don’t think so.  Do ya hear the dogs yapping?”


“Then nothing’s out there.”

“Please. I’m scared.”

“Ya don’t wanna go outside, then use the bucket.  That’s what it’s for.”  He went back to his stupid old card game and wouldn’t help me.  I thought to ask Bubba, but I quickly thought better of going outside with him just dressed in his underwear.  There was no way that I’d pee in a bucket, especially in front of all these guys.  I had no choice.  I ventured outside. 

Stepping out onto the porch, I saw the dogs, doing what dogs do… not much.  Then I had an idea.  “C’mon, boy!  C’mon!” Both dogs got up and followed me.  Good thing too because it was very dark.  The dogs followed me all the way out to the outhouse.  It was just as disgusting and smelly as before, and in the darkness I just knew that there were all sorts of creepy crawlies lurking about.   At least the dogs were there to protect me from the hogs.  Only when I finished up, the dogs were nowhere around.  I ran back inside as fast as I could.

Something happened or changed while I was outside, as the guys weren’t ignoring me anymore.  Dick waved me over, put his arm around my waist and made me sit in his lap.  “While ya was off taking a leak, someone suggested that they wanted to see your tits.” 

I was a little tipsy, but not that tipsy and jumped up off Dick’s lap. “No!  No way!”

“Well, then let’s put it to a vote,” he said.  “Who wants to see Pussy’s tits?” he asked rowdily.  Three hands shot up in the air.  Dick apparently abstained.

“That’s not fair!  There are more of you than me!”

Dick stood and declared, “She does have a point, guys.  To make it fair, let’s give her two votes.  Now, who wants to see her tits?”  Again the three hands shot up.  “Who doesn’t want to see her tits?”  No hands.  Dick then whispered to me from behind, “Ya have to vote, or else you’ll lose.  Now raise your hands…. Both hands.”

It was a trick!  As soon as I raised my hands, Dick grabbed them above my head, declaring, “Four to two.  Ya lose, Pussy.” Then holding both my hands with just one of his, I felt my top being untied in the back.  The tension on my breasts eased, then I felt the top being untied around my neck.  The guys all hooted when my little white top drifted to the floor.

Still holding my hands above my head, he reached around and began feeling me up with his free hand, giving his buddies quite a show while boisterously bellowing, “How ‘bout them tit-tays, boys!” 

Gawd, I nearly died! Then he whispered to me, “I can tell that you really like this.  You know how I can tell?  Nipples don’t lie and your nipples are as hard as rocks.” They were hard, but not for the reason he said.  “Ya really got some impressive nipples, Pussy.”

“Hey, Bubba, how long do think her nips are?”

“ ’Bout an inch,” Bubba answered.

“They’re long, but they ain’t that long,” commented Red.

Billy Ray then piped in, “Let’s measure them.  Bubba, go get a tape measure.”

The guys all gathered around and with Dick still holding my hands above my head, Bubba took a metal measuring tape and measured the length of my nipples. “A little more than three quarters of an inch,” Bubba declared.  “I call it thirteen sixteenths.”  Then to add to my embarrassment he asked Red to double check his measurements. 

After everyone agreed to the length of my nipples and after mauling me some more, Dick let go of my hands.  I bent to pick up my top, but he put his foot on it. “Leave it,” he told me. 

“How about it, guys?  You like Pussy better with her top on or with her top off?”

They shouted in unison, “OFF!” and broke out in laughter.  I knew that there was no sense in arguing with him, so I resigned myself to being topless, thinking that they'd eventually tire of me topless and let me have my top back. Yeah, right!. 

They resumed their game.  One by one the guys requested that I bring them another beer, only they just weren’t as interested in their game anymore.  When I brought Dick his second beer after being stripped of my top, he grabbed me and pulled me into his lap.  I thought he would feel me up again, but instead, he put his fresh beer to my mouth and made me drink it.  Actually I only drank about half of it, as the rest spilled out of my mouth and ran onto my tits. I was soaking wet and the guys thought that was hilariously funny.  

Then Bubba spoke up and said, “Hey, Pussy!  How about some tittie pie?”

“Let’s put it to a vote,” said Red.  “All in favor of some tittie pie, raise your hand.”  Naturally four hands shot up.  “All opposed?”  What was the use of me voting?  I had already lost. 

Dick then whispered to me, “That’s a good girl.  It’s more fun if ya just go along without making too much of a fuss.”  As if I had a choice!  But what he said did make sense as I was having fun being the center of attention, I just didn’t want to show it and give these guys the wrong idea.

With me still sitting his lap, my bare boobs, my tummy and my shorts all soaked with beer, Dick dealt out a card, face up to each of the men.  He then sat the deck down in front of me.  “Your turn,” he told me.

What was he talking about?  “Turn a card over,” he explained.

I did and waited for him to tell me what to do next.  “Go fish.” 

“Oh!  I get it,” I said with maybe a little too much enthusiasm.  I turned another card over.

“Go fish.”

I must have turned over six cards and I couldn’t help but notice the grimaces and other outward expressions of disappointment on each guy’s face as I turned the cards one by one.  ‘This is such a lame game,’ I thought.

I turned another card and suddenly Bubba shouts, “Hot damn!!!  Hot damn!!!” 

‘What is he so excited for?’ I asked myself.  Then I realized that I had turned up the nine of clubs and Bubba was showing the nine of hearts.  “C’mere, Pussy!” he said reaching over, gabbing me by the arm and dragging me into his lap.  I kind of liked being next to Dick and rubbing up against him skin on skin.  At least he had on a pair of jeans.  But Bubba was not only shitless, he hardly had anything else on except his thin flimsy underwear.  Immediately he began pawing at my tits.  Not only that, but I was sitting on his dick… it was hard… it was hard and huge!  But the worst of it, or maybe it was the best, was when he began rolling my nipples between his fingers and tugging on them. 

I should've screamed and let it known that I didn't like this game, but... it felt so good. So good and I started panting!  Bubba was nuzzling into my ear too, something that gets me hot almost instantly.  “You’re a hot little cunt, Pussy,” he whispered to me.  “Girl, you have the most fantastic tits.  Best tits ever!  Love a hot cunt with wet tits.  How about if you and me go outside, get in the shower and get all wet together?” 

I was about to explode when Dick said, “Time for another round.”  Bubba continued to feel me up.  “Deal the cards, Bubba.”  I was so close to exploding that I was disappointed when he let my nipples go and dealt out four more cards. 

“You have to turn a card over, Pussy,” I heard someone say.   It was Bubba who was now just gently kneading my tits.  I turned over three cards before there was a match.  Bubba handed me off to Billy Ray.

I got a short break after Billy Ray felt me up when I was sent to fetch a round of beers for the guys.  Then it was back in Billy Ray’s lap while we played another round.   By then, all the guys had taken their shirts off.  I didn’t get a beer for myself, so I just sipped on Billy Ray’s until I was passed off to his red headed and freckled brother. 

Bubba won me and then Dick had another turn at my tits.  They had gotten very sensitive by then as Bubba had sucked on them until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Thankfully Dick was gentle with them. 

“Time to see Pussy’s kitty,” I heard someone say. 

“All in favor of seeing Pussy’s kitty, say aye.”


“All opposed?”

“Nooooo,” I said softly as Dick stood me up.  I was facing the guys and Dick was behind me.  He reached around and popped the button of my cut-off jeans shorts.  A shiver of helplessness ran up my spine when I felt the zipper going down.  Gawd… I was in big, big trouble!  He tugged my shorts off my hips and down to my ankles.  It’s kinda of odd, I should have been horrified, and I was... sort of, but I wasn’t; then again I’d had way too much beer.

I guess I took some solace in the fact that I still retained some modesty with my white thong on.  Managing to balance myself on his shoulder, I stepped out of them.  Dick lifted my arms and told me to, “Turn around so the boys can see that fine tight ass of yours.”  

Being exhibited to a bunch of leering guys, I know I should have been terrified or died from embarrassment.  Instead, I got the giggles.

“Take it off, baby!” someone yelled.  “Take it off!”

As seriously impaired as my judgment was at the moment, I wasn’t about to take off my thong because I knew what would happen next.  “Nooooo,” I giggled.  Not that it did any good.  Dick just gripped the sides and pulled outward until it tore away.  Now I did feel the heat in my face. 

All the guys were out of their seats and had me surrounded, copping feels between my legs and feeling up my bare ass.  Dick pushed me up against the table and made me lie back.  “Show us your pussy!” he ordered. 


“We already voted on it and you lost.  Now spread your legs and show us your cunt.”

I lost another vote?  I didn’t remember that, but if I did…  “Yeah, baby, spread’em open.  Oh, wow! Look at that sweet juicy pussy, boys!”  Everyone was looking and I felt oddly proud that they were so gleefully ogling me.

Then I saw Dick push his jeans down and off and a moment later he was standing between my legs, his banana-like cock ready to rape me. 

“No!” I said with some conviction this time.  “No!  Please, no!”

“Ya want it and we want it,” Dick said.  “Ain’t that right, boys?”

“YEAH!!!” went up a chorus from the suddenly naked group of men.  This was definitely not what I had in mind when I decided to lose my virginity tonight. 


“Go ahead and fuck her,” someone said.

“Yeah, fuck the prick teasing little bitch!” said another. 

Full panic mode set in as I was about to be raped by four guys I hardly even knew.  I was going to be gang raped and there really wasn’t much that I could do about it, except maybe plead for mercy.

“Pleaseeee, Dick!  Don’t.  Please don’t!  I’m a virgin!  I’m saving myself until I get married!”

“Fuck her, Dick.  Shove it in!”

But Dick didn’t shove in.  He could have, but he didn’t.  Instead he turned to his buds and said, “Hey, wait a minute!  This cunt’s a virgin.”

“Not for long!” someone shouted.

“C’mon guys.  It ain’t right.”  He was so gallant in defending my honor!

“Just do her, will ya.”

“No, Bubba.  Maybe she’s somebody’s sister.  Would ya do that to your sister?”

Someone quipped, “He does it to Sissy all the time!”

“So do you, Dick!”

“Let’s take a vote!”

“Hold it, hold it,” Dick pleaded. 

Then he turned to me and softly spoke.  “You’ve been begging for it, Pussy, ever since me and Bubba found ya.  Here’s the way it's gonna be. You’re gonna get fucked tonight.  No doubt about it, you're gonna get fucked.  Now, we can either do this easy or we do it hard.  Which will it be?  Before you answer, if ya cooperate, you’ll be home tomorrow no worse for the wear.  If ya don’t cooperate, then I’m afraid the boys are gonna take you out after they’re finished and leave you in the woods for the hogs.  So… what’s it gonna be, baby?  Easy or hard?”

 “Please, Dick.  I took a pledge at church and I’m saving myself until I’m married.  Don’t ruin that for me.  Please?”

“Is that what’s troubling ya?  Ya made a pledge at church?”

“Yes.  Please, I’ll do anything else.”

“Anything?  Okay, but I’m gonna hold ya to that, cunt.  Ya ever suck a dick before?”  I had already lied about saving myself and the pledge thing, so why not lie about that too?  Still, I just said I’d do anything and I suspected that if I didn’t…  I nodded that I had. 

“Ya sucked off your boyfriend?”  I nodded again.

“Did ya swallow?”  Swallow? 

Dick stood upright and announced.  “Listen up, guys.  Pussy’s gonna give us all a blowjob. It’s my deal.”

Looking back on it, it was really weird that I felt safe and secure in Dick’s arms and his lap as he dealt out the cards for the new game.  I also felt his bare hard dick against my bare thigh.   I had to go fish I don’t how many times and the suspense was getting to me… who would I blow first?  I must have been in some sort of a trance when I heard a collective groan of disappointment.  ‘Two of spades… Who has a two?’ I asked myself. 

“On your knees, slut,” I heard Dick say.  Then I saw his two of clubs.   He practically dumped me on the floor when he stood up.

“Come over here,” he told me.  He was standing almost in the middle of the room where everyone would have a good view. 

I knelt and cut a glance sideways at the guys all watching, watching with stiff boners.  I took Dick’s dick in my hand.  It felt so hot… so hard… yet it felt so soft… it was curved and it felt long because it was long, much longer than anything I’d been faced with before. I knew what to do, or so I thought.  I took him in my mouth and began to suck.  

“Use your tongue, Pussy.”  My tongue?

I moved my tongue over the underside of his hard prick.  I really liked the feel of his dick on my tongue.  I thought, ‘Gee, this isn’t so bad.  In fact, I think I’m gonna like this.’   I worked on him for a few minutes and I thought I was doing pretty good.  But then he ran his fingers into my hair and holding my head still, he began moving his hips, making his dick slide in and out between my lips.  I thought that it might just be best to let him do what he wanted seeing that I thought that he wasn’t happy with what I was doing.

“Fuck her face!” I heard someone say.  That’s when I realized he was fucking my mouth. That was pretty cool until he started to hit the back of my throat.  I gagged and I gagged, but he wouldn’t stop.  Drool poured from my mouth and long foamy strands dripped from my chin and onto my tits.  My eyes began watering as he continued to fuck my mouth.  This wasn’t anything like blowing those two boys in the dark down in Sara’s basement playroom. 

Suddenly Dick stopped shoving his dick down my throat, but instead pulled it out enough that the tip rested on my tongue. I felt the thing pulsate in my mouth and felt the slimy goo shooting across my tongue. ‘Now what do you do?’ I asked myself with a pool of boy goo collecting in my mouth.  Next I thought, ‘He expects me to swallow.  Ewwww!  I won’t!  I won’t!  I won’t!’ 

He slowly slid his now softening cock from between my lips.  I remember thinking how different it now felt, not a good different or a bad different, just different now that it wasn’t so hard.  With his hand under my chin, he lifted my head upward.  “Swallow,” he said.  I closed my eyes and did what he demanded.

He let go of my chin and I opened my eyes.  Now there were two dicks in my face, Red’s and Billy Ray’s. Those two brothers looked nothing alike, and that was true of their pricks too.  Red’s had a bright red head, very arrow-like, where as Billy Ray’s cock crown was more brownish and flared.  They were, however, both about the same size, about two inches or more shorter than Dick and not as thick either.  And like Dick, neither of them had been circumcised; the two other boys I was familiar with had been.

They were both poking me in the face with their cocks.  Then I noticed something new.  Dick had a musty odor about his genitals, but not too strong, just manly, but these two… I held my breath and took Billy Ray first.  Then gasping for breath, I took Red’s cock into my mouth.   After that I soon got used to it and it wasn’t so offensive as before.  Back and forth I sucked the two brothers at the same time.  Red was the first to blow and it didn’t surprise me that he came in my mouth.  But when it was Billy Ray’s turn, at Bubba’s urging he pulled out and squirted all over my already salvia coated tits. Oooooo, what a mess!

I knew I was expected to suck off Bubba’s huge cock next and sat patiently and waited.  I didn’t have long to wait either, but it didn’t go as I expected.  The big lug pushed me onto the floor and then sat atop me, rubbing that big sausage all over my tits.  Then he molded my breasts around his cock and he began sliding it between them.  Each time he pushed far enough so that the fat head pressed into my lips. “Try and catch it,” he told me, so I did.  Every time it was close, I’d raise my head and quickly put my lips around his cock crown, only to have it pulled out when he slid back. 

“Pussy here seems to like sucking cock,” Bubba commented to the three other guys. As if I had a choice; but to be honest, it was kinda cool and way slutty to be doing it with four guys.

When he ejaculated, he shot a big glop up and across my nose to my forehead.  Then he sort of plugged his dick into my lips and flooded my mouth with his cum.  By that time I kinda liked the taste, not that I would ever admit that to those guys.

They just left me lying on the floor, like a discarded toy, while they all went to fridge for fresh beers.  Then ignoring me once again, they resumed playing poker.  Washing up at the sink, I thought, ‘Thank god, that’s over.  Maybe they’ll leave me alone now and not rape me after all.’  My heart sank when Dick called me back to the table to sit in his lap.

Bubba dealt out four cards and pushed the deck to me.  “What is this game for?” I asked Dick.

“To see who fucks ya,” he replied calmly.

“But you promised!” I protested.

“Yes, I did and ya promised too.  Don’t worry, you’re still gonna have your precious virginity when ya go home tomorrow.”

“I, I don’t understand.”

“We ain’t playing for your cunt, Pussy.  We’re playing for your ass.”

“My ass?  Oh, no you don’t!”  I tried to get up from Dick’s lap and run away, not that there was any place for me to run to. 

He grabbed me and pulled me back down, whispering, “Ya promised anything… remember?  If ya welsh on that, slut, we’ll gang fuck ya until none of us can get it up again, and then it’s the wild hogs for ya.  Now relax.  I made a deal with these guys and as long as Bubba doesn’t win your ass, you’ll be okay.  Whoever else wins won’t hurt ya. Trust me, baby.  I’ll even bet that you’re gonna like this.”

What could I say?  What could I do except turn a card over?  On the forth card I had a match.  To my relief it was going to be Dick and not Bubba. 

Dick led me over to one of the unmade beds.  I really didn’t want to touch those sheets, much less lie in them, as they were dingy and didn’t look too clean.  Sure enough, there were pubes and some crusty stuff and I just about died.  “I’m not going to lie down in that!” I protested.

Dick said, “I don’t want ya to lie down, Pussy.  I want ya on your hands and knees.” 

I thought, ‘I can do that.’  My next thought was, ‘Boys are so gross!’  I wasn’t referring to the nasty sheets, but the fact that Dick was playing with my asshole and showing it off to the other guys.   He had Bubba get him some cooking oil and then he pushed his oily finger up my anus. 

He played with my ass for I don’t know how long saying that he was “loosening me up for the big event.”   Finally he leaned over and said in my ear, “Pussy, are ya ready to be ass fucked?”  What choice did I have?  So I nodded.  He moved in behind my upturned ass and I felt his cock head nestling in between my ass checks and then pressing against my poor little pooper.  Now he pried my ass cheeks apart with his fingers as he pushed and pushed against me.

He wasn’t getting anywhere and I thought, ‘Good, he can’t get in.’  Suddenly, he was in!  I yelped more in surprise than pain or discomfort.  Gawd, it was so big!  His hands went to my hips and he pulled while he pushed.  Gawd!  It was going in!  Going in and stretching me in the process.  It really didn’t hurt anymore than when I would be trying to pass an especially large and hard stool.  Only it was going in rather than going out.  I gasped for breath as he drove his dick into me a little at a time.  By the time he had shoved the entire thing into me, I was sort of hurting… not bad hurt, but I was very uncomfortable.   He held it in me for what seemed like a long time and the discomfort passed.

Then he began doing me. In the butt!  ‘Isn’t this supposed to hurt like hell?’ I asked myself.  But it didn’t hurt, it felt odd, really odd, but it didn’t hurt.  Funny thing is, the longer he did it the better it felt! 

After about ten minutes I was really enjoying it.  I was being fucked by a hunky guy and yet I still had my virginity to give to Randy!  I felt him cum in my ass and his dick slid even more easily in my gut.  Just as it was getting good… really good, he was going soft and next thing I knew he was out of me.  I felt so empty!

I collapsed onto the bed, not caring what I was lying in.  The other three guys who had been watching now sat on the bed with me.  Red dealt out three cards and pushed the deck to me.  Gawd, were they were all going to do me?  I turned over a card, a king and my heart sank as Bubba had a king showing.  No way could I take him up my butt!

Bubba leaned in and whispered to me, “Pussy, have ya cum yet?”  I had almost cum when he was sucking my tits, but no, I hadn’t cum.  I shook my head.

“Pretty little slut like you ought to cum and cum often.”

He scooped me up like I weighed nothing, carried me to the table and sat me down upon it.

“Lean back, Pussy, spread those legs and play with yourself.”

“You want me to masturbate?  While all of you watch?”  Bubba grinned and nodded and I felt my face go hot with the humiliation of it.  Humiliating, yes, but it was still better than taking him up my ass.  So with the guys all gathered around to watch, I began diddling myself. 

It’s kinda odd, but as I saw how much the guys were enjoying what I was doing, my embarrassment faded away and I felt so liberated.  Four guys drooling over me… That had never happened before and I loved it.  I felt I had power over these guys; that they were my play things and not the other way around.  Then Bubba moved in close. 

The big guy spread my legs apart a little more. I was going to be fucked… and I didn’t care.  That’s not really true, I wanted to get fucked, but I didn’t want to be torn apart.  Bubba, he’d tear me apart, but I wanted him to take me.  He didn’t.  Instead, he lowered his face and began sucking on my pussy.   My entire brain exploded when he rammed his thick finger up me!  I’d been getting myself off for a year now, but I’d never cum as hard as I did then.

When I finally came down, Bubba was still standing between my legs, glaring down at me.  The look on his face was anything but friendly or happy.  He looked angry and I was totally confused.

“This bitch has been lying to us boys!” he declared in a booming voice fitting for guy his size.  “She ain’t no virgin!”

“I am a virgin,” I maintained.  I wasn’t lying either.

“Bullshit!” he spat.  He then announced that, “She ain’t got no cherry!”  If I still had my hymen, he would’ve ripped it out doing what he’d just done to me.  “I vote that we all fuck her!  All in favor?”

Red and his brother joined Bubba in declaring “Aye!” 

I looked to Dick who was just shaking his head.  He hadn’t voted and I grasped at a chance.  “Dick, please, with your vote and my two votes, it’ll be tie,” I pointed out. 

“Ya dumb cunt,” he replied.  “Ya lost your two votes when ya lied to us!”

“But I didn’t lie!  Oh, gawd, you promised.  You all promised!  Please, I’m telling the truth… I’m still a virgin and I want to save myself for marriage.”

Dick thought for a moment and then turned to other guys.  “Listen up, guys.  Just because she ain’y got a cherry, doesn’t mean she’s been fucked before. But then again, she gonna get fucked sometime, so it might as well be us first.”

“No!  You promised!”

Dick looked over at me and then back to his buddies.  “Pussy is a stubborn cunt.  She still says, no.  She wants it the hard way.  Let’s have a show of hands of who wants to rape her.”

I breathed a sigh of relief when no one, not even Bubba raised a hand in favor of outright forcible rape.  Then Bubba said, “She promised to do anything, but fuck us.  Ain’t that right, sweetheart?”

That was my promise and I nodded my head, knowing that they’d all now ass fuck me.  I was okay with that, Bubba included.

Bubba said, “You heard her boys.  She’ll do anything but let us fuck her cunt.  Anything.”

“What do you have in mind,” Dick asked.

“Let’s bring in Old Blue and Mange and have them fuck her!”  The two dogs?  OH MY GOD!!!!  “All in favor?”

I felt faint as the one room cabin echoed with the boisterous unanimous vote.  I sat upright on the table and screamed, “No!!!  No!!!  No!!!” as Red let the two hound dogs into the room.  “No!  Please, no!  I’ll let you fuck me!  All of you!”

Bubba quickly pushed me onto my back and growled over his shoulder, “You heard her boys!  Now she wants us to fuck her!”  Just a few minutes before, he could have fucked me and I would have welcomed it.  Then it all changed and I was to be fucked by a couple of dogs.  Now Bubba was again in position to fuck me and I felt the fat head of his dick press into me.

Quite unexpectedly, I was granted a reprieve… for the moment.  A general ruckus broke out between the guys and I thought that a fist fight might break out.  Seems Bubba had broken or was about to break the agreement between them dictating who did what first. 

Bubba cursed at them, but he backed down.  Grabbing the deck of cards from the table, he shuffled them and dealt out four cards.  Then he handed the deck to me and said, “Okay, Pussy, who’s gonna be your first?”

Gawd, I had to choose who would take my virginity?  Red and Billy Ray where just ordinary guys who would be lucky if I even knew their names.  Bubba… Just a few hours before, I couldn’t imagine even talking to someone like him.  Dick, he was cute… Yeah, I might go out with someone like Dick… if he ever put a shirt on!  Normally I wouldn’t give any of them much more than the time of day.  They were all a bunch of redneck hicks, but here I was giving them all a chance to be my first and knowing that there’d be a second, followed by a third and finally the fourth. 

I turned over card after card until there was a lucky winner.  It was Billy Ray.  Before I had a chance to mentally come to grips with the fact that he would be my first, the other three determined, by the cards, the order of who would be next.  Billy Ray made me get up on the table and lie back with my ass on the edge; Red and Dick each grabbed a leg and spread me wide while Bubba held my hands over my head.  I had run out of options and run out of time and I realized that I was to be raped, by all four guys.

Billy Ray stepped in between my splayed legs and nuzzled his hard pecker into my defenseless sex.  I expected him to shove it in, but he told me to, “Put it in.  After all, it is your pussy, Baby.  Or should that be, it will be your baby, Pussy.”

My baby!  “You have to use a rubber!” I pleaded.

“We don’t have any rubbers and we don’t use rubbers,” Red said with a grin.  "Never."

“But... I might get pregnant!”

“Just like our mama did,” Red replied.

“Please.  I don’t want a baby.”

“Okay, Pussy, I’ll pull out,” Billy Ray said with a straight face.  “Now, put it in.”

“I can’t! Bubba’s holding my hands!”

“Let go of a hand, Bubba,” Dick told him.  Suddenly my right hand was free, but Bubba still held the left hand over my head.

“Please don’t rape me,” I pleaded.

“Pussy, if ya put Billy Ray’s cock into your cunt, it ain’t rape,” explained Dick.  “Now, put it in.”

Now let me ask you… does that make sense?  I mean if I guide his dick into me, it isn’t rape?  What if had no choice?  Ooooo, I don’t know… I still don’t know.  Days later I asked a friend in a discrete and hypothetical way, and she said,  No.”  Anyway, I grabbed Billy Ray’s dick and guided him into me.  It didn’t hurt or anything.  I was so appalled at what I’d gotten myself into that I didn’t really enjoy it either… at least not at first… then it felt better…. then it felt good… way good!  Then it was over and Billy Ray went soft inside me.

I was just beginning to enjoy it and it was over!  Then to make matters worse, Billy Ray says, “Sorry, Pussy, I forgot to pull out.”  Forgot to pull out!!!  The implications of that statement hit me the moment before Red swapped places with his brother. 

Fruitlessly struggling against the guys holding me I shouted, “You came inside me!”

Red stopped pumping his dick in me and said, “Don’t blame me.  I didn’t cum in your cunt, Pussy.”  Then he started fucking me again.  He didn’t pull out either.

I was a jumble of emotions and unfamiliar passion when Dick stepped up and ran his long banana dick into my vagina.  The guys started urging him to, “Knock her up, Dick! Knock her up!” 

I whimpered a forlorn, “Noooooooo,” not that it did any good.  I wanted to shout, run away, do something, anything, but my body betrayed me and I came hard. 

“She’s cumming on your dick!” I vaguely remember hearing.  “Knock her up, Dick!”  I really didn’t care at that point.  This time I felt Dick’s organ pulsating inside me as he planted his seed in me. I was swept away into another orgasm. 

When I came down enough to be cognizant of what was happening around me, Bubba was in position with Dick holding my arms above me.  “Ya wanna fuck, little girl?” he asked with a grin.  “If ya want it, put it in.  Put it in, Pussy.”  One hand was free and I grabbed that big hose and put it between my leaking lips.

“I’m gonna knock you up,” he said as he pushed into me.  Everything went wild at that point.  My pussy stretched as he pushed that huge dick of his into me.  My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I came, and came, and came.  It was one huge, continuous orgasm and I didn’t care if he planted a dozen babies in me, it was the most incredible and intense moment of my life. 

I have no idea how long Bubba fucked me, but before he was done, someone had climbed up on the table and shoved their cock into my mouth.  After that, I really don’t remember who did what to me.  All I remember is that I sucked cock and was fucked over and over, in both my pussy and up my ass.  The only time I was sure about anything was when Bubba was doing me… that I was always sure of. 

Then it was over.  I was on the floor moaning for someone to “fuck me”.  Bubba scooped me up in his big arms and carried me outside and into the dark.  The cold water from the shower shocked me back to reality.  He was tender as he washed me and he kept saying things like, “You’re a special cunt, Pussy.  And a good sport.”  Good sport?  I had no idea what he was talking about, but I did feel special with him bathing me.

He carried me back inside the cabin, as soaking wet as he was.  Dick was already passed out on a bed.  The other guys were nowhere to be seen.  Bubba gently lay me down beside Dick and then crawled up and snuggled into me from the back.  It was really strange as I felt so safe, so secure, lying in the strong arms of one of my rapists.

I must have gone to sleep quickly, but I didn’t remain asleep for very long.  I remember waking up with Bubba on top of me and his big cock sliding up inside me. After a few minutes, he rolled off and began snoring.  Later I was awakened again, this time by Dick as he took me.  Then after thrusting into me for a few minutes, he rolled off to the other side and began snoring.   It was like that all night; one of them would wake up and fuck me for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. 

Surprisingly, I wasn’t exhausted when I woke up for good Sunday morning.   I was sandwiched between the two men who were still dead to the world.  Seeking a little payback for a night of mini-screws, I scooted down and took Dick into my mouth.  When he was nice and hard, I switched to sucking on Bubba’s thick tube.  When he was hard, I climbed on board.  Bubba opened his eyes and smiled up at me as I bounced up and down on his fat prong. 

Then I felt a pair of hands grasp my tits from behind.  Hmmmmm, that felt so good!  I turned my head as far as I could and Dick drove his tongue into my mouth while I continued using Bubba. He broke the kiss and he pushed on my back until I was lying on top Bubba as he humped up into me.  Bubba reached back and spread my ass checks apart. 

“Oh, gawd, no!” I protested when I felt Dick’s cock press into my already abused asshole.  “Nooooo.”  Dick paid no attention to what I was saying and suddenly I was beyond being stuffed.  I tried to get away, but it was impossible.  Then it hit me like a jolt of electricity.  Fireworks went off in my head and I was transported to a place where only things that mattered were the two cocks taking their pleasure with my body.  

I don’t remember much of anything after that other than waking with a warm glow that permeated my entire being.  I was alone, leaking profusely onto the already cum stained bare mattress.   I heard the door slam and Dick suddenly appeared dressed in his jeans and sneakers.  “What time do you need to be home, Pussy?” he asked.

Home?  “What time is it?”

“Almost noon.  You’ve been out for a while.”

“Oh, shit! Daddy will be home soon!   I have to get his car back before he gets home.”

“You have time for another toss?” 

Gawd, I can’t believe I actually thought about it. 

He laughed saying, “Ya really are a hot piece of ass, Pussy, but even if ya did want another toss, I don’t think I could get it up.  Ya plumb wore me out, girl… Bubba too.”  I rolled over to pout… it wasn’t my fault that he and his friends had turned me into a dick craving slut. 

Suddenly he slapped my ass… hard!  It stung!  “C’mon, Pussy.  Bubba ought to be finished with your car.  So, get your pretty little ass up and come get in my truck.”

As I sat up he went back outside.  I looked around, but the only clothes of mine I could find where my flip flops.   Then I heard the beep-beep of my dad’s BMW and then the louder horn of a truck. 

I slipped on my flip flops and peaked out the door.  Bubba was sitting behind the wheel of the BMW shirtless and Dick was in a pickup truck near the cabin.  They were ready to go.

“Where are my clothes?” I shouted to Dick.

“Ya didn’t wear much, remember?  What clothes ya have are in your car!” he shouted back.  Just as he said that, Bubba took off in Daddy’s car.  “Now c’mon, let’s get your fine ass home to your Mama and Poppa.” 

What choice did I have?  What choices had I had since the car broke down? “I can’t ride around naked!” I protested. 

“Get your naked ass in the truck, Pussy.  Now!”

“I have to pee!”

Dick looked exasperated, like it was me that was being unreasonable or something.  “Then go take a leak and hurry up about it.”

Running out to the outhouse naked at night is a lot different than running to the outhouse naked in broad daylight.  I felt so exposed!  But at least those hog things weren’t hiding in the shadows. 

He needn’t have worried about me not hurrying, as the stench made me gag the moment I stepped into the gross place.  I did my business as quick as I could and then ran out of there.  I don’t know why I kept running, maybe it was the feeling of being watched.  Actually I was being watched… by Dick. 

I hopped into the truck and Dick said, “You’re really cute with your tits bouncing about, and that ass of yours… man, you’re really fine.”

“I need my clothes.”

“Bubba has them.  Ya can get them when we meet up with him.”

“I can’t ride around like this!”

“Just get down on the floor and no one will see ya.”  He put the truck in gear and kicked up gravel.

“Where are we going?”

“To your car.”

“My car was right here.”

“You’d get lost trying to get out of here.  We’re just taking ya to a place where ya won’t have any trouble finding your way home.”

“What was wrong with my car anyway?”

“Out of gas.”

“That’s all!  You guys kidnapped me and raped me all night…”

“No one raped ya.  Ya was more than willing.  Just ask any of the guys.”

Up to that point I had forgiven them for taking advantage of me.  Now crouched on the floorboard naked, being bounced about on the ride to my car, I did a slow burn.  Guys!  Willing? Did they ever give me any real choices all night? No!  Either I put out or be fed to the boar hogs.  Some choice!

It seemed to take forever before the truck stopped moving.  By that time I felt rather queasy from motion sickness.  Dick got out and a moment later the passenger door was flung open.  “C’mon Pussy.  Out!” he ordered. 

Oh, gawd!  I had to get out completely nude on a paved road.  I darted to Daddy’s car as quick as I could, but Bubba grabbed me before I could get in.

“Just one more feel of those great tits of yours,” he said as he molested me.  Then he let me go.   My top and my shorts were on the passenger seat and I quickly put my top on, then I wiggled into the tight cutoffs.

Bubba then reached in and unplugged my phone from the charger.  Where did that come from?’  “This is mine,” Bubba explained.  “We have the same phone.  It should be charged up by now.”

Then he dialed a number and his phone began to ring.  “Yup, you’re good to go!” he announced handing me my phone.

“Listen up, Pussy.  Ya ain't got much gas, so ya need to get some pronto or you’re gonna be stuck on the side of the road again,” Bubba told me.  There’s some bad dudes around here, like the McGraw bothers.  They find ya wandering around half naked like we found ya, they’ll go crazy and there’s no telling what they’ll do with ya.  So get some gas as soon as ya can. 

“Now, listen good.  Ya just go straight ahead about a mile or so and when ya get to the crossroad, ya turn right.  That’ll take ya to the Interstate.  Now the best and closest place to get some gas before the Interstate is Pop’s Kountry Korner.  It’s at the crossroad.  Stop, get gas and then get your ass home, girl… that is unless ya want to stay a while longer with me and Dick."  He grinned broadly and added, "We can call some friends over if ya like.”

“No!  Give me my keys!  I want to go home, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Pussy,” Bubba said with a grin. “You’ve been a good sport and nice fuck.  But to be fair, I think we should to put it to a vote.  All in favor of having Pussy stay and party with us, raise your hand.”

Not surprisingly, they both raised their hands.  Gawd, they were taking another vote on whether to fuck me again or not!   “All against Pussy staying to party raise your hand.”  I glared at Bubba.

“Now, Pussy,” Dick injected, “ya gotta vote or else ya lose.”

Begrudgingly I raised my hand, knowing that it would do no good.  “Well, it’s two to two,” he declared.  I guess my two votes had been restored.  “It’s a tie and seeing that it’s Pussy’s kitty on the line, the tie breaker should go to her.”  Bubba nodded his agreement and handed me the car keys.  They were letting me go?

“Now ya take care, ya hear, and drive safe," Dick said.  “We'd sure hate to see anything happen to a nice girl like you.”

Bubba leaned into the car and ran his hand into my bikini top coping another last feel.  “I meant what I said.  You’re a good sport and nice fuck.  It was fun to party with ya, Pussy.  Now stop and get some gas at the Kountry Korner.”

He pulled his hand from my tit and I watched in disbelief as they piled into the pickup and tore off down the road opposite to the direction I was heading.  I was free!  I cranked up the BMW and got the hell out of there as fast as I could before they changed their mind… or before I changed mine.

Two minutes later I was at the crossroad and just as they said was a country store with gas pumps.  Pulling up to the pump I began rummaging around for my zipper bag where I kept my debit card.  It was nowhere to be found.  “Oh, god!  Don’t tell me I left it my knapsack at Daddy’s,” I moaned.

I sat there for a few minutes trying to think of what to do.  Call Daddy?  That was a non-starter.   Call Mom?  That was an even worse option.  Call a friend? But who?  Who would or could come get me?  Then I thought of Randy.  Randy would come get me!  Quickly I dialed his number, but it went immediately to voicemail.

“Randy, this is Kitty.  I need your help!  Please call me as soon as you get this.”  For good measure I also left him a text message.  Then I waited.  Pretty soon a man, an older man, dressed head to toe in camouflage, came out of the store.  His t-shirt was too short and his hairy pot belly showed. 

“Afternoon, Ma’am,” he greeted looking right down at my half exposed tits.  Ya having some sort of problem?”

“Um, I need some gas, but I don’t have any money.”

“Hmmmmm, that is a problem,” he replied nodding his head, but still looking at my tits.

“I called my boyfriend and he’s going to help me,” I explained.

“Where’s yer boyfriend comin’ from?”

“Uh, Madisonville.”

“Madisonville? That’s over an hour away!  I’m sorry Miss, but I can’t have ya blockin’ my gas pumps fer an hour waitin’ on yer boyfriend.  Why don’cha pull over there, park yer car and come inside to wait?”

That seemed like a plan.  I wasn’t going anywhere until I had some gas and I knew I’d be safe inside the store.  So I parked and went inside.  There wasn’t any place to sit, so I stood around and looked over his merchandise.  The man was now behind the counter and I felt his eyes crawling all over me.  ‘I should’ve worn a dress,’ I told myself for the umpteenth time in the last twenty hours or so.  ‘Well, let him look!  Give the old fart a thrill!’

After ten minutes of looking at the bags of cookies, peanuts, beef jerky and cans of Spam and motor oil, my phone beeped.  I had a text message!  Randy will save me!  “At work.  U stood me up.  Don’t call me.” Ooooooo!  It wasn’t my fault I wanted to shout!!!!

“Is there a problem, Miss?” the man asked.

“Yes,” I said fighting back a tear.  “My stupid boyfriend can’t help me.”

“Can anybody help ya?”

“Not that I know of,” I sobbed.

“Well," he drawled, "maybe I can help,” he offered.

“Oh, would you!” I sniffled.  “I just need some gas to get home.  I’ll pay you later.”

“The hell ya will,” he snorted.  “Look, I ain’t a goddamned charity and I ain’t giving ya gas jus’ because yer a pretty girl.”

“Then how are you going to help me?” I asked.

“I’m a business man,” he declared.  “I have something ya need, honey.  In exchange fer what ya want, ya give me something that I want, like money.  That’s how business works.”

“But I don’t have any money.”

“But ya do have something I want and I’ll trade ya fer that tank of gas.”

“What do you want?”

“Whadda ya think I want?  Yer a fine looking girl that likes to flaunt herself to men. Ya got slut written all over ya! So I ain’t asking ya ta do anythin’ ya ain’t done before.  So, here’s the deal, honey...  We’re gonna step into the storeroom and yer gonna get naked.  After I look ya over and have myself a little feel, yer gonna give me blowjob.”  I stared at him in stunned silence.  He couldn’t be serious!  Could he?  “I’ll give ya a minute ta think it over.”

What was there to think about?  Did I really have a choice?  Have I had any choice since yesterday? It’s not like I hadn’t sucked a dick before…. Especially after last night.  Defeated, I agreed to his terms.  “Okay, I’ll do it!”

“Hot damn!” the old fart exclaimed with glee.  “Storeroom’s right through that door.”

I went through the door with the old man right behind me. He flipped on the light.  Not surprisingly, it was filled with boxes stacked here and there.  I turned and waited for him to close the door. 

“Wha’cha waitin’ fer?” he asked.  “Get that there bikini off and be quick ‘bout it.”

“Can’t you close the door?”

“Gotta listen fer customers.  Now, you just get on with it, honey.”

I reached behind my head and undid the halter strap around my neck and then reached behind and untied the back.  As I lowered my top he let out a long, low appreciative whistle.   His eyes were wide and he licked his lips. 

“That’s a mighty fine set of titties, girl.  Mighty fine titties.  Yes, sirree!  Mighty fine!  Now let’s see that pussy.”

“You don’t need to see my pussy for me to give you a blowjob,” I shot back.

“Maybe not, honey, but the deal was fer ya to get nekked. Buck nekked!”

Reluctantly I unsnapped the cutoffs, unzipped and wiggled out of them.

“No panties?” he asked.  “I guess girls like you don’ wear no panties,” he snorted.  “And yer bald, just like in those porno pictures.  Ya do porno, girl?”

“No!  I don’t,” I replied feeling even more naked than I did last night. 

He had me turn this way and that, all the while making comments about my body and what a fine looking "cunt" I was.  He had me face away from him and he stepped up from behind and cupped my tits.  He felt me up, rolling my nipples through his calloused finger and generally stroking all over my body for some five minutes before the bell on the store door rang announcing a customer.

“Ya wait right here, honey.  As soon as I take care of this customer, I’ll be back fer my blowjob.”   He left pulling the storeroom door closed behind him. 

A few minutes later he returned, leaving the storeroom door ajar.  Watching me standing there naked, he proceeded to shed all of his clothes.  He stood there naked and all hairy with his pot belly hanging and pointed at his cock.  His meaning was clear.  I stepped up and knelt in front of him.  I found his cock buried in a tangle of pubic hair and proceeded to play with it.  Naturally it began to swell.  Then looking up at him looking down at me, I took him in my mouth.  The first thing that I noticed was his funky male odor.  It was pretty strong, but overnight I had grown fond of the masculine aroma of men.

Almost as soon as I had his uncut dick in my mouth, I knew that I had done the right thing.  Before falling into the clutches of Dick and Bubba, I’d only sucked on two boys, one time each, it was okay, but nothing special to me.  But at the cabin I sucked four guys I don’t know how many times. Before the night was over, I loved sucking on a guy, getting him all hard and excited.  Now I just pretended that I was still at the cabin sucking some guy’s cock.  In other words, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I made the best of it.

As I mouthed and sucked and licked and rolled my tongue all over this old man’s dick (a man whom I didn’t even know his name) I became determined to give him the best cock sucking humanly possible.  Judging by the nasty comments he was making, I was doing a good job too.  Suddenly he pulled away, lifted me up and pushed me back onto some boxes.  I was so surprised that I didn’t get my legs closed before he was between them.  This wasn’t part of the deal! But before I could point out that fact to him, he was inside me, rutting away.  The way he was working at it, I was afraid that he might have a heart attack while screwing me!

I know I should have fought him, but I didn’t.  I just let him have his way with me and tried to enjoy it too. He pulled out and made me stand, while he sat down on a box.  “C’mon, honey, climb aboard,” he told me.  For some reason, at the time that sounded like a good idea and I climbed into his lap facing him and took his cock back into me.  He bent over and began sucking my tit.  I don’t know if it was the position I was in or if it was the nipple sucking, but he got me off but good!  As the frenzied fucking crested, I screeched and clawed at his back and he shot his ancient cum deep inside me. 

We were both temporarily exhausted and panting heavily when the door bell rang.  Unceremoniously he dumped me off his lap, quickly threw his clothes back on and rushed out.  While he was out, I began to think clearly again.  I’d paid for my gas and then some!  I just need to get dressed, get my gas and get on to Daddy’s before he got back from his weekend fishing trip.

Dressed, I peeked out the door and waited until the customer left before walking outside.  The older man I’d just fucked was standing behind the counter and when he saw me he smiled.  I smiled too because his t-shirt was on inside out and backwards!  Certainly his customer knew that he’d been up to no good!

While he pumped my gas, I helped myself to a drink and some snacks for the road.  Soon I was on my way.  But before I left, he leaned over into the car and told me, “My boy, Dick, was right.  Yer a hot piece of ass, Pussy.” 

Oooooooo!  That Dick!  He’d called this old guy about me before I ever got there!  Men!

I fumed and fussed about Dick and Bubba and the old man who had taken advantage me.  That didn’t include Billy Ray and Red, both of whom I was still pissed off at for cumming inside me when I wasn’t on the pill or anything.  As I got closer to home, my anger softened and I began worry and to feel a bit panicky.  First, would I be home before Daddy or would I be grounded for life?  Second, and most troublesome, was I going to be pregnant?  If I was pregnant, then who would the father be?  I had five possible sperm donors for my egg!  Then there was Randy. He was angry with me, and that was so unfair!

Well, I made it home without further incident and got Daddy’s car back in the garage before he showed up.  Thank you Lord for small favors!  I still needed a ride home from Daddy’s and Randy was out of the question, but I managed to find a girlfriend with a driver’s license to give me a lift. Changing out of my party clothes and back into something more modest, I waited for Megan to picked me up.  She was there in fifteen minutes.

Neither Mom nor Dad had a clue as to what I’d done and I was thankful for that.  Daddy didn’t call at all that evening, so that was a good sign.  Mom, when I saw her, she seemed to be befuddled.  I was wondering why she seemed so flustered, then a man came out from the bedroom wing.  He said his goodbyes and was gone. Mom claimed that he was a potential buyer for the house, but I wasn’t buying it.  I teased her about it mercilessly and she never questioned me about my overnight stay with Gina or why I was so late in getting home.  

Next day at school, I saw Randy and he gave me the cold shoulder.  Finally I cornered him and made him listen to why I never showed up at Judy’s lake house Saturday night (not the full story of course).  He seemed to be mollified when I told him that I would make it up to him.

“When?” he asked showing interest in me once again. 

“Ummm, Mom won’t be home until six,” I told him.  “Maybe you could give me a ride home after school?”

“You’re on, Kitty!” he said with a gleam in his eye.

By the time the last bell rang, I was soaking wet anticipating having some private time with Randy.  As soon as we were inside, we were naked.  Randy wasted no time in fucking me and before it really began, he was finished.  Even the old man yesterday lasted way longer than Randy did, a lot longer.  He apologized and I soothed his wounded male ego. That’s when disaster struck.  Suddenly Mom was standing in my bedroom door screaming at him to get the hell out of her house.  There behind her and looking over her shoulder was the man from yesterday.  It was apparent that he wasn’t upset in the least.  Mom chased Randy from the house, beating him on the back with her purse.  The man just stood there looking at me naked on my bed.  Men! I knew what he was thinking. 

After driving Randy half dressed from the house, Mom apologized profusely to the man and then excused herself to yell at me some more.    It was kind of odd, she was more upset that I had embarrassed her in front of a buyer (yes, he really was looking to buy the house) than she was with catching me having sex with Randy. 

Once she calmed down, she hustled me off into the car and took me to see a doctor.  The doctor gave me a morning-after pill and a prescription for birth control pills.  Getting caught was, as it turned out, the best thing that could have happened to me.  Needless to say, I was grounded, but I felt pretty good about it too.  Now I was on the pill and with the morning-after pill, I didn’t have to worry about being knocked up by Bubba and Company.  And like I said, Mom was upset with me for embarrassing her and not that I was having sex. 

Then there was Randy.  What a jerk! After he had sex with me, he lost interest in me.  To him I was just another checkmark on his score card.  Worse still, he told everyone about it too… not about his pathetic performance, but that he did me and that we were caught.  Boys!  They can be such jerks!  Worse still, no one believed me when I told them how pathetic a lover he really is!

But on the bright side, I was asked out by a lot of guys.  I knew what they wanted, but being grounded saved me from telling them outright to drop dead! 

Then while sitting in English class, my phone beeped.  I snuck a look and saw a picture of a man’s dick sticking straight up.  I recognized that dick too… it was big… it was Bubba’s dick!  Once my indignation eased, I took another look.  What an impressive organ!  Best of all, Bubba knew how to use it to good effect. When I got home that day I went straight to my bedroom, locked the door, threw off my clothes and studying the pic of Bubba's huge cock, diddled myself silly. 

The next day in math class, I got another picture… of me… kneeling on the floor sucking Dick’s dick!  I couldn’t wait to get home that day, so I diddled myself in a stall in girl’s bathroom, my i-Phone in hand glowing pictures of me with Dick and of Bubba’s big prick. 

Everyday a single message would come in.  Sometimes it was a picture and sometimes a text message like <Dick wants Pussy> or <Bubba wants Pussy>.  Either way it fired my imagination and stroked the flames of passion within me.  I’d rush home every day and masturbate to the memories of my weekend at the cabin in the woods, of sucking cocks and being gang fucked by four guys. I even went home one day and masturbated thinking of the old man at the Kountry Korner doing me in his storeroom for gas.  

Two weeks after my weekend introduction to group sex, I turned sixteen and got my driver’s license.  I was also not grounded any more.  I made loose plans for the weekend, but then Mama comes in and tells me that she’s flying out to Las Vegas with a “friend” for the weekend and that I was to stay with Daddy.  They hardly ever spoke, so it was up to me to tell Daddy.

“Aw, hell!” Daddy bemoaned to me over the phone.  “I have a fishing tournament this weekend!  Can’t you find somewhere else to stay, like with a girlfriend?”  My dad and I got along about as well as he and my mother did.  He didn’t want me around and I didn’t want to be around him either.

About an hour after he hung up, I got another picture sent to me by my weekend rapists.  It was me, on hands and knees… His head was cut off, but I knew from the tattoos that it was Bubba, ramming it to me from behind while in the background where two pairs of bare legs waiting their turn.  The photo set my pussy to leaking.

I called Daddy back.  “Daddy, I’ll stay with a friend... if you let me use your car this weekend.”

“Absolutely not!” he replied brusquely.

“Then you have to babysit me or I have to come with you on your stupid fishing trip.”

“Okay, okay, you win, Kitty.  Just don’t wreck the car.”

“Thanks, Daddy.  I love you!”

“Love you too,” he replied robotically. 

As soon as I hung up I answered the latest text message.  Up until then, I hadn’t acknowledged any of them.  I texted, <Lets party  Kountry Korner 5  30 Friday  pick me up  kitty>

I got back,  <U bet pussy  pops gets pussy 2>

I answered, <Sure pops 2>

<Big party or small>

<Big BIG party  All weekend> 



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